12 Pairs of Jeans to Wear This Fall

There are few things better than a great pair of jeans that fit just right. Whether you prefer your denim straight-legged, skinny, flared, raw, distressed, stretchy, embellished, or whatever, you can rest assured that anything goes this season. We’ve progressed past the days when only one silhouette reigned supreme. (Remember the time when the only thing you could find in stores was a mid-rise skinny?) Now, it’s all about comfort, fun and self-expression.

If we had to pinpoint one defining feature of our favorite jeans of the moment, it would be a tinge of 1990s nostalgia. The ’90s was a crucial time for iconic denim moments, from that iconic Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears red carpet appearance to the members of Destiny’s Child in full coordinating Tommy Hilfiger getups. We saw plenty of belly-button-baring low-riders, acid-washed high-waists, overalls, cutoffs—you name it. Jeans were designed to their full potential: both sexy and utilitarian at the same time.

Today, we’re seeing glimmers of that same creative, celebratory spirit: Lanvin presents a raw, drop-crotch version we can’t wait to wear with low heels. Then there’s Sportmax’s sophisticated palazzo in a creamy shade of off-white. Looking for something truly timeless? Loewe has perfected the form, with their ever-so-slightly faded straight-leg pair of indigo blues. If you’re craving a bit of pattern, why not try Kenzo’s, which display a painted-on abstract lion print, or a wide-leg pair from Versace featuring their iconic Greek key print down one leg?

Whatever shape, style and color you really love, there’s something out there for you. You just have to explore a bit. Here, 12 fabulous places to start.

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