10 Trending Collection of Red Trousers for Men and Women

The fashion industry has gone through a roller coaster ride from the early centuries until now. One such intuitive fashion designing pattern seen in the industry is wearing red coloured clothes as an attraction_seeking factor. The red trousers outfit is one of the intuitive ways of dressing up. Men and women are indicated to wear this eye_warming red coloured trouser clothing. The trousers name is called in British English and the American English a similar costume is called Pants. Trousers or pants have been deep_rooted since the Prehistoric ages when wore trousers during the stone age, later moved into European culture in the 16th Century, and the women started to wear trousers in the early 20th century; since then, both genders have worn trousers.

List of Red Trousers for Men: List of Red Trousers for Women:

What Are The Features of Red Trousers?

Red trousers are popular among the upper_middle_class population in some parts of the world. Since fashion has become globally recognised and fashionable clothes are easily accessible red pants for women and men have gained popularity among all age groups and classes. His striking features are like:

Attention_grabbing quality by the red colour custom. Lifts your shoulder with bravery due to the colour. An interesting piece of clothing accessory, which outrage other people in the troop. Typical summer wear clothing style.

Which Fabric is Best For Red Trousers?

Every clothing style has a standard fabric attached to it, but the view is different when it comes to trousers. Red pants can be designed using any available fabric; the secret is how well the design is carried out. The fabric used to design the trousers also dictates the occasion for which the trouser can be worn. Some of the most commonly used fabrics are cotton, Linen, Wool, Leather, Synthetic material and synthetic leather. Choose the best trousers that suit the event you will attend and experience the comfort provided by the fabric.

Stylish and Trendy Designs of Red Trousers for Men in Fashion:

Here are the best red colour pants for gents and ladies with images.

1. Red Check Trousers:

Check out these brilliant red coloured trousers designed for men. This modern man’s red pants with a perfect matching shirt or t_shirt are an excellent combination. The red checked trousers are made with fine perfection and design. The design used here is a checked or box_shaped red and black colour combo work with a similar designed wide belt with a middle button.

Fabric Used: The fabric used in creating this creative outfit combines polyester and cotton. Matching Outfits: The coloured checked trousers will go with a plain white full sleeve shirt and a good pair of formal to semi_formal shoes.

2. Red Corduroy Pants:

Red pants made from Corduroy material are popular fall wear pants made from fustian fabric. Fustian fabric is a heavy cotton fabric; this is considered to look like velvet material. Corduroy pants are available in two types the cord or wale pattern. This corduroy trousers cord width is lesser, which makes the trouser thicker than other wide wale trousers. The trouser has two side pockets as well as back pockets.

Fabric Used: The striking feature of the trouser is the fabric used; the twisted cotton material is called corduroy. Matching Outfits: The trouser is a perfect semi_formal outfit matched with a simple light colour shirt and a dark blazer.

3. Red Skinny Trousers:

The current generation who like to wear jazzy colour trousers then does consider adding the bright red pants skinny fit in your list. The red colour trouser is also a perfect summer wear outfit with a matching outfit. The trouser is designed as a skinny body fitting outfit which suits well for thin to medium weight body structure.

Fabric Used: The fabric used for making the trouser is cotton with high_quality dye to get the bright red colour. Matching Outfits: Pair the skinny body_hugging trouser with a casual black shirt and a black low_rise sneaker.

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4. Red Linen Trousers:

The western culture of dressing has influenced many other countries; one style is matching linen trousers with a linen shirt and a good semi_formal shoe. This is a designed trouser made from high_quality fabric. The trouser comes with belt loops, two side pockets, and back pockets. The lower end of the linen material can be folded to get that cool summer wear look.

Fabric Used: The fabric used to create these sophisticated_looking trousers is called Linen. The high_end version of fabric used in the fashion industry. Matching Outfits: The light red coloured linen pant matches perfectly with a full sleeve linen shirt and good boot shoes.

5. Red Pleated Trousers:

Pleated dark red trouser is an amazing and comfortable trousers pattern which guys can wear as a casual summer wear outfit matched with a good t_shirt. The trouser is designed using the typical trouser stitching in mind. The trouser has a thin waistband, pleated stitches on the front upper ends of the trouser and side pockets.

Fabric Used: The material used in designing this comfortable trouser is made with cotton fabric. Matching Outfits: The trouser goes well with a plain polo shirt and a low_rise sneaker or casual slip_on shoes — the best and most comfortable outfit on a sunny day.

New Designs of Red Pant Patterns For Women:

Let we have to look at the top and trendy trousers in red colour for ladies.

