15 Latest Gold Earrings Designs in 2 grams in 2020 India

Gold is the most popular and the most precious jewelry that is not only worn by females’ but also males. There is a lot of design that made out of gold to be worn. Gold is basically a status symbol good that people used to flaunt its prestige.

New Gold Earrings Designs In 2 Grams in 2020:

Gold can be made in grams but some top 15 gold earrings designs in 2 grams are given below,

1. Pearl Gold Earrings Design in 2 gm:

These are 2 gram gold earrings which have pearls attached to them, this kind of design is liked by everyone, and it’s a normal circular at the top then, a pearl attached to it at the bottom which makes it look unique and beautiful. It gives proper look on any western outfits too.

2. Gold Balls Design in 2 gm:

The 2 gm gold earrings or the gold balls which are made of normal gold they are hollow from inside but are carved out in shape of small balls; these may have some design on them, like some zigzag carving to make it look attractive. Those girls whose face is straight shaped those looks pretty in this earring designs.

3. Gold Do Nut Design in 2gm:

Do nut that is made out of 2 gram earrings and it’s just in the shape of do nut, with a circle and a hole in the centre of it they are really good looking, because people some even have a flower made in them or some diamonds attached in the circle.

4. Gold Plate Design in 2gm:

The new gold earrings designs 2020 are the gold plate and these can be made in different grams of gold, this design includes a small little gold plate that is round some design that can be added to it can be the circles around it also a little diamond in the centre of it.

5. Gold Jhumka Design in 2gm:

The 2gm gold earrings jhumka is the one which has the design like a triangle that is a bit circular at the bottom and has a little diamond drop at the bottom, these are the most sold gold earrings in the market.

6. Gold Heart Design in 2gm:

This is a gold heart that is the 2grm gold earrings made in the shape of a heart, these are small and unique usually bought by teenage girls because they are way prettier than the normal ones and look good.

7. Chand Bali Design in 2gm:

Chand means ‘moon’ and Bali means the ‘round earring’ so the Chand Bali is the round 2 gm earrings that are big round circles it usually has diamonds in them; the rest circle is made by the gold.

8. Gold Studs Design in 2gm:

Studs mean the earrings which are stuck on the lobe of the ear they do not hang like the usual ones but instead are the small round one attaches to the ear with the hook in it, these gold earrings in 2 gms are best to be worn by children, and fancy too. Working women’s mostly prefer this type of earrings for their regular use in the office.

9. Star Gold Design in 2gm:

The star stud is the 2 gm gold earrings and it’s basically a stud earring with a small star carved out of gold that is best worn by little kids because it is attractive and looks good. It is purely made of gold. This one is the nice choice to gift your little girl.

10. Dolphin Design in 2gm:

The dolphin design is new to the market it is in shape of a dolphin with a little diamond as the eye and it is basically a stud, it is a new gold earrings design which looks elegant can be worn by any age group. This one looks pretty if you are looking something different pattern from regular use.

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11. Butterfly Earring Design in 2gm:

These are the 2gm gold earrings designs which are beautifully made in the shape of a butterfly; this is bought for kids because it looks good to their ear. It is made with gold wings and a diamond at the centre or a gold drop. You will get this design in a easy way in 2gm for your baby girl regular use.

12. Flower Gold Earrings Design in 2gm:

The 2 gm earring design that is most popular among all. It is a flower shaped gold earrings purely made in shape of a flower with a diamond at the center of it and all its petals made of gold. Comfortable and easily adjustable earrings will be good selection of women’s. So this one design will be always best while looking casual earrings.

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13. Knot Earring Design in 2gm:

These are the new earrings gold designs 2020, as it’s a new concept it’s just a gold knot, has a hook to hang in the ear, it’s made in shape of criss cross, worn by women as it looks elegant and something different from the crowd.

14. Stone Gold Earrings in 2gm:

This gold earrings in 2gms is a new concept it has a gold circle at the top with a stone hanging in it, the blue stone or any other jewelry stone goes with any kind of look you prefer. This is black colored stone gold earrings in under 2gms useful for a western outfit or any party time.

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15. Cherry Earring Design in 2gm:

The new gold earrings design 2020 is the cherry earring design cherry earring means it’s made of gold with some cherry stone dropping at the bottom of it with some diamonds in it. This is a new concept and will go with the traditional.

There is a lot of gold earrings design and also you can get the things custom. A lot can be made in 2 gm of gold, there are many new different designs out in the market which are bought by people and also liked all most everyone.