15 Indian Gold Plated Bangles Designs for Women

Instead of wearing pure gold bangles, the female these days prefer to wear gold plated bangles designs. The bangles with gold plating give a perfect cut out look to the designs and hence are widely worn. They are also combined with charms like diamonds, pearls, emeralds and much more to add to its appearance. The bangles are basically made from other metals like bronze, steel, silver sterling, copper etc. so that the design comes beautifully embossed on it.

Latest Models of Gold Plated Bangles from India:

Here are few designs given gold plating which are likely seen decorating women’s hands.

1. Bead and Curve Gold Plated Bangle:

The bangles can give a dignified appearance to the hands when the design is made with bead design and a curve design. The bangle is given small embedded tiny golden pearls in a line while the next is a simple machine design. The bangles can be adorned with simple sarees for an ethical look.

2. Floral Design Gold Plated Bangle:

A new lock kada fashion emerging in the market is made with a simple metal. The gold plated bangles are also given a silver design with it through rhodium effect. The floral designs with silver leafs is great to carry of similar designed outfits. It is widely known as Ganga jamuna design.

3. Rope Machine Gold Plated Bangles:

Love wearing lot of jingles in your hand! Want something to combine with metal bangles for ethnics! A gold plated bangles design is made using a different machine which gives the bangles a rope design. They are capable to match any kind of outfit for glorifying hands.

4. Designer Single Gold Plated Bangle:

A designer piece with Indian gold plated bangles touch is quite widely selected for lehengas, indo western, choli or even dresses. The bangle is given a broad design with curves or waves design and a golden pearl design in between. The end of the design is made with gold pearls.

5. Peacock Designed Gold Plated Bangles:

A peacock design when worked out on a bangle looks lovely to carry. The bangle is given a bracelet design where the two ends are given a peacock design fixed with stones and emeralds. The top of the gold plated bangles Indian design is given a bridge type design.

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6. Simple Gold Plated Bangles:

Nothing would be cute as a simple bangle in gold plating with rose gold. The rose gold plated bangle doesn’t carry any design. It is widely carried over casuals. Not only women but also men love to carry these kinds of bangles. The three bangle set is the best for official looks also. The design can be combined with a silver and bronze bangle too.

7. Heart Designed Gold Plated Bangle:

Heart designed jewelry designs have always been the best gift for sensual occasions. A gold plated heart shaped bangle design is given three hearts which are studded with diamonds at some point of distance. It is the symbol of love, faith and sensuality, best for lovers.

8. Net Ball Gold Plated Bangles:

A funky design carried by ladies in a single hand is made with metal and given gold plating. The whole bangle is studded with tiny diamonds. The opening of the bangle is given the shape of a net and a black Pearl is attached to it giving a net ball design.

9. Cross Floral Gold Plated Bangle:

Special gift for a special person, yes, this can be the line for this gold platted floral design bangle. The bracelet bangle is given a center with floral design in the diamond and the other band contains three diamond lines. It makes an infinite sign bangle.

10. Fish Design Gold Plated Bangle:

A fashionable design in the gold plated bangles Indian style is made with several fish designs in the center. The bangle is made with a dolphin design and small floral designs for give it a fancy kiddish look to the college teens for casual wear mostly the Aquarius born females.

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11. Pearl Design Gold Plated Bangle:

Gold plated Indian bangles design with white pearls looks lavishing on ethnic wear. The single bangle is given a broad net design with a border of pearls. The bangle is also decorated with flower design with a pearl surrounded by small white crystals. It gives a sound contrast over Kanjivaram sarees and bandhani.

12. Gold Plated Coin Bangles:

The ethnic jewelry has its own charm when given a new look. A rose gold plated bangle design made with several small coins design is one of them. The bangles carry equal amount of metal coins which are also given gold plating. It can be carried in both ethnic and western wear.

13. Snake Design Gold Plated Bangle:

A funky design in gold plated bracelet bangle design is much likely among the bold teens. The bangle is given black emeralds and white diamonds to get an actual image of it. One end of the bangle is given the shape of the head of the snake while the second the tail shape. The bracelet bangle is also given a lock opening end.

14. Infinite Rose Gold Bangle:

A lovely design in rose gold plated bangle design is the one which is given the design of several infinite designs. The bangle is also given the shine of blooming diamonds alternatively. The bangle design symbolizes love, strength and faith which make it a perfect gift to your beloved.

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15. Rajasthani Gold Plated Bangle:

A rajvadi design in gold plated traditional bangle design is crafted with white oval crystals surrounded with tiny gold balls design. The whole bangle design is made with circular designs giving a royal look. It is widely worn for weddings and similar functions also by the brides.

The gold plated bangles have successfully replaced other bangle designs as it carries all the traditional and western designs with it. They can easily be crafted in various cut and machine designs obtaining the actual pattern as the real ones. The traditional designs can be easily molded in the gold plating bangles.

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