15 Latest Designs of Circle Skirts for Stunning Look

Are you looking out to check the new style quotients this season? You are at the right place. A pop of colour and bright new trendy skirts always add new life to oneself. The new circle skirt patterns are here to add to your closet. They would never disappoint you, given that they are full of trends and styles. These round skirts can make your body look toned down and curvy. They can transform your body and fit in like magic! Try out these best round skirts trending this season to check how best this can suit you!

When Did They Come Into Fashion?

These circle skirts are as old as the 1950s and 60s. One can even call this fashion a vintage look given that the western countries offered this fashion, and it became a trend back then. These are seen as flowy and comfortable wear for many women and were even noticed in movies worn by several celebrities. Those days, plain round skirts and striped skirts were more popular. Now we have several prints and patterns within these.

How To Pick The Right Circle Skirt For You?

While circle skirts are sexy and can make you look curvy, they may not uniformly suit all of you. Here are a few tips and tricks on how these skirts can suit you well.

In case you are thin, then round skirts are for you. The simple circle skirt and plain ones can suit you and rock the look. If you have long legs, you can go for any circle skirt. If you are a bit chubby, you may want to rethink using these. Patterns and designs within round skirts are great. They enhance your personality if you have figured. For those who are petite and curvy, floral prints and zig zags are for you.

Simple and Beautiful Circle Skirt Designs for Women:

Round skirts designs have grabbed a sound place in the hearts of not only the teens but the elderly women too. Here are some selected designs widely preferred.

1. Double Circle Skirt:

This is a new fashion called a double circle skirt. This is super flowy than the usual round skirt pattern. This is best for those who want to set a fashion trend and are more into trendsetting. This suits well with plain patterns than with prints. This further is loved by women who love comfortable and simple clothes.

Design: Blue Colour Flowy Double Circle Skirt Fabric: Chiffon Preferred Body Type: Tall and Thin Figure Occasion: Morning Fests and Events

2. Vintage Round Skirt:

Vintage styles are setting the trend again. This is a vintage circle skirt with polka dots all around. Who does not love polka dots design? They are again back in fashion trend, and now everyone wants to try these styles out. This skirt is one among which has set in trend yet all over again.

Design: Midi Length Circle Polka Dots Skirt Fabric: Cotton Preferred Body Type: Chubby and Tall Person Occasion: Morning Festivals and Outings

3. Cotton Circle Skirt:

The cotton is evergreen. This is a cotton circle skirt. These plain cotton styles are back in style, given the comfort level. These styles are especially most sought after in the summer season. They are easy to go, flowy and provide comfort from the heat.

Design: Plain Yellow Circle Skirt with Side Pocket Fabric: Cotton Preferred Body Type: Petite Figure Occasion: Daily Wear

4. Knit Round Short Skirt:

The knit circle skirt is new in fashion. They are curvy and show a toned body well. These round skirts are best for those women who have a great fashion sense and want to set the trend through their everyday looks!

Design: Black and White Knitted Checks Circle Skirt Fabric: Cotton Preferred Body Type: Petite Figures Occasion: Partywear

5. A_line Round Skirt:

Who does not love the A_line circle skirt? Those who want the knee_length skirt to beat for comfort and fashion at the same time should go for this. These A_line skirts are great for tall and medium sizes. These with normal prints set the trend for style. Team it up with a plain top for the look.

Design: Grey and Black Printed A_Line Round Skirt Fabric: Cotton Preferred Body Type: Tall and Medium or Petite Figure Occasion: Daily College Wear

6. Plus Size Circle Skirt:

Chubby, worry not, as here are the plus_size circle skirts designs for you. Even if you are chubby and want to try out something new, these are options for you. These flowy straight round skirts are available in the market for you to suit your preferences. Style them well with accessories for the look.

Design: Grey Self Design Plus Size Circle Skirt Fabric: Cotton Preferred Body Type: Chubby and Plus Size Occasion: Daily Wear

7. High Waist Circle Skirt:

A circle skirt pattern highly inspired by the period skirt designs is made with flawless strips. The maroon short skirts give a definite look for party wear in casuals. It makes a great combination with black tops for the teens of colleges. It is also ideal for wearing for prom nights.

