10 Easy Ways to Have Your DIY Shoes

Do you want to have a new pair of shoes or do you ever think that you are tired of your shoes’ look? Here are 10 easy ways for you to have brand news flats, ankle boots and flip flops. These 10 DIY shoes spend less and give you 10 stylish shoes. In addition, DIY shoes can offer a choice for you to show off your talent for art.

Nowadays, DIY productions not only help recycle the used things, but also spice up your shoes, clothes… Let’s see how to change a new look for your shoes immediately.

Dotted Flats
Have you ever think that your monochrome flats are dull? Don’t worry! Just pick up your pens and add some dots or flowers, but remember paint the dots in distance.

Flats with Blue Heart-shape
The flats are so sweet with the blue heart-shapes. It’s best for black flats to change a new look. The shapes shine brightly on the shoes.

Studded Flats
It’s one of the easy and less expense ways for you to add some punk feel to your old pair shoes. You can just use Beads In A Bottle to create the ‘studs’ which will shine after drying.

Cap Toe Flats
To recreate an old pair of flats or high heels, you should prepare necessary things, painters’ tapes, gloss spray paint and ruler. You can choice the best color for the basic color of your old shoes.

Embroidery Flats
If you have some old pairs of canvas shoes, you can draw the cute pictures on them and embroider them with knitting wool.

Golden Ankle Boots
Brown ankle boots is common while the golden ones are extraordinary. You can apply black as basic color and golden to your old shoes. Then you make a new pair of shoes!

Cartoon Flats
It’s so funny to draw the cartoon characters on the shoes.

Flip Flops
To recreate a pair of flip flops, you can cut some stylish tapes and put them rounding the strands. After finishing the steps, you will have a pair of flats with strands.

Flats with Strands and Chains

To renew the flats with bows, you can add the strands or chains. Whether you apply the strands or the chains, you will find that the shoes are more stylish than before though they are old.

Neon Flats
Why not use a neon pen to renew your shoes? Your shoes will gain a new look and look like the new ones after painting the right color.