15 Simple & Latest Wooden Clock Designs With Pictures

Wooden clock Designs are fancy and grand too. You will get it with many designs from simple round wall clock to complex looking gear clocks. Also, you can find decorated clocks that are handcrafted too. Decorate your home with some unique wooden clocks and get that old precious look with this clock. Here are some top variety of wooden clock designs you can get to decorate the home.

Best Wooden Clock Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 15 cool and modern wooden clock designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Wooden Gear Handmade Clock:

This is an old style analog wooden wall clock. The clock is completely made of wooden material and the colour matches with all furniture, wall paint etc. This is a round wooden gear wall clock that shows you accurate time and blends with any wall colour. You can use it to decorate your hall, living room, bedroom, kitchen etc.

2. Cherry Carriage Mantel:

This is a cherry carriage wooden mantel clock that you can give a retro touch to your room. It is an excellent clock design with glass crystal and white dial with Roman numerals. You can control the volume for chimes at night time. This is a beautiful antique piece you can keep in your home.

3. Retro Wooden Alarm Clock:

Try this amazing wooden alarm clock for your bedroom. It comes with a button to control the alarm and it is a square shaped alarm clock. Inside it, you will see a white dial and written digits on it. You can try this alarm clock with night lite.

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4. Round Natural and Wooden Wall Clock:

Enhance your home’s style statement using round wooden wall clock designs. You can use this wooden clock with the metal frame where ever you want. It has Roman numerals in it and coordinated hands that show you the time. You can get this charming clock to decorate your walls.

5. Vector Vintage Wooden Wall Clock:

This large wooden wall clock is to Ornate your walls. It comes with a handcrafted wooden frame and white dials. Clock hands look beautiful and Roman numerals on dials to show the time perfectly. The outer decoration is flowery design and you can get this cute clock to give an extra beauty to your home walls.

6. Rustic Wooden Wall Clock:

Do you like this clock type? This is an oversized wooden clock with a rustic touch. It is a painted wooden clock that gives you a perfect look for home or office. This is a handmade and hand painted clock with golden Roman numerals on it. You can choose other colours also if you want to match with your wall paint.

7. Wooden Spool Clock:

This is a variety of wooden clock design you can get. This looks like a rustic clock all over. It is made of wood and all letters are of a rustic look. You can decorate your living room with this vintage style oversized clock to know the time. You can change the paint colour and numerals look also as you want.

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8. Wooden Digital Clock:

Analog clocks are now replacing by digital clocks. You can also find such designs in wooden clock designs. This is a beautiful and simple wooden digital clock to show the time. This will lighten in the night and shows you the time also. You can use this modern clock in your bedroom to get convenience.

9. Mechanical Wooden Clock Design:

This is a large wooden clock design that makes your home interior beautiful. It is a mechanical wooden wall clock design is made of good quality wooden material. It has golden pins and is of an antique type. This is only the skeleton of the clock with any other decorations. Try it in your living room, and you will love it.

10. Wooden Pendulum Clock:

You can get this wooden pendulum clock to give an antique touch to your home. This is a ship design with a pendulum. The dial is of golden colour and black digits. You can get a bit bigger clock if you want. Use it to ornate your bedrooms, living room etc.

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11. Rustic Clock for Kitchen:

You can decorate the interior with this wooden kitchen clock. This is a large wooden clock and a handmade one. Get this unique design made of a painted wooden clock with black roman numbers on it. It will be matching with your wall colour and you can try something crazy on it to get that old crazy look.

12. Small Wooden Clock Design:

You can get something from a small wooden clock section to use in your bedroom, office table etc. This is the perfect choice for you. it looks like a photo frame in first glance and a small 360_degree rotatable clock is there inside this frame. The clock has a small dial and numbers are there on it. This is also suitable as a Children’s wooden clock.

13. Wooden LED Alarm Clock:

In this era of digitalization why don’t you try something new in wooden clocks? The picture shows a wooden alarm clock with LED display. Other than the time, it also shows the outside temperature also which is very good so that you don’t need to check your hone to know the temperature. The led light will be there during the daytime as well as night time.

14. Fancy Wooden Desk Clock:

This is a perfect clock when you want to get a fancy look table clock. It is a wooden clock with a decorated frame. It has a handmade wooden frame and it will give you a perfect look. The numbers are of the Roman type and you can keep it on your office table.

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15. Antique Wooden Clocks:

Are you looking for a big wooden wall clock? This is an antique wooden clock with a colourful design. You can see such clocks in railway stations, bus stations etc. Bring back them to your home and decorate your wall with it. The clock looks rustic with Roman numerals. You can keep it in your living room to welcome guest.

All of the above designs are some good picks you can see on a wooden clock. You can get the one that is suitable for your room. Wooden clock designs are always better than plastic ones as they last longer than those plastic ones and won’t break easily.

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