Design: Maroon Short Circle Skirt Fabric: Satin or Cotton Preferred Body Type: Thin, Petite Figure Occasion: College fests, day outings and date nights

8. Egyptian Circle Skirt:

The double circle skirt comes with a length between the knee and the ankle in this pattern. Made out of cotton, the long skirt is designed with patterns that give a glimpse of Egyptian crafts and civilization design. With several decorative colours, it gives a wonderful look to the wearer.

Design: Multi_Colour Art Work Circle Skirt Fabric: Cotton and Silk Preferred Body Type: Tall Girls Occasion: Day Parties and Festivals

9. Plaid Circle Skirt:

Plaid design in full circle skirt is quite a in demand. This is among vintage round skirts. The skirt is made from thick cotton and is given checks design in red, white and black. Various schools generally adopt the skirt design as a uniform for the girls. The skirt would do wonders for your look with a black belt and tank top.

Design: Checks Design Long Circle Skirt Fabric: Cotton Preferred Body Type: Tall and Medium Figure Occasion: Colleges

10. Knee Length Circle Skirt:

Made from nylon, this midi circle skirt gives a wow look for parties and events emerging your casual look. The round skirts are given broad plates, making them more circular at the end. It can be carried to make your simple look more adorable for proms.

Design: Peach Colour Knee_Length Pleated Skirt Fabric: Nylon Preferred Body Type: Thin and tall figure Occasion: Parties and date night outs

11. Designer Circle Skirt:

The design of a black circle skirt is beautifully decorated with a white pearl border. The mini round skirt is given a side slant layered border, which looks great for cocktail parties. The slant layers form a triangular shape in between, giving your sexy legs a visual.

Design: Asymmetric Circle Designer Skirt Fabric: Satin Preferred Body Type: Tall Girls Occasion: Night Events and Parties

12. Printed Circle Skirt:

A new design quite noticed in this category is the maxi Circle skirt. The cotton round skirt comes with a full flooring length similar to the gown designs. The designer piece is also carried out as a bridesmaid outfit in several weddings. The circle skirts come with tiny 3D designs for a unified look.

Design: Printed Floor Length Round Skirt Fabric: Cotton Preferred Body Type: Long and Thin Figure Occasion: Day Parties

13. Fancy Circle Skirt:

Along with circle skirts, the circle skirt dress outfits are also quite popular among teenagers to rock out at parties at pubs or discos. The circle skirts come in silk material with a bow design on the top side, which is also sleeveless. Carry the ravishing dress, and you are sure to rock the party.

Design: Plain Sparkling Design Skirt Fabric: Silk Preferred Body Type: Petite girls Occasion: Date nights and cocktail parties

14. Chiffon Circle Skirt:

Looking for something long and flowy for summer! Try this long knit circle skirt made from chiffon. The round skirts give utmost comfort to girls and ladies while travelling in the summer as beachwear with tank tops. The chiffon material gives various flares to the skirt, making it look gorgeous.

Design: Orange Colour Long Flowy Skirt Fabric: Chiffon Preferred Body Type: Tall and Thin to Medium Girls Occasion: Day Parties and Events

15. Layered Circle Skirt:

A full circle skirt made using net material is given various layers. The design is made completely in red net or chiffon, with a black single strip border for a striking look with short tops. Such round skirts are widely carried for dance forms like salsa to enchant the performance.

Design: Layered and Knit Round Skirt Fabric: Chiffon Preferred Body Type: Tall and Medium_Sized Women Occasion: Night Formal Events

How to Style Women’s Circle Skirts:

Let us see how to style these round skirt patterns around you for effortless style.

If you have a plain round skirt, then a printed top is your best choice. If you have a printed or floral round skirt, it is a plain and light top or T_shirt. Crop tops are your friends if you have a thin figure. Keep minimal accessories to suit the look. Invest in good earrings as they can make your look. Style on with sneakers or heels as per your height. If you are tall, then sneakers are your best friend. In their 20s are best to style for these round skirt patterns.

Got the inspiration to try out these gorgeous circle skirt patterns? These suit all kinds of bodies, and the variants are best styled with those whose bodies fit in. We hope the article describes what best fits your body size and personality. Team them up with great accessories to enhance the look. Style them and seize the day!

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