10 Classic Bags to Invest In

Whether they’re absolutely iconic or modern classic, some designer bags can make for a good investment. Even if you never plan to part with them, they can offer the most style for your cash in the long run. Find out which luxury bags are most likely to retain their value and survive passing trends, like they’ve already been doing for a while.

Check out 10 classic bags to invest in, that don’t just make a strong and refined fashion statement, but can also elevate your looks with timeless sophistication and elegance.

Hermès Birkin

One of the most expensive bags in the world, the Hermes Birkin is truly one of the classic bags to invest in… if you’re prepared to spend thousands on it. Names after singer and actress Jane Birkin, this iconic hand-crafter bag was created in 1984 and remains of the most sought after designer fashion items in the world. The best thing about owning such an expensive bag? It’s logo-free but still instantly recognizable.

The Chanel Classic 2.55 Bag

Created by Coco Chanel in February 1955, the Chanel Classic 2.55 was an instant hit thanks to its chain strap. Freeing one hand from always holding a clutch was a revolutionary fashion statement, empowering women while still showing sophistication. You can find in in the Classic version, revived by Karl Lagerfeld in the ‘80s (CC clasp) or the 2020 Reissue version (Mademoiselle clasp).

The Balenciaga Classic City Bag

Available with black and silver studs, the City bag has been a great seller for Balenciaga for many years. Its timeless appeal is somewhat shared by the First and Velo bags, but if you’re looking for a sophisticated statement piece, the City is definitely one of classic bags to invest in.

The Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

Whether you like monogramming or not, nobody does it better than Louis Vuitton and the speedy is a classic bag because of it. Luckily, the bag is also available in a Daimler print for a more subtle look that still retains the luxe and iconic feel of the original. You can even fit a small laptop in the medium sized version.

The Lady Dior Bag

French actress Marion Cotillard is currently the face of the Lady Dior bag, but it was Diana, Princess of Wales, who helped turn this exquisite handbag into an iconic accessory. Handcrafted in lambskin bag, the Lady is both feminine and elegant, but it doesn’t go well with casual looks. You should only consider investing in it if your style is less boho-chic and more luxe.

The YSL Muse Bag

Launched in 2020, the YSL Muse is one of the newer creations when it comes to classic bags to invest in, but its value seems to be holding steady. The simple dome satchel shape and the brass rings combine into a timeless look and this Yves Saint Laurent handbag is still available widely, in different sizes and colors.

Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton Top Handle

Designer by Sofia Coppola, the SC Bag in calf leather is one of the more understated Louis Vuitton bags and that contributes to it’s timeless charm. It was never aimed to start or fit into trends and it’s design is both elegant and practical. For a more versatile look, you can also get it in suede.

Mulberry Neely Bag

If you’re looking for timeless British luxury, the Mulberry Neely is definitely one of the classic bags to invest in. It’s envelope shape and practical side makes it a bag you can wear any way, whether you choose the nude, steel or red version.

The Fendi Baguette Bag

If you idea of a classic bag is one that came out during “Sex and the City”, you’ll love the Fendi Baguette. It definitely retains the daring charm of the 90s, but it’s constantly being updated for modern sensibilities. Whether you’re into black silk or brightly colored patent, the Baguette delivers.

The Gucci Monogrammed Canvas Tote Bag

Combining a more muted monogram with green and red creates a luxe look that will probably stay stylish for a long long time. It’s definitely one of the classic bags to invest in, even if Gucci is one of the fashion brands that’s had a lot of trouble because of good knock-offs.

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