15 Simple Women’s Small Handbags with Straps and Chains

Small handbags are the bags which are small in shape designed from leather, fabric, or plastic which can be carried on hand by means of a handle or a strap. It is commonly used by women’s to carry their personal items like money, cosmetics etc.

The small handbags are must for every woman and girls, whether they are going for shopping or for any hangouts. Even the small kids prefer to have handbags with them so that they can look cool and stylish. The bags are available in many designs, pattern, sizes and colours and you can pick the one according to your needs are requirements.

Different Types of Small-Sized Handbags:

Let’s have a look at top 15 latest and trendy small handbags in different models with images:

1. Stylish Small Size Handbags for Women:

The small handbags appear to be very stylish as instead of straps the bag has golden two-layer chain. The small square shape golden embellishments studded on it make the bag appear royal and classy when carried. This type of handbag is very roomy and predominantly used by women’s because of the size. This type of bag is available in many sizes and colour and you can handpick the one according to your taste and need.

2. Small Handbags with Long Straps:

This small handbag appears very cute and handy to carry. The bag has long adjustable straps that can be hanged as a crossbody. The bag opens from the front and has a small stylish pouch with strong zip closure on it. The back of the bag also has a small deep pocket for storage. The small cute hanging enhances the look the bag. These types of bag are perfect for young girls to carry for shopping or for daily use.

3. Small Handbags for Ladies:

Here comes a perfect small handbag for ladies. The front of the bag has metallic hardware for the closure of the bag. The handbag is designed in the shape of an envelope and it open from the front side. It has a beautiful cut in the front and the edges and the corners are stitched in a neatly giving the handbag a sizzling look.

4. Butterfly Embossed Small Handbags for Girls:

These small cute handbags are perfect to be carried by young girls. The small butterfly embossed in the front of the bag enhances the look of the bag and makes it look more attractive. While carrying this cute small handbag the girls can create their own style statement and mark an impression in front of their friends and colleagues. This type of handbags is perfect for hangouts or parties.

5. Small Handbags for Kids:

The handbag is no more a utilitarian item, it has become a fashion accessory for small cute girl as well for kids even. Kids have become more concern about their look and want handbags, unlike their elders. These handbags are made of soft materials and have smooth corners and edges so that it doesn’t hurt the kids at any point in time. On the bag small their favourite cartoon photographs are laminated and the strap has small cute hangings thus making the bag perfect for small and pretty girls.

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6. Black Small Handbags in Leather:

As black is always appreciated and adored by everyone as it looks classy and above all the black leather handbag can be matched with any colour of outfit you wear. This small handbag is an ideal bag and can be carried to anywhere without any hesitation. A longish silver metal plate embossed on the front flap adds an amazing look to the bag. These types of bags are found in many colours and pattern and you can choose the one according to your choice.

7. Small Bags with Stone Embellishments and Chain Shoulder:

These types of handbags look very classy and royal. The sizzling pink colour of the bag and the small white shinning stones studded in the front with a small heart shape latch makes the bag appear more attractive. On the strap golden chain is fixed thus enhancing the look by many folds. A perfect and hot looking small handbag for evening parties.

8. Floral Print Cross Body Small Handbags:

As flowers are an all-time favourite of girls, this small handbag is perfect bags for girls as well for women’s. The bag has the flowers prints embossed thus making the bag appear very beautiful. The colour combination of white, grey and yellow outlines adds an awesome look to the bag when carried. It has a long strap so that it be worn as a cross over or even on one shoulder according to the comfort zone.

9. Small Hobo Hand Bags:

Hobo handbags are the most stylish type of bags which is large and crescent in shape. As the name reflects the bag is small in size but looks fantastic when carried by young girls on their shoulders. The bag has an adjustable strap and the small fashionable pearls and silver embellishments added makes the bag look more sizzling look and stylish to carry. The small hobo bag is available in many colours and you can choose the one according to your needs.

10. Water Proof Small Handbag:

The handbag is designed from a different type of material which can protect your bag from water, thus a waterproof handbag. It’s a classy piece of handbag which can be carried to any sort of parties and or at hangouts. The bag has a smooth and neat look and the edges and the corners are stitched properly. These types of the waterproof handbag are available in many sizes and colour and you can handpick the one according to your taste and need.

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11. Small Red Tote Style Handbags:

Tote bags are big in size and perfect for travelling and shopping purpose. The bag is designed in red leather and the small stylish pocket in the front enhances the appearance of the bag. The bag has the designer look and the shape of the bag is awesome to look. The edges of the strap have stylish metal hardware  and make the bag look impressive and looks very stylish and pretty when carried to any place

12. Wool and Fur Small Handbag:

The bag is designed in the combination of fur and wool thus making the bag appear very cute and pretty. The mix and match of light and dark wool and fur make the bag look more attractive. The black metallic chain lends the comfort for carrying the bag on your shoulders. While carrying this cute small handbag the girls can create their own style statement and mark an impression on others.

13. Small Satin Clutch Handbag:

Clutch is a small handbag which can be carried on hands as well under your armpits. The bag has no straps or handles to carry and is pretty small in size wherein you can carry only your essentials in the bag. The bag is made of satin and the smart latch on the top makes the bag appear more stylish and fashionable. This type of bag is found in wide varieties as well as a pattern with stone and stylish hardware embossed on it and you can pick the one according to your style and outfit and it’s even a great evening bag also.

14. Bucket Style Small Handbags:

The handbag is designed in the shape of a bucket with smooth edges at every corner. On the bag, small bloomed flowers are embossed thus with small silver beads thus giving a sensational look to the bag. The colour combination of the bag and the long stylish straps with metallic edges makes the bag look amazing. These types of bags are ideal to be carried for shopping and even to the office also.

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15. Cute Small Handbags:

Last but not the least here comes cute and pretty looking dazzling bags for young teenage girls. The trendy blue colour small handbag appears to have a sizzling look and the pink small pretty bow embossed in the front adds more looks. The small pink handle with metallic golden attachments gives a complete look to the bag. It’s a perfect bag for college and for shopping purpose also. It makes you look smart and stylish when carried.

As the bags are small in size they are very easy to carry.  Small handbags have become a necessity rather than style for girls as it helps them to travel freely and they are available in many styles like a crossbody, long straps. The small handbags add more glamour and look thus giving you a minimalistic look.