12 DIY Projects to Give Lamp Makeovers

12 DIY Projects to Give Lamp Makeovers

DIY projects can always bring fun to us. Today prettydesigns are going to bring you some DIY projects to spice up your lamp. If you don’t like your lamp any more, you can give it some makeovers to make it new again.

How to refresh your old lamps? There are 12 ideas for you to check and finish your DIY projects here. In the post, you can find ways to add details to beautify the lampshade.

Find more ideas and information to get inspired. Hope you have a brand new lamp decor again. Get your hands busy and achieve the DIY crafts.
DIY Lamp Revamps

Retro Lampshade

Awesome Desk Lamp

Lace Lamp

Pattern Lampshade

Lamp Makeover

DIY Lamp Makeover

Lamp Redo Tutorial 

Old Sheet for Lampshade

Floral Lampshade

DIY Lampshade

Burlap Lamp

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