15 Latest Designs of Formal Belts for Men in Trend

Just as shoes, cuff links, tie, etc. are a prime part of men’s accessories, belts also hold equal importance. The flexible bands in leather or cloth give a complete look at both formal and casual outfits to give their personality perfectly. Available in various designs and brands, the formal belts have grabbed a huge market for men to avail from with a variety of affordable prices. The belts are usually matched with the colour of the shoes men wear for an ultimate match.

Top 15 Formal Belts in Latest Designs:

As men find it tough to look around for the best for their money, Here look at our 15 best Men’s Formal Belts in different Designs. Choose your best one from the below list.

1. Rolling Lock Formal Belts for Men’s:

Men’s formal belts design quite popular for its mix made buckle design. The buckle of this belt is given a rolling lock pattern made from brass, zinc and rhodium plating. The leather belt of the Kenneth Cole Reaction company is one of the best durable belts to rely on.

2. Alphabetical Vintage Formal Belt:

A stunning design from Hermes, the belt is an ideal belt for formals. The belt is given a plain black texture which gives a simplified look over formals. The buckle of the belt is given an alphabetical form with the letter H which stands for the company.

3. Knitted Simple Formal Belt:

Fossil End has remained in the market for its amazing belt designs. Similar formal belts for men’s design are here given a stylish belt by knitted design. The knitted belt is then given a simple buckle to give a judgmental look to the belt and the wearer.

4. Reversing Plague Mens Formal Belt:

Calvin Klein has always given men a vogues appearance by the buckle designs it carries. Formal belts buckles design here is given a reversing match which enables you to wear the belt in four different ways. The simple black belts with a lovely silver buckle is a perfect combination for formal wear.

5. Flat Leather Formal Belts:

An astonishing design for leather formal belts was introduced by Calvin Klein to take the formal wear to a new standard. The belt is given a rough tidal look with the letters C and K crafted on it with a tender buckle which helps in embossing the belt design.

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6. Bounded Formal Belt:

Formal leather belts, when given a bounded design, give a new look to the belts and the wearer. A design by Nautical gives an equal glance. The belt is made with a polyester feather with a toned stitch at the edges for a comfortable grip and a reverse silver buckle.

7. Dual Design Formal Belts:

Formal belts for men design is here made with dual materials to give the belt a new concept. The broad belt is made with cotton fabric which is centred with a leather belt to make it more wonderful. The long-lasting belt is given a style which is easy to wear due to which it has gained the top position.

8. Rough Design Formal Belt:

An extensively adopted men’s formal leather belts design comes with a medium broadness. The belt is also made with a rough texture which carries an antique brass made buckle carrying the name of the company, Hilfiger. The sturdy belt comes with imported material for rough and tough usage.

9. Dotted Formal Belt:

An enduring yet trendy design in men’s formal leather belts is made with a cut off pattern. The brown belt in leather is finely embossed with circular cuts to give a triangular design in two different sizes. The design makes the belt comfortable for summers with a perfect clutch on the waist.

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10. Snake Design Formal Belt:

A black formal belt when the given texture of snakeskin gives a dramatic look to the wearer. Introduced by Salvatore Farr a goin black is given a steel buckle with a curvy flow attached with a single-centre design. The buckle is given a logo design for its brand awareness.

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11. Flat Buckle Formal Belt:

Modest leather belts, when given attached with formal belts buckles, gives a lavishing look to the wearer in formals. The belt in leather is given a flat buckle with steel metal designed in it, with a company logo on it. The belt is also given stitched border design for a rectified look.

12. Trio Strip Formal Belt:

A black formal belt perfect for any formal pant or trouser is given a smooth but robust texture. The edge of the belt is given small stitches which gives a dotted look. The buckle of the belt is also given a three steel strand strips which give a strong clasp on the waist.

13. Minute Plaid Formal Belt:

Formal leather belts with a berg design are widely adopted by the youngsters in the market. The thick leather belts is given minute box designs which come with an imprinted design and a simple steel belt. The thickness of the belt makes it comfortable to carry for the full day.

14. Roll Over Formal Belt:

A new design in men’s formal belts category is made with leather and a rough raw texture on it. The belt is given blue suede leather flicks on the smooth leather belt to make it look slight funky. The simple belt and two holders of the belt make it look more advanced for offices.

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15. Dalidou Formal Belt:

Dalidou has always given the best quality belts with a marked design in circular tooled manner. The black formal belt here is given a dual stitch at the edges with a tiny vision to make the belt more adorable. The belt is also given a wonderful buckle with cress cross designs in steel.

The formal belts need to be sober and hard-wearing as they are to be used on a regular basis. The waist belts are mostly preferred in medium or thick texture or broadness to keep the edge of the pants or trousers firm while wearing.