15 Best Branded Camera Bags for DSLR in India

DSLR camera is available with various lenses. The lens detaches from the main body of the camera and in its place, another can be attached whenever required. The lenses are meant for taking specific shots for the best output of the photographs. Wide-angle lens is for taking landscapes, telephoto lens for taking wildlife and normal 35-55mm lens for taking portraits. There are many other lenses available but the ones mentioned are the very basic. When you travel or go for photography expedition, you want to carry all the DSLR parts with you in a camera bag that is allowed as hand-luggage on the aircraft because it is very fragile. You can store this bag under the seat in front of you.

Mini and Large Camera Bags for Photographers:

Below we have discussed top 15 stylish camera bags models for branded DSLR cameras:

1. Professional Shoulder Camera Bag from Canon:


This item has a top handle with magnetic fastener, bottom handle, multi-purpose pockets. Also tripod holder, laptop pocket, the top handle with magnetic fastener helps you to access your camera and the lens of your choice whenever you require. The bottom handle is for pulling the bag when it is under the aircraft seat in front of you.

Tripod is often used by photographers who excel in taking twilight photographs or even night photographs; they have to keep the camera very steady during long exposures. There is a pocket in this bag for folding the tripod and placing in the bag. Laptops are essential for downloading and editing the digital photograph taken using the DSLR camera. There is also a place for your laptop.

2. Nikon DSLR Shoulder Bag for Camera:


This item is sold by the Nikon brand. It is suitable for DSLR and SLR camera. The camera bag is available in black and one can sling it on one’s shoulder. The bag is easy to carry around wherever you want to carry your camera for taking photographs.

3. Large DSLR Gadget Bag:


This item has an internal depth of 10” X 5” X 7 “. It is ideal for storing, carrying and protecting your DSLR with three lenses. Thus you can move around with this camera bag to take photographs at will. In addition, there is also a place for your iPad Mini, Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle Fire. You can use or consult any of these whenever you require.

4. Lowe pro Passport Messenger Camera Bag (Black):


This item has an internal dimension of 37.5 x 15 x 27 cm. It is good for carrying CSC from Sony NEX 6, DSLR from Nikon D3200 with 18-55mm lens. Additional lens, flash 13″ laptop or tablet and Smartphone Personal items can be also carried. When there is nothing in the bag, the bag is very light – only 500 gm. The front compartment, 20.5 x 11.5 x 17.5 cm, helps you to select the lens you want. In addition, there is a mesh pocket for keeping smaller items. Once you have placed all the items for camera and accessories, use the cam lock buckle and adjust the shoulder padding. You are all set for carrying the bag. The bag also has a handle for carrying the bag quickly.

5. Andoer Caden K1 Waterproof Fashion Casual DSLR Camera Bag Case Messenger Shoulder Bag for Canon Nikon Sony (Khaki):


The speciality of this item is that the camera bag is unique, stylish and also waterproof. It is strong, durable, and tough. This internal compartment has many dividers made of Velcro closures that can be taken apart and changed around. The anti-shock padding in the interior protects your camera from shock, damages, dust particles and scratches. The spacious interior is good for cameras like You can use this bag for Canon-5DMark, 7D, 60D, D600, 600D; Nikon-D800, D700, D90, D60, D300S, etc.

While the pockets are there for keeping your accessories such as charger, battery, filters, memory cards, cables, two lenses and others. Bilateral zippers help you to take out what you require from the bag. Externally, this bag is made of Twill nylon fabric and dense sponge material. There is one adjustable belt that helps you carry the bag.

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6. Case Logic DCB-305 Camera Bag:


If you use hybrid or high zoom and digital camcorders cameras then this is a good camera bag for you. When you are not using the camera, you can store it safely in the bag. However, as soon as you require your camera you have it right there in the bag with you. It is always handy and accessible.

This camera bag has an internal zipped pocket and you can store memory cards. Also, flexible dividers that are present inside the bag can be adjusted for making space for more accessories. The strap for carrying the bag is detachable and adjustable. In addition, there is a handle for carrying the bag.

