13 Upcoming Movie Sequels Nobody Could Have Predicted

While movie sequels are nothing new in Hollywood, nobody could have predicted these 13 sequels that are currently in development. Major franchises often get subsequent entries, as it is a near-guaranteed way for studios to cash in on already existing IP that has a proven following. However, sometimes the reasoning for making a sequel isn’t so clear, as these 13 upcoming movie continuations show.

Hollywood has turned into a seemingly endless deluge of reboots, revivals, and sequels, with many franchises being dug up in order to bring a recognizable IP back to theaters. When bringing a franchise back, the route most often taken is a reboot, as it allows fans new and old to hop into the story without missing a beat. However, much rarer is a direct sequel, and these 13 movies are some of the strangest upcoming examples.

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13 Beetlejuice 2

Beetlejuice 2 is finally happening, with Tim Burton’s classic 1988 franchise returning to the big screen for the second time. Tim Burton will helm the legacy sequel, with Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder returning alongside newcomers Jenna Ortega and Willem Dafoe. After years of rumors and speculation about a Beetlejuice sequel set in Hawaii, Beetlejuice 2 is finally happening.

12 Lord of War 2

2005’s Lord of War is getting a sequel, with Bill Skarsgård joining Nicolas Cage for Lord of War 2. This is one of the most bizarre sequels currently in development, as Lord of War is not a well-known movie, making it an odd choice to follow up on the film all these years later. However, the original film’s critical success may be enough to carry Lord of War 2.

11 Shrek 5

The mainline Shrek series is getting another installment, with Shrek 5 currently in development. The film will follow 2010’s Shrek Forever After, with Shrek 5 being a sequel that nobody thought would actually happen. The Shrek franchise’s identity is wholly early-2000s, meaning that a sequel in the mid-2020s doesn’t seem right. However, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish proved that the series still has legs, meaning that Shrek 5 could end up working.

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10 Constantine 2

A follow-up to 2005’s live-action Constantine film has been in development hell for ages, but the project is finally starting to get some momentum. Constantine 2 got the greenlight in late 2022, undoubtedly thanks to the increased popularity and influence of John Wick star Keanu Reeves. In a world where comic book movies are dominating the box office, Constantine 2 will give the franchise a second chance.

9 Gladiator 2

2000’s Gladiator is finally getting a sequel, despite everything about the movie seeming unlikely. Russel Crowe’s Maximus is dead, meaning that Gladiator 2 will center around an adult version of Lucius, the nephew of Commodus who was barely in the first film. Ridley Scott is returning to direct Gladiator 2, and if it weren’t for him the sequel probably wouldn’t be happening.

8 The Exorcist: Believer

Sequels to The Exorcist have been notoriously disliked, but the franchise is taking another swing with The Exorcist: Believer. Horror icon Jason Blum will be producing the film, with David Gordon Green directing it. Much like his Halloween reboot trilogy, David Gordon Green intends The Exorcist: Believer to start a new trilogy, with him set to direct all three installments. Interestingly, The Exorcist: Believer will be a direct sequel to the original film, rather than a reboot.

7 Saw X

The state of the Saw franchise was on shaky ground after Spiral‘s failure, but it seems to be continuing with Saw X. Saw X will undoubtedly provide the same clever traps and convoluted storylines as the previous installments in the series, with it set to release in October 2023. Not much is known about Saw X, but to the delight of many Saw fans, Topher Bell will be returning as Jigsaw once again.

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6 Chicken Run 2

Aardman isn’t known for making sequels, meaning that they’ll be delving into new territory when Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget releases on Netflix in 2023. The film will be a sequel to 2000’s Chicken Run, making it an odd choice due to the massive time gap between films. On top of that, almost the entirety of the original Chicken Run‘s cast has been replaced for the sequel, making the film even stranger.

5 Pet Sematary 2

Stephen King’s Pet Sematary got a 2019 reboot, and although it wasn’t critically well-received, it was a box office success. The 2019 reboot has left the cultural conversation by now, but that will change when the upcoming Pet Sematary prequel releases. The film will explore the origins of Pet Sematary‘s town, meaning that the film will greatly expand on the lore of its predecessor.

4 Good Burger 2

After years of teasing, Good Burger 2 was officially announced in March 2023, with Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell both reprising their roles. 1997’s Good Burger was a success with Nickelodeon fans at the time, but not much Good Burger related content has released in the years since then. However, a 2015 Good Burger reunion sketch on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon piqued interest in a sequel, and those plans are finally coming to fruition.

3 The Karate Kid

A new movie in The Karate Kid universe is currently in development, with the film returning to the original Karate Kid franchise. 1984’s The Karate Kid got two sequels before it earned a soft reboot with The Next Karate Kid in 1994. The series was again rebooted in 2010, but nothing else came of that version of The Karate Kid. However, a follow-up show titled Cobra Kai was a huge success, leading to a new The Karate Kid film being announced. Oddly enough, the sequel won’t continue the story of Cobra Kai, making The Karate Kid‘s timeline even more confusing.

2 Twisters

Twisters is set for release in 2024, with it being the sequel to 1996’s Twister. Twisters will be a legacy sequel following the child of Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton’s characters from the original film, with some cast members reprising their roles. As it turns out, Steven Spielberg is one of the key figures in getting this odd sequel made, as he was a fan of the film’s script after reading it. So, although it may be a strange choice for a sequel, Twisters could actually turn out to be a quality film.

1 This Is Spinal Tap 2

This Is Spinal Tap is a 1984 cult classic mockumentary that follows the titular rock band. Although the film had some spiritual successors closer to release, nobody expected This Is Spinal Tap to get a direct sequel nearly four decades later. However, This Is Spinal Tap 2 is officially happening, with Rob Reiner returning to direct and the main cast all reprising their roles from the original film. While all the films on this list are surprising, This Is Spinal Tap 2 is one of the weirdest movie sequels in development.

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