15 Simple and Stylish Gold Belt Designs for Women and Men

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The fashion industry has given a revolutionary design in waist belts. The accessory is given various designs using metals, chains, floral designs, etc. A new design in the waist belts is the gold belt design. The belts are partially or fully made with gold to give the outfit a new look. The belt designs are generally worn with designer outfits for special occasions like weddings, high society parties, religious functions, etc.

When made with gold, the belts are given accurate embossed or decorative designs which uplift the pattern and the look of the wearer.

Different Types of Waist Gold Belt Designs for Women and Men:

Waist belts are also known as Kamarbandh, Oddiyanam, Vaddanam and Kardhani in different languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, etc. in India. Here are some wide range designs of the gold belt, which may trim out your accessory collection.

1. Plain Gold Belt for Women Waist:

A simplified pattern in gold waist belt gives even a simple dress a bedecked look. A similar belt is made in gold without any design on it. The simple belt gives your slim waist a perfect look. The belt is carried out on the designer or plain outfits, like plain gowns for parties.

2. Braided Gold Belt for Women:

Are you done with your wedding collection! You cannot miss out the braided women’s gold belt, which gives your bridal wear an enhanced look. The belt is given a braided design crafted on it with crown designs embossed at the opening locks. Just carry it and check your changed look.

3. Snake Skin Gold Belt for Men:

For men, the golden belt needs to be tough and thicken. Here is a design which gives the look of a snakeskin design for a stunning look. The opening of the belt is given a plain opening with a flower on it centred with a pearl. The belt is given a smooth inner side to for comfortable wearing.

4. Gold Pearl and Diamond Gold Belt for Women:

Looking for a new design for your waist! Grab this design which gives you the look of both gold and diamonds in it. The belt is made golden beads which are centred with diamonds in the centre with various curves interconnected with each other.

5. Zipper Gold Belt for Men:

Zipper design in waist belt gold has given to men a new dignified look for occasions. The belt is given a centre flat gold pattern which gives a zipper look at the ends. The lock or say buckle of the belt is also made with gold for a perfect grip on the waist.

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6. Jingles Gold Belt for Women:

The women’s waist, when given the touch of jingles, would exquisite the look of your waist on ethnics. Yes, gold belt design is made with jingles in gold. To add some more cuteness to the belt, the single belt is given various U_shape jingle curves.

7. Indian Gold Waist Belt for Women:

The Indian gold metal belt has its own importance, especially for the brides during weddings. The golden belt is given a crown_like the design on it which is further decorated with emeralds. The floral designs embossed to give a unified look to the wearer on sarees.

8. Crystal Pyramid Gold Belt for Men:

Men’s belt accessory is given a new stylish design, by adding gold crystals on leather. Yes, the leather belt is given several small crystal pyramids on it in gold. The design is also given a leather opening where the end of the belt is decorated with the same designs for a perfect finishing to the wearer for parties.

9. Gold Chain Belt Design for Men:

The gold chain belt has always been the favourite for men. When carried on the side, the chain belts always magnify their look for casuals. The design of the belt consists of three chains forming a layered look. The bottom_most chain is given a thick binding, the centre a cosy design while the topmost is given tiny chain design.

10. Floral design Rose Gold Belt for Women:

Rose gold belt when designed in floral designs gives a splendour look to the wearer, especially to the brides in gowns. The lovely belt is made with rose gold, net material and pearls for a proper formation. The belt is then attached to a nylon strip for proper tie_up and grip on the waist to make you look slimmer.

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11. Dual Lock Gold Belt for Men:

A thin gold belt is the choice of many youngsters these days. It allows the men to show off their slim gym body when given an accurate hold on the waist. The belt looks amazing on casuals and also on party wear suits.

12. Men’s Cowboy Gold Belt Design:

Looking for a classy look with gold belt designs! Have a look at the cowboy design in the category. The belt is made with several buttons like circular hole design in three layers. The gold is also given a rough colour to give the belt an actual pattern.

13. Adjustable Gold Belt for Women:

Adjustable or say open ends gold belt for dresses design is the prime choice for the women who love to remain in fashion every time. The belt is given a leaf design on both the ends, which is used to wearing and removing the belt. The wearer can wear the belt in whatever style he wishes due to its flexibility.

14. Woven Gold Belt design for Men:

A golden belt, when given a woven design, looks very fangled for a casual wear. Widely carried on jeans and suits, the belt is made with a woven design with elegant broadness best fitted for any waist for comfort at weddings and parties.

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15. Ladies Bead and Coin Gold Belt:

Remember that clicking coins’ belt on the belly dancer’s waist! Love them? Here is a similar design of the women’s gold belt, which is made with several gold coins, jingles and beads for a charming look. The belt is made so firmly that it gives wonderful chuckling voice when in action.

The waist belt gold is the main jewellery for the brides according to the Indian culture. It is a part of the Solah Shringar for the bride which is worn on the saree to give a firm hold over the waist. However, men and women now adore their waists with the gold belts for other occasions also.

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