7. Pranjals House Vintage Handcrafted DSLR Camera Bag Shoulder Bag:


This item is very attractive because externally it is made of leather while internally it is made of canvas. The canvas is waterproof and protects your camera and all accessories. This bag is brown in colour with a dimension of 30”x11”x 20”. There are three pockets you can use for sting your accessories. A shoulder strap with buckle is provided for carrying the bag.

8. Genuine Leather Bag for Canon EOS 600D (18-55IS & 55-250SI) DSLR Camera (#MN_Black):


This is a very stylish item for storing and carrying your Canon EOS 600D (18-55IS & 55-250SI). The camera bag is made with top quality leather. The manufacturer of this camera is the Chalk factory. There are many pockets so there is plenty of space for all your accessories. The bag has a front flap that can be fastened with a button in front. The strap provided for carrying the bag is adjustable and has fabric on reverse side so that the leather does not stain the shoulders.

9. Genuine Leather Bag for Sony Alpha NEX-5T 16.1MP DSLR Camera (#MN_PINK):

This camera bag is pink in colour so this is the item for ladies who use Sony Alpha NEX-5T 16.1MP.  It is made of good quality leather at Chalk factory. There are many pockets in the bag so you can place all your accessories. There is a flap with a button on the front to fasten the bag. The strap is adjustable and has fabric on the reverse side of the leather so that the leather does not stain your shoulders.

10. Camera Bag for Women Cute Neppt DSLR Camera Bag Sling Waterproof Camera Case Lens Pouch for Sony a6000 Canon EOS Rebel T5/SL1(100D)/450D (Small Size Rose):


This camera bag is made for women only. Internal size, 20cm x12cmx12cm, accommodates SLR Canon EOS 100D/450D Sony A5000/a6000 and others. The material used to make this bag is waterproof nylon. Also, there is heavy mesh material used to thicken the space so this protects your equipment’s from shock. This camera bag is environment-friendly. The strap provided is waterproof and also there are shoulder pads.

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11. Camera Bag for Women DSLR Camera Bag Waterproof Insert Sling for Canon Rebel 70d Nikon Sony a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera Case and Bags (Red):


This camera bag is made especially for women who like to take photographs. It has enough space for your SLR Canon EOS-100D Nikon D3100 D3200 D3300 D5100 D5200 D5300 SonyA6000 and others. The internal space where the equipments are stored is made of waterproof nylon and has layers of thick mesh material layer. As a result the equipment’s are safe from water and shock. There is a green buckle that is the brand symbol. There are an adjustable strap and shoulder pad for you to carry the bag.

12. Crafts Vintage Leather Brown Travel Camera Bag – Men & Women:


This camera bag is externally made of brown coloured leather while internally it is made of canvas. The dimension of 20 cm x 12 cm x 28cm with only one compartment is good for holding your camera, lenses and accessories. There are a buckle and adjustable strap.

13. Ortlieb Aqua-Cam Waterproof Camera Bag (Graphite-Black):

This camera bag is waterproof and you need this to protect your camera. When your camera gets wet you would have to visit your camera service centre. After placing the camera and lenses you can seal the bag quickly and easily. There are also adjustable foam pads that are present; you can remove these at will. To help you carry this bag there are four-way loops for belt or strap attachment and there is also an adjustable strap with padding for your shoulder.

14. Overboard Waterproof Dry Tube Bag, (5L, Blue):

This camera bag is absolutely 100% Waterproof so it is called a roll-top dry bag. This is good for storing and carrying a digital camera along with your lens collections and the accessories. This camera bag is also available in black, yellow and pink.

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15. Peace Chaos Men Leather Canvas Shoulder Book Bag Laptop Bag + Dslr and Slr Camera Canvas Shoulder Bag (Army Green):

This camera bag is tough, durable classical camera bag. The internal material used is thick. It is made with high-density pure cotton canvas and washed with horse leather. As a result, the material protects your cameras from shock, vibration, damages because of dust and scratches. This camera bag is highly recommended for DSLR or SLR cameras from any reputable Company such as Sony, CANON, Nikon, PENTAX or any other. This item is for one DSLR or SLR with1-2 lenses and accessories.

The ones we have discussed for only women are in attractive shades of pink that is appealing to women. However, women need not restrict themselves to camera bags meant for them only. There are many other choices such as professional, stylish, waterproof ones to choose from. These are meant for both men and women. Then we have considered camera bags that men might fancy.