10 Stunning Designs of Name Bracelets for Men and Women

10 Stunning Designs of Name Bracelets for Men and Women

Bracelets are defined as jewellery that we wear around the wrist. Wearing a name bracelet displays your name, and it can be the name of your loved one. Name bracelets are very prominent among the young ones as they want to portray their love in front of the world without saying a word. Wearing name bracelets acts as a messenger.

Different Types of Bracelets with Names:

Name bracelets can be of various types, and they can be designed in metals and materials. Here come different name bracelets designs for you.

1. Gold Bracelet with Name:

The metal gold itself is valuable, and if your name is engraved on it, nothing could be more valuable than it. You can customize the bracelet with your name stylishly and fashionably. Generally, you should position your name in the bracelet’s centre to grab high visibility. You can use the font size of your character according to the design.

2. Name Bracelets For Couples:

The idea of matching bracelets for couples looks like a great idea. Couples are said to be made for others then why not bracelets look the same. You can design the bracelet as per your convenience and your taste. You can even add a small miniature like a heart or star beside the name, making it look more attractive. Name bracelets are a great token for your relationship. You can even design these bracelets on metals according to your budget.

3. Artistic Name Bracelets For Girls:

Girls are always passionate about their looks, dressing and, of course, the jewels that they are wearing. They love to wear trendy and stylish name bracelets, which should be exceptionally different from others. You can design your name with the help of metals wires wrapped stylishly, thus giving a unique look to the bracelet. The name should be engraved in such a way that it covers your wrist fully, and your name is blooming out.

4. Silver Bracelet with Name:

You can even design your bracelet in silver metal, where you can hang the letters of your name around the bracelet. You can hang the letters on different knotted chains and hang a small heart or star, thus giving the bracelet a different look.

5. Pearl Name Bracelet:

Pearls are an all_time favourite as they are well suited for any occasion and outfit. Pearl enhances the look of the bracelet and gives a charming look. You can insert beads between pearls to display your name and style small colourful pearls to make them look more attractive and elegant.

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6. Antique Name Bracelet with Drops:

These bracelets are unique as you drop hangings where you can style your name and your loved ones. Above their name, you can engrave valuable colourful crystals giving the bracelet a divine look. These crystals drops can be the birthstone of the person also.

7. Colorful Name String Bracelets:

String bracelets can also be prepared at home very easily, and you can even match them with your outfit. These string name bracelets can be worn by any age group irrespective of gender. Generally, it is appreciated by young ones as it is very colourful and doesn’t prick their pockets heavily also.

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8. Bead Name Bracelets:

Beaded bracelets are very common, but they appear to be simple with elegance in it. You can use any beads for the bracelet as they can be easily mixed and matched to suit your requirements. According to your wish and style, you can even bead the bracelet in any form, like a single layer or multiple layers, to look cool.

9. Name Bracelet with Birthstone:

Some people believe in wearing their birthstone. So, one of the cool ways of inserting the birthstone is on the bracelet along with your name. You can even design some shapes at the end of the name to give a funky and cool look.

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10. Stunning Metal Name Bracelets for Men:

Metal bracelets are pretty common in men folk. Some wrap bracelets as a style statement, and some wear them to appear cool and funky. The bracelets can be chained from both the edges to suit well on the wrist, and you can even style different types of chains, to suit your personality and looks.

Women’s prefer to wear bracelets instead of bangles as you can create your style, and it also stands out as a single piece of jewellery. Now bracelets are considered a style statement rather than a piece of jewellery. Wearing a name bracelet is a smart way to convey your name to a world without any speech involved in it.

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