15 Simple & Best Small Clock Designs With Pictures

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Buying the perfect clock is an art. Small clock designs are a great way to lighten up your room or house. They look cute and adorable, yet help you decorate your shelter. These clocks not only look great but also perform great, with various kinds of unique features and selling points – so that there’s one for everyone. So, let’s jump on the list right away. Here is a list of small clock designs that are replaced the old fashion.

Modern Small Clock Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 15 simple and latest small clock designs with pictures. Let’s have a look in to them.

1. Pea keep Battery Travel Alarm Clock:

this small alarm clock will be your perfect travel companion. It’s light weight and square features will surely stand out in a crowd. It even fits perfectly into a suitcase or even your pocket during your journey. It’s large, easy to access on/off switch is conveniently located on top, with snooze and light bar on the right side of the front. The entire dial including the hands glows for best night time viewing. The clock has four beep alarm increase stages, totally tick-less silent movement and runs on just a single AA battery.

2. Nikky Home Small Vintage Decorative Clock:

Inspired fully from cottage style, this classically designed small decorative clock comes with a pocket watch shape that looks insanely stylish on your table. Simply crafted of metal in elegant golden finish, it requires just one AA battery to operate. This one is perfect for your office or desk.

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3. V Marketing Site Mantel Small Clocks:

Fully wrapped in walnut color, this small mantel clock is beautifully made out of wood – ready to create an impression with its elegant look. Therefore, its style will easily complement the other furniture in your room. Its dimensions are also ideal for fitting on most shelves in your house. It is also a Quartz Clock &its chime box has automatic shut-off feature between 10PM to 5AM – thus not to disturb anyone sleeping during the night.

4. Haoun Waterproof Small Clocks:

This is a very small wall clock for bathroom. The biggest feature is that it’s totally water-resistant, so no amount of water can do any harm to it. The clock uses a large suction cup to hold itself on any smooth surface, and its silicone frame not only gives it a durable design but also makes it look lovely and weigh lightly. This is a cute match for your bathroom.

5. Smart Living Company Vintage Black Standing Desk Clock:

Weighing at just 0.8 pounds, this small standing clock is perfect for your desk. With its unique black color, it will light up your room and still keep the time exact. At your any space or table it gives cool look for decor, this is useful for your office table too.

6. Chengsan Silver Table Clock:

This small silver clock is the epitome of design and elegance. Made up of a metal shell with a metal base and a high definition glass, that will not damage your furniture. Also this clock is easy to operate, so anyone can use it. This retro looking modern digital clock will surely decorate your life and improve the quality of your life. This is great for learning, office or public areas.

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7. Godinger New Shannon Small Mantle Clock:

This small mantle clock will be outstanding for your guest room. The exterior casing is fully made of glass and along with the silver ring around the front of the clock, just looks beautiful. The glass or crystal used in this clock is made of quality materials and there is plastic cover over the face of the clock. The clock is not silent though, and it’s ticks are audible.

8. Vintage Retro Living Room Decorative Clock:

This small vintage clock will take you back the 80’s with its retro classical European style design. This clock will elevate your elegant atmosphere at your home, with its non-ticking, smooth sweeping accurate quartz movement that will ensure a good sleep at night and provide you the best working environment. Also, large dial numerals are easy to read for kids and adults alike.

9. The Country House Small Patina Aged Table Top Clock:

Fully made of up metal tin and patina finish, this small table top clock will be your perfect size companion for your bedside table, mantel or shelf. With its small measurements it can fit into any space in your room. It requires just a single AA battery to operate.

10. Pluteck Non Ticking Small Battery Clock:

Made out of hard plastic casing and being battery powered, this small battery clock is super quiet without any sort of annoying tick tock sound. The clock also has a three stage beep alarm system, along with a snooze bar. The hands of the clock are luminous, and can be seen in the night time easily. This needs one AA battery to operate. This clock is perfect for your small kids.

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11. Chelvee Quartz Alarm Small Clocks:

This is a very cute looking small white clock, light in weight and easily fits into your pocket. There is a night light button that illuminates the dial for night time viewing. The clock also has a 3D digital dial with metal hands. Total Quartz movement with no ticking sound – for that smooth night sleep, so that you can be productive the next day.

12. Jomparis Rustic Country Wooden Desk Shelf Clock:

This retro style small shelf clock is perfect for any nice decoration on your desk or shelf. Made wholly out of wooden material, this is indeed a very silent clock. The super quality Quartz movement keeps the time very much accurate while also keeping your environment free from any sound. The hands are made of metal and are white in colour. The numerals on the dial are also easily readable.

13. Ecvision Creative Black Small Clocks:

This silent small black clock is a perfect special present for a man, in his office or bedroom. No ticking will ensure you work or sleep without any sort of distractions. The outer shell, button and clock hands – are all made up of aluminum, except for the dial which is made of PVC material. The clock also has a nightlight for best night time viewing.

14. Deco Mates Small Alarm Clock:

The uniqueness of this small round clock is it’s flat lens that covers the clock face to protect from dirt or debris. The design is simple, yet classy, modern and stylish. It can be used as a desk or even as a small wall clock. It’s non-ticking, so operation is silent.

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15. Travelwey LED Digital Alarm Clock:

If you like small electric clock, then you is going to love this jumbo illuminated LED clock. This is best for kids, seniors or adults. It’s simple to operate, comes with a night light, an alarm and snooze. You can easily fire this up by connecting to an AC 120V outlet, and it can also hold double AAA batteries in-case of backup.

Therefore, we can see that there are various options of small clock designs to choose from – from being electric to being white in colour, and this list goes through each one of them in high detail. So, buying one will become a lot easier now and will certainly help you elevate your home decorations to the next level.

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