15 Beautiful Designs of Silver Earrings for Women in Trend

15 Beautiful Designs of Silver Earrings for Women in Trend

The next best jewellery metal after gold is silver and shades of silver. Silver looks fashionable and trendy at the same time. Silver earrings look beautiful on the person giving a traditional yet ethnic look at the same time. Earrings are very important as a fashion accessory and also as jewellery to beautify the ears. Silver as a metal is very gentle and sensitive, just like a woman. It is said that silver possesses the feminine and wise energy from the moon, which rightly represents imagination and intuition. Silver jewellery is for purity, clarity, and focus. It is believed to impart subtle strength that is soothing and purifies the spirit.

Best and New Collection of Silver Earrings for Women:

Here we will have a look at the top 15 silver earrings designs.

1. Silver Shamballa Earrings:

The most trending in the fashion circuit is these double earrings. Shamballa earrings are made of pure silver with shiny zircon stones for that crystal effect and super shine them. These are studs in high_quality silver for that modern chic look for a woman. Studs are perfect as office wear as the look is not over the top yet subtle and classy.

2. Silver Hoop Earrings:

Hoop earrings are extremely popular for their trendy look. They can be full circle hoops or can be semi_circular hoops. Hoops are common for everyday wear. This trendy look can be flaunted by teenagers to youngsters. These hoops are made of sterling silver and have a brilliant sparkle with a diamond cut finish them, making them a dazzling style statement.

3. Teardrop Silver Earrings:

The most common yet never out_of_fashion designs are teardrop earrings. Teardrops in silver with designer amethyst and cubic zircon stones look magnificent. They have that expensive and designer look in them. These are perfect for girls, teenagers, or youngsters for that dazzling diva look and feel.

4. Oxidized Silver Jhumkas:

Oxidized silver jewellery looks earthy with that rustic touch to it. But they are bang on fashion. These oxidized jhumkas with that black finish to silver are perfect for traditional wear. The floral motifs, peacocks, and the classic umbrella jhumkas look amazing on women. Silver jhumkas are a timeless classic to be ever in fashion. It is one of the best oxidized silver earrings designs.

5. Sterling Silver Filigree Earrings:

Filigree work is very much in these days in jewellery making. Filigree is fine metal wired work very common in fashion jewellery. This is very intricate work and hence looks like beautiful earrings. Filigree earrings with sterling silver or oxidized silver give a beautiful yet contemporary stylish look to a woman.

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6. Hammered Disc Silver Earrings:

These are those everyday wear silver earrings for young girls and teenagers. Girls look pretty with these pure silver disc earrings with a hammer shape. These are not very elaborately designed but are dainty in appearance and looks.

7. Aquamarine Silver Floral Earrings:

Few colors like blue, grey, green, etc. give a traditional touch to the classic_looking silver earrings. Floral patterns with an aquamarine color finish to silver look beautiful when worn. These classic fish hook earrings with aquamarine gems look really stunning. These are the popular silver earrings for women.

8. Tibetan Silver Earrings:

Tibetan silver earrings have an old age feel to them and have a vintage charm. These silver earrings have corals studded with turquoise or pearls in different colors in a lovely floral pattern for that fabulous look to the earrings. Team these Tibetan silver earrings with beautiful chic clothes for a nice evening.

9. Silver Pearl Studs:

Pearls are a classic never to go out of fashion jewellery. Pearls have been associated with royal lineage jewellery. Stunning smooth pearls with pure sterling silver can be one masterpiece jewellery in your wardrobe. They are just perfect with evening wear or any classic contemporary wear. They look magical with the glow of pearls and the shine of silver. This is a silver stud earring.

10. Bird And Leaf Silver Earrings:

Birds are symbols of freedom, and their wings take them to new heights and places every single day. Leaves are also symbolic of life. Women have both the qualities of birds as well as leaves. These silver hanging earrings with two chains with bird and leaf look really glamorous.

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 11. Silver Bridal Earrings:

Silver earrings look stunning on brides. Sterling silver earrings with diamonds and pearls are perfect for that evening reception look. The shine and brilliance of silver coupled with stones or crystals as appropriate for the look can be chosen.

12. Peacock Design Silver Earrings:

Peacock silver earrings have a pure traditional look to be paired with ethnic or Indian wear. These pure silver earrings have traditional peacock designs as embellishments in multi_colored hues. The earrings can be elongated to capture the designs and colors of the silver peacock beautifully and artistically.

13. Multicolored Silver Chandelier Earrings:

Chandeliers look brilliant and freshly designed. Silver chandeliers in multi_colors look brilliant for any outfit. They have intricate work done in long designs and have a great appearance on a woman. Anyone can carry off these lovely_looking chandeliers in style. It is a good silver earrings for girls.

14. Tribal Silver Earrings:

These tribal silver earrings are inspired by designs in Rajasthan, India. Very different and intricate thick designs in pure oxidized silver are the base for these silver earrings. These are heavy silver earrings in different patterns and designs. Pick according to choice and pair it with ethnic fashion.

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15. Hamsa Silver Earrings:

Hamsa, or the hand pattern, is very much used in jewellery. Hamsa, the protective hand of God, showers good luck, prosperity, and happiness. These silver earrings are made of garnet stones, and rubies studded beautifully on the hamsa for a designer look in the earrings.

Historically, silver jewellery has been related to compassion and justice and hence is believed to represent dignity, self_control, and responsibility. Silver passes on wisdom and open_mindedness and is full of optimism, which is clearly reflected in silver jewellery. Because of silver’s connection to the moon and its effects on the tide, it is said to move with a beautiful flow and grace, which is reflected in jewellery too. Silver also represents an element of mystery.

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