15 Modern Denim Jeans Brands For Men and Women

Jean material was first introduced to the coal miners in America who require a good amount of clothing to withstand under any hard working place and temperature, though denim material is rugged and makes one feel sweaty under a temperature more than 30 degrees. Denim material is highly durable and chances of tearing are comparatively lesser than other synthetic and natural fiber material.This highly durable and weight bearing material slowly got shifted from work oriented clothing to fashion designer wear clothing accessory too. This type of cloth material suits both men and women due to its color and comfort provided by the material when worn as denim jeans wear.

Best Denim Jeans For Men and Women:

To get a brief idea of the recent development of denim jean outfit here are the top 15 denim jeans list which can freshen up your mind with latest and best denim jean available in the present fashion outlet stores with different famous denim jeans brands.

1. Boot Cut Cropped Women Denim Jean:

Denim jeans for women includes, boot cut pattern, which is an old fashion stitching method which again hit the fashion history with total positivity through its new modernized cutting method and design. This boot cut instead of falling till the ankle it is cut short just above the ankle creating the boot cut cropped outlook, which best suits for women than men. The boot cut pattern goes well with a plain or a stripped semi formal shirt.

2. High Waist Ripped Women Denim Jean:

High waist jean for women brings the perfect figure of women through its tight fit and well-seated design around the waist line. The high waist denim jean in blue color is the most sold type among denim jean type which has the ripped or the destroyed feature. This type of jean suits well as a casual outwear with a pair of sneaker and a t shirt.

3. Skinny Plain denim jean for Men:

Nothing can get better than simple plain denim blue jeans and a simple plain t-shirt or a polo shirt. This Simple plain denim Jeans for men was the first and the foremost design which came into the market and still exist. Every man definitely has at least one in their wardrobe.

4. Straight Cut Faded Denim Jean for Men:

Straight cut faded denim jean which is next most popular design after simple blue denim jeans among men of all the age group. This faded or the washed pattern was best worn as a casual wear along with a casual shirt or a T-shirt. This straight cut jean design goes well for all types of body figure.

5. Knee Ripped Men Denim Jean:

For men ripped jean design also came into the fashion industry, unlike women men like to wear ripped jean which has cut along the knee region. Younger generation prefers having this type of jean in their wardrobe without any further thinking. This type of jean goes well with a hat and a plain shirt outfit.

6. Plain Slim Fit Denim Jean for Women:

Talking about a simple outfit for women, which will definitely include a plain normal slim fit denim jean as the top listed outfit. Since it is easy to wear and carry it along than other traditional outfit, women nowadays prefer wearing this type of jean pattern as an office wear too. The slim fit womens denim jeans are commonly as low or mid rise denim jean since this type of jean suits well with any kind of top or a shirt.

7. Patch Work Denim Jean for Men:

Patch work type of denim jean is a simple and easy to design by oneself too. Here two different color type of denim jean is used in creating this innovative patch work denim jean for men. The patchwork material can be different shape and length which joins in between the jean. This type of jean goes well with shirt or T-shirt with a pair of sneaker or boots.

8. Embroidery Worked Denim Jeans for Ladies:

The embroidery design is the most favorite type of ladies denim jeans when it comes to choosing a unique designer western outfit for women. This pattern can be of any form like floral design, bird design or any line work which forms any motifs. The embroidery design can be made throughout the jean or restricted to selected area. For young girls, who like to sketch their embroidery skills then go ahead and try your skills which could be doing a floral embroidery pattern onto your old denim jean as a starter.

9. Bikers Faded Black Denim jeans for Men:

Bikers Jean is the most sold jean type in the market which most of the young boys like to have in their clothing collection. This faded black denim jean is next popular to the blue faded jean type. The upper side part of the jean can be made different by giving a punk design or a criss cross line pattern. This type of jean is best suited for any outdoor event or party. The main striking feature is the elasticity brought out in this type of denim jean which makes the bikers to use this denim jean more comfortably

10. Stone Studded Denim Jeans For Women:

Stone studded denim jean is the next most commonly picked denim jean type among women due to its feminist outlook and feature. The stone is commonly seen on the back pockets as well as on the front lower sides of the jean. The stones can be of any color which is glued onto the blue denim jean material. Maintenance is a challenge for girls since stones are glued onto the jean which has a high risk of falling off.

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11. Painted Retro Style Denim Jeans for Men:

This colorful designed denim jean outfit is highly recommended for any cultural wear outfit which can be combined with a full sleeve casual shirt or a kurta. The paint design can be self-made or purchased in the shop as the painted denim jean. The painted denim jean can be made using spray paint or by just splashing different types of paint on the jean material.

12. Ultra Ripped Denim Jeans for Women:

Destroyed jean is the most happening outfit when it comes to the line of clothing pattern among the female crowd. To give a rock star outlook designers came up with the ultra destroyed or ultra ripped denim jean which mostly comes in blue color. One part of the denim jean leg is completely ripped off from the upper thigh till lower part of the knee.

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13. White Zipped Pockets Denim Men Jeans:

White denim jeans are considered as the elegant outfit due to its rich and pleasant outlook when it is worn. To give a unique look designers have created a front upper pocket with zip design. The zip color is in contrast with to the white denim jean which is usually gold zip color. For men who like to wear designery pattern then this type of Jean would be the best choice.

14. Mid Waist Skinny White Denim Women Jeans:

For ladies, there are three most commonly worn jean type they are the low, mid and high rise waist line. Here in white denim jean, mid rise skinny outlook suits the best from the other type of waistline. This kind of mid rise jeans denim suits well with a crop jersey top or a synthetic top. During summers white denim jena could be the best western wear outfit, for girls who lie to wear traditional colorful kurta which could also be an great match.

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15. Casual Faded Gray Mens Denim Jeans:

Men like to wear jean when it comes to casual clothing. This love towards casual denim jean has made designers to create the different color of denim jean, to that list includes the gray color. The color gray, in general, is dull which gives a subtle outlook. To give an acid wash feature faded gray casual jean material is used. Gray color suits well with plain white or any bright colored t shirt or with a plain casual shirt.

Denim which is made from cotton which is formed by wefts and three to four wrapped thread type of weaving method which is why denim is considered as stronger material from other fabric. Due to its history, people don’t think much on buying a jean but buying a low-quality jean material is definitely not recommended since the longevity decreases so people do choose a good quality denim jean which can be felt by checking the thickness of the denim material. Maintaining the denim material is also a real challenge, one good advice would be not washing every week instead wash after wearing it for at least two weeks continuously and then wash them with soft water in a moderate temperature. With no further thinking go ahead and select one of the denim jean type listed above which completes your body shape and figure.

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