15 Latest & Traditional Churidar Kurta Designs

Churidar kurti salwar suits have been famous since ages and the time salwar suits have been originated from. The traditional Indian attire gets recognized from the churidar salwar kameez suits. From time getting its fashion zed style traditional looking salwar suits get twists with transforms that look prettier than before every time it comes in a new design. The churidar salwar kameez suits can now be worn upon narrow jeans or ankle length slim fit salwars or leggings. The churidar kurta having churidar sleeves and patch work on the chipolata,or some eye catching difference in the choli part of the kurti looks fresh and new to the world of garments and outfits.

A minor difference of design and pattern on the kurti gives a spectacular look to the outfit. Short kurtis which have churi sleeves or are sleeveless give a spectacular look to women wanting a traditional look on them. On the contrary long kurtis of the ankle length or the floor length kurti looks simultaneously amazing designs that represent the traditional look of churidar kurta designs. Whereby, today’s fashion introduced the anarkali kurtas that highly remind us the latest churidar kurta designs.

Beautiful and Stylish Churidar Kurta Designs for Womens in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 15 churidar kurta designs for ladies.

1. Denim Churidar Kurta:

A cool denim churidar kurta designs are one of the trendiest and stylish kurta one would definitely love to have one. The cool denim fabric is one that any lady wants to wear. The blue shade of denim and the red touch of finishing in the kurta highlight the outfit.

2  Sleeveless Churidar Kurta with Dupatta:

A sleeveless churidar kurta designs looks adorable for any lady. A combination of pink golden and yellow is such a refreshing bright match that mesmerizes all eyes. The designer neck pattern embroidery also gives a traditional feeling to the outfit.

3. Matching Churidar Set:

A matching churidar kurti design set with churidar salwar looks the perfect outfit for a traditional look. The two cuts on the kurti slightly in the front side is a new design to the same Punjabi style kurtas. The side cuts look different and stylish.

4. Anarkali Churidar Kurta:

Anarkali churidar kurti is one of the hot trendy styles these days. The flare skirt of anarkali dresses look traditional and gorgeous. The churidar sleeves and the choli part of the kurta look drastically awesome.

5. Mid Cut Churidar Kurta:

A mid cut kurti churidar style with churi sleeves and combined with churidar salwar is one of the most awesome looking patterns. A fully embroidered kurta in dark colors look magnificent on celebrations and indeed is a party wear.

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6. Short Churidar Kurta:

Short churidar kurti set is generally worn less these days but the design of such a combination is surely a beautiful look. Women with a short height look stunning in such a stitched kurta. A churidar salwar combined with churidar kurta well suits such height girls.

7. Pleated Churidar Kurti:

A brilliant summer outfit can be gorgeous enough to be such amazing. A pleated churidar kurti design with plain buttoned choli and fully printed skirt lengthen just above the ankles look just mind blowing. A matching plain dupatta and churidar salwar is what any girl would love to glow in.

8.  Plain Skirt Churidar Kurti:

A plain flared skirt and printed choli is one more incredible design women look gorgeous in. Churidar kurta design with such an amazing design combination looks traditionally looking yet to the today’s fashion trend. The ankle length of the kurta and churidar salwar gives the ultimate brilliant look to the outfit.

9. Asymmetrical Hem Churidar Kurta:

With the designer looks given to the varieties of salwar kameez patterns the well loved design has also been admired by the fashion lovers these days. An asymmetrical hem churidar kurti design has become a style suit that has become a part of every ones wardrobe.

10. Ankle Length Churidar Kurta:

An ankle length churidar kurta is one hot trend that is hot favorite among ladies this season. Whether it is the short heighted girls or he tall ones the ankle length side cuts of churidar kurtis look incredible on every one.

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11. Bandhini Printed Churidar Kurta:

A bandhini print churidar kurti is world famous since many years actually from when the bandhini work has been introduced. The bandhini prints look so traditional yet cool design. A matching churidar salwar and dupatta is the full set of the outfit.

12. Embroidered Choli Churidar Kurta:

An embroidery choli kurta churidar designs are one fabulous pattern women look amazing in. An embroidery choli and plain skirt flare in a combination of yellow and red looks outstanding. Women with adorable height look lovely in such designs.

13. Loose Stitch Churidar Kurta:

A loose stitch baggy churidar kurta is one adorable design looking chic cool on ladies during the summers. The baggy over sized stitch of the kurta churidar design looks shabby yet a stylish statement to the dressing of the lady.

14. Casual Printed Churidar Kurta:

A casual dressing can also be dynamic with the churidar kurti design style. A simple flower printed grayish shaded colored kurta can look equally amazing like the other designer salwar kameez outfit. A block printed salwar and dupatta gives a traditional touch to the kurti.

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15. Black Churidar Kurta:

The blacks have never been out dated in any season. The summers rarely choose black but an indoor function dressed up with black outfit can surely invite the black churidar kurti with similar black churidar salwar and a designer printed or embroidered dupatta.

On the other hand colors also play a vital role in making the outfit more attractive and glamorous. Choosing the right colors and right match with them gives a spectacular look to the dressing. Plain colors look brilliant in churidar kurta designs as the plain colors give full importance to the churidar design. While printed garments have also its own significance of style in it. Embroidery and patch work also look incredible with the churidar pattern. Choosing a perfect pair of salwar also makes a great difference in the style of churidar kurta fashion. A churidar salwar is the well known all time favorite style of salwar. But a pathani salwar or Patiala salwar also looks incredible with short churidar salwar.