1. Red Flared Trousers:

For girls who like to be updated with the current trendy outfit, here is one such outfit: the flared ladies red trousers. The red colour in itself is fashionable. This trouser is a figure complimenting the outfit. The design used here is a high_rise trouser with skinny hugging stitches seen from upper hip level till knee level; the lower part of the trousers flares out, giving a nice shape.

Fabric Used: The material used in designing this modern shaping outfit is a synthetic fabric with shine. Matching Outfit: Match the trouser with a tube top designed from a similar fabric to the trouser and a high heel sandal.

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2. Red Boot Cut Trousers:

Looking for semi_formal office wear, then here is the best deal which can fit your needs, the red trousers for women with a boot cut. The red boot cut trousers with a narrow belt loop. The trouser is designed with a simplistic design in mind. This is a skinny and boot cut design, wherein the upper part of the trouser is body fitting, and the lower part of the trouser is designed in a boot_shaped; hence the boot cut trouser.

Fabric Used: To design the red coloured trouser as a floral wear outfit requires trousers made of quality fabric. The fabric used is a high_quality synthetic material with less shine. Matching Outfit: Match this trouser with a slim_fit formal shirt and tuck the shirt by which wearing a belt can be avoided.

3. Red Cotton Trousers:

Perfect summer wear red cotton trouser outfit used as casual clothing. Planned for a sudden meetup, ran out of shorts, and then used this red trouser outfit. The trouser designed can be worn easily and carried well throughout the day. Slip_on trouser with thread tightens design. The thread is tied and knotted into the bow design at the front.

Fabric Used: The material used in designing this trouser is purely made from cotton fabric. Cotton helps in sweat absorption and easy air circulation to provide good comfort. Matching Outfit: Pair this trouser with a sleeveless tank top and a simple black heel shoe.

4. Red Leather Trousers:

Ladies who want to try out new fabric outfits quite different from the usual cotton or synthetic pants or shorts, then check out ladies red trousers made from leather. The brightness of the red colour is an individual preference. The unique leather trouser is designed with two side pockets with zipping and a front zipping system without a flyer. The trouser is slip_on with a front buckling system.

Fabric Used: The fabric used is a pure leather material which requires good maintenance. Matching Outfit: Match the cherry red colour trouser with plain white or black crop top or a loose top.

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5. Red Cord Trousers:

Women’s cord red trousers are the comfort and high_quality trouser which is worn during the spring season. Since cord pants are thicker than usual trouser material, avoiding wearing them during summer is advised. This is a high waist trouser design, and the trouser is fastened up using a button system. The flyer hides the front zip. The trouser has a thin waistband without belt loops.

Fabric Used: The material used in designing this trouser is narrow cord material which makes the trouser lighter. Matching Outfit: Since it is a spring wear outfit, wear a long sleeve t_shirt and combine it with a short sleeve on top of it and tuck the t_shirt inside the cord trouser.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Red Trousers:

There are always some do’s and don’ts related to wearing bright coloured clothing, especially clothes like red trousers and matching outfits. Knowing them is better than ignoring the points essential to getting dressed up elegantly and fashionably.


Keeping things simple by wearing light red trousers and a plain shirt. Wearing only trousers in red colour and the rest of the shirt, socks, and belt use a neutral colour. Dress up with confidence and feel better in pulling red trousers more easily.


Don’t wear different shades of red as a single outfit. Do not wear a shade of red trousers which makes you look more bulky or short. Wearing one of the funky red trousers for a formal occasion or vice_versa.

How to Style Red Trousers:

After knowing the do’s and don’ts of red trousers, Style perfect trousers red_coloured clothing with the matching outfit and accessories. Some of the important points pointed out in styling with red trousers:

Wearing a neutral_coloured shirt as well as accessories with bright red trousers. Creating the perfect mix of colours. Keep it more like a casual outfit by using a denim jacket over a simple plain t_shirt, making the red trouser more prominent. For a semi_formal outfit look, style the red trouser with a navy blue blazer and plain slip_on black shoes.

It is always easy to select an outfit when you know what colour you want to wear and what is the perfect matching outfit along with it. Selecting red pants as your casual or formal outfit is made simple through this article by explaining the top 10 best red trousers types and associated images. Also, knowing the styling type and matching outfit makes one’s life easy to wear the outfit more confidently and comfortably. Whether you wear light colour red trousers or bright red trousers pair with a simple neutral colour shirt or t_shirt which will make the outfit more elegant and stylish. Choose the best type which suits your personality and style up with confidence!!

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