15 Different Types of Neck Chains for Mens

The men’s chain necklaces are now available in different styles and sizes and hence it is essential to know the informed choices of them for you. There are dozens and dozens of patterns now existing to beautify the man’s existing masculinity. Everyone might be astonished to hear that these chain necklaces existing from many centuries before.

There are many varieties of men’s chains like cable chain, Rolo chain, Figaro chain, Rope chain, wheat chain, Fox tail chain, Serpentine chain, Curb Chain, Herringbone chain, Byzantine chain, Venetian or Box chain, Omega chain, Omega chain, snake chain etc.

Male Chains Jewellery Designs:

Here we present 15 Simple and latest Designs of chains for men are as follows.

1. 14K Solid Yellow Gold Men’s Chain with Diamond Cut:

This classic Italian Cuban link chain gives a solid look and suits both casual and business attire which has a long life with best-built quality. It is hand made by 14k yellow gold with a diamond cut metal giving a lustrous finish which has an eye-catchy design. It has a lobster clasp which is very elegant and has a firm lock which best suits with the formal as well as casual outfits.

2. Handmade Silver Mens Chains:

The chain is handmade with classic matte silver and it has a perfect balance of masculinity and great style and good weight and will be classic with a lobster clasp which closes securely. It has a top notch quality of workmanship with handpicking metals and hand-made work.

3. Black Plated Stainless Steel Rope Chain for Men:

This rope chain is made from a stainless steel metal rope with which is highly polished with black plating over it. The intricately twisted rope chain has a trendy and elegant look which suits all outfits and occasions. Pendant can also be attached to it which gives an added good look to it and it has lobster claws like clasp which complete this design of mens chain necklace.

4. Black Leather Mens Chains with Steel Peacock Horn Pendant:

This leather peacock horn pendant is designed with the inspiration of today’s warriors in the gentle time. This is handcrafted by the expert craftsman’s with the highest quality of adornment and it features an adjustable black leather chain with a peacock-inspired pattern engraved in a horn-shaped pendant. It is influenced by fetishism and influenced by black label collections of your rough fashion accessories. It is modern yet the ancient design of the jewellery.

5. Twisted Sterling Silver Chain for Guys with Star Pendant:

The minimalist chain is handmade with the requirement of the today’s men with the trendy designs with the highest quality of adornment. It is provided with the silver pendant which is made by the expert craftsmen by hand. They are lustrous made with high-end sterling silver giving an elegant look and best suits for the all casual outfits. It has an adjustable metal chain and lobster clasp which adds extra benefits for the wearer.

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6. Mens Thick Stainless Steel Chain:

The thick stainless steel necklace chain for men was designed for the best outlook for all outfits and suits the needs of modern peoples deserving quality and best design. This design is particularly designed from the Black label collections and handcrafted by the experts who are elegant in look with a 5mm wide chain which is durable for a long time.

7. Polished Stainless Steel 30-inch Rope Chains for Men:

This chain is made of stainless steel material with a classic rope design which has a number of small strings twisted to form a rope chain which is classy and elegant in look and polished finish gives the best look with t-shirts and jean combination. This chain is 30 inches long and hence gives a good look worn out of the clothing with a pendant attached to it will make a perfect Rock star.

8. Men’s Black Stainless Steel Ball Chain:

This necklace is made of black plated stainless steel material with a classic ball design. There are two variants with 24 inch and 30-inch lengths and can be used as an ID lanyard and in swimming, it can be a safer place for keys. It will be good looking with all the casual wear and due to its hard material, it can withstand stress.

9. Stainless Steel Spiga Chains for Mens:

This necklace is made with the heavy stainless steel material and a polished Spiga chain and it can be worn along with the pendant to make it a favorite one. It can be worn with all kind of outfits and gives a masculine look with it. It has a lobster clasp with it which has good clamping and with pendant added to it makes an additional catchy look.

10. Fremada 14k Yellow Gold Rope Chains for Men:

This yellow gold men’s rope has a majestic bright polish with many strings of 14k yellow gold twisted to form a classic rope chain which gives a beautiful texture. It will be best looking without pendant but pendant can be added according to the outfits worn and it has a lobster clasp for a frim hold.

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11. 925 Sterling Silver Figaro Chains for Mens:

This 30-inch-long Figaro necklace is made up of sterling silver with a larger width which gives a majestic look with some large pendants. This classy silver men’s neck chain is hand-crafted with expert craftsmanship and the classic closure with the lobster clasp. It was made using the heavy 925 sterling silver that ensures the longer durability.

12. Mens Stainless Steel Ball Chain with Cross Pendant:

A stainless-steel ball chain for men with the high polish finish is attached to the silver cross which has a golden yellow colored cross embedded in it and the gold cross is fitted into silver by stainless steel screws which add a great look to it. It has the new trendy design as requires by the modern men with the lobster claw clasp closure which is easy to wear.

13. Black-Plated Stainless Steel Curb Chain Mens:

The black painted stainless steel necklace with curb link chain which gives a bold look and has a normal design but the polished black makes it an elegant look. It is handcrafted by best designers it has a hidden clasp which is very reliable and easy to fold with high strength and durability. It best suits with all type of clothing’s and all occasions due to its elegant look.

14. Black Stainless Steel Razor Link Chain Necklace for Men:

The stainless steel black neck chains for men are a sophisticated and trendy accessory which has a unique razor style link design which adds an extra look to the jewelry. This necklace is very durable and design is trendy, creating the good design of all times by the best craftsman.

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15. Mens Sterling Silver Bead Chain:

This type of mens chains are made of quality sterling silver with high polish finish which makes it simple and elegant, it is a ball chain which has many silver balls linked to form a chain the closure is of spring ring clasp which is easy to wear and safe

There are men who do not consider the specificity and very few thoroughly research the product based on the specifications needed. Please make sure to buy a specific product that best serves the specific purpose. Whatever the style is, if you have an idea of what you like, spend a few minutes finding several comparisons, and find an attractive pendant to go with. You will be off to finding a necklace that not only looks good in but one that you will be proud of as well.

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