12 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

12 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

A modern woman has to handle two closets – one for the clothes and one for the shoes. It is amazing how many women are so obsessed about shoes. Shoes are an essential accessory to the outfit because the right pair can absolutely change the way we look and feel. Shoes give us a sense of confidence and contribute immensely to our body language – the way we talk and walk. A right pair of shoes can make a bad day turn great. You may own hundreds of shoes of all colours and patterns but there are 12 types of shoes which every woman should own to look distinct and fabulous on any occasion. Owning a pair of each would ensure that you have a pair of shoes that match with all your outfits and we will tell you more about shoes that are a must-have for every girl.

Ballerina flats.

Miranda Kerr

Simple black ballerinas are one of the most versatile shoes- they are great for interviews, business meetings, shopping weekends, parties – they are comfortable and match most of your clothes – you can live without your boyfriend but definitely not without simple flats. Although we suggest you keep both.


Jennifer Lopez

A little exercise can’t hurt you too much, but guess what can hurt you and leave you distressed and discomforted –the wrong shoe type. Get those perfect comfortable sneakers for your gym, exercise and hiking trips, or a lengthy walk in the city. Sneakers support your arches to prevent injuries and give you comfort, especially when you have to be on your feet for a long period of time. Sneakers do not have to be plain and boring, for example, Jennifer Lopez’s shoes are bold and daring.

Classic black pumps.

Angelina Jolie

Classy, stylish, chic- these shoes will raise any outfit of yours on a new level of style and sophistication and make you look and feel more feminine and elegant. Classic black pumps is a definite must-have for every woman, as they bring a certain touch to any outfit and transform your whole look into something refined. Classic black pumps are great for office, business meetings, date, sophisticated events, so get yourself a pair of those.

Nude wedges.

Coleen Rooney

Nude wedges can never go out of fashion and you need them to match with those outfits where black might look a little out of sync and flashy. Wedges can support your feet well and give you a flat-sandal experience. Nude wedges is an absolute must-have – they make you look trendy and feel at ease.


Mila Kunis

No vacation is complete without a pair of bright flip-flops. Always keep them in your suitcase for your next beach vacation, otherwise you will feel awful if you leave them behind and would have to rush to the nearest shop to get a pair. They come in all patterns and colours – pick the one that defines your style and makes your feel light and comfortable.

Bold stilettos.

Rita Ora

You absolutely need to own a pair of these. The come in all colours. If you are just buying your first pair, we suggest bronze or silver because they can match most of your outfits. Perfect for weddings and parties, and will make you look urbane and chic.

Flat sandals.

Jessical Alba

We love our high heels but we love our feet more so why not choose comfort and beauty with a pair of flat sandals. Perfect for summer in the office and casual get-togethers.They look classier than flip flops and are essential for warmer months. With a great selection of flat sandals, there is no need to compromise style for comfort anymore. Perfect for an outing to the mall, movies, shopping – where you know you would be walking quite a bit and need your feet to feel comfortable and airy.

Ankle boots.

Katie Holmes

Boots are a style statement in winters. You just can’t afford to not have one during those chilly winter months. They give your feet enough warmth and make you look sexy. We suggest ankle length grey boots because grey matches with all your outfit and ankle length is perfect for all occasions.

Rain boots/crocs.

Kate Middleton

Slip into a pair of crocs or a similar kind of shoes when you don’t want water to seep into your feet. Flip flops and sandals can get really slippery so having a pair of rain shoes is a must. Additionally, it is a great way to brighten up a dull day. Go for some fun coloured, vibrant pair of crocs.

Peep toes.

Zendaya Coleman

A good substitute to ballerinas, especially when you want to show off your perfectly pedicured toes. It is always nice to own a pair of red/fuchsia peep toes. They go very well with a light coloured outfits, and look stylish and cool on most occasions. A pair of bright peep toes is definitely not for a casual day, so pair them with a nice cocktail or evening dress to have your chic outfit ready in case of a party emergency.


Ashley Tisdale

Are you planning to travel? Well, then espadrilles are the perfect shoes to have in your wardrobe. Not only it is a chic and fashionable, but the slip on and off ease is great at airport terminals.

Knee high boots.

Olivia Palermo

Don’t let this phrase scare you- high boots are not only worn in the movies and on stage, they are a great pair of shoes for any girl to have in your shoe closet for some special days when you want to impress. Knee high boots benefit any woman’s body shape, as they make your legs longer and your torso thinner, and there are so many ways to wear them, from retro to equestrian.

Let’s hope you will not stop here and will continue with this exciting shoes quest. Be creative and adventurous, and always keep in mind to take care of your feet and treat them with some nice and comfortable shoes every now and then.

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