15 Sparkling DIY Crafts with Studs and Spikes

I pulled my trench out of the wardrobe and I found that it looked so dull. When I see the DIY projects below, an idea came to my mind. I decided to add some spikes to my trench in order to make it shine. After finishing the project, I was surprised that my trench had a new bright look.

I am sure that adding studs and spikes to the stuffs that can be found at home is the best way to spice up them. 15 DIY projects are picked up for you to learn how to put the studs and spikes on your stuffs. Get your hands busy and give new looks to your old stuffs.

Spiked Trench

Studded Handbag Strap

Studded Pocket

Spiked Necklace

Studded Cuff

Studded Pumps

Studded Coat

Tights with Studs

Studded Bra

Sneakers with Studs

Spiked Heels

Metallic Headband

Studded Phone Case

Studded Heels

Block Clutch with Studs

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