12 Tricks on How to Look Slimmer

12 Tricks on How to Look Slimmer

If you learn how to choose the right clothes and apply your makeup correctly, you can certainly look slimmer than you really are. However, in order to achieve this, you need to follow a few tips and tricks and pay attention to some important details that emphasize your qualities and hide your flaws. Black, vertical stripes, high heels or different makeup tricks, they are all essential elements and your allies in order to achieve the look you are searching for.

Makeup. Makeup is one of the elements that can do wonders. Use eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara in order to pop out those eyes. The bigger your eyes, the slimmer your face features will look. In order to slim down your face, you have to avoid applying blush on the apples of your cheekbones, and apply it starting from the back of the cheekbones and going up to the temples.

Bronze. Natural or artificial, a tanned, olive skin can hide a few pounds. If you want to use a self-tanning lotion, apply more on the cheekbones as this will help you elongate your face, and therefore you’ll look slimmer.

Leg makeup. Even if it sounds a bit strange, you should know that this trick really works. Apply a line along your legs using oil, right in the center, so that the tibia to shine. The glowing effect will make your legs look longer.

Hair volume. A tousled, messy and rebellious hair will only help your face by making it look smaller and offering an elongated shape. Try a back comb hairstyle, adding extra volume for a stylish, sexy look. Also, choose the right haircut for your face shape, one that instantly elongates your face.

Avoid too bright colors. Wearing clothes in too bright and vivid colors draws all the attention on the areas you want to camouflage. Black and navy blue are your best friends and life savers in case you want to “drop” a few pounds. If you want to mix different colors, make sure you choose them in similar tones.

Vertical lines and small prints. This is one trick that always works. Clothes with vertical stripes are the best option when you want to hide a few pounds and look taller and slimmer. Wear striped skirts, pants, blouses, t-shirts and even dresses. As for prints, small and discrete ones can help you obtain a more structured outfit.

High-waist and belts. High-waisted pants or skirts are perfect if you have generous curves, as they camouflage a big stomach and unaesthetic love handles. Even if you might be a little reticent when it comes to accentuating your waist, you should know that a fine belt can really have a magic effect.

Skirts. If you love skirts, avoid the extremes, and stay away from too short or too long. The short ones will make your legs look thicker, while longer ones will only add volume and therefore extra pounds. A midi skirt is the perfect choice for a skinny and chic appearance.

Blazers and cardigans. A blazer in a dark color has to be a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. It flatters every body shape as it accentuates the waist and it ends on the hips. Wear it unbuttoned over a t-shirt. Also, a cardigan can have the same slimming effect, if you choose one with a longer cut.

Posture. You shouldn’t forget about this crucial element. A bad posture is not elegant and feminine at all and it certainly doesn’t help you in your attempt of looking slimmer. Moreover it reflects a feeling of insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Therefore, stand up straight if you want to look slimmer and stylish.

High heels. High-heeled shoes and sandals are a mandatory item for every woman who wants to look slimmer. If you feel rather uncomfortable wearing high-heeled shoes, try a pair of wedges or platform sandals.

Accessories. Play with accessories if you want to draw the attention on your best features and draw it away from the parts you feel insecure about. Therefore, chunky jewelry, scarves, belts, hats or any other accessory you find relevant and useful can help you emphasize your qualities and hide flaws.




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