15 Stunning Emerald Ring Designs for Men and Women

The emerald rings are in huge demand as they are very popular among a large number of people all over the world. The basic and major reason behind the popularity of emerald rings is that they showcase a classy, stylish, trendy and rich look and also, it is a precious stone as they are found rare in the world. Only very few emerald gemstones are naturally available without imperfection. Hence, they need to be treated well by soaking them in all synthetic oil or cedar oil. Emerald rings for men can be made with the metals like gold, silver, and platinum, as these will perfectly suit the colour of the emerald stone.

Emeralds are the precious stones that would likely cross your mind when you think of gemstones. The deep green colour will be amazingly refreshing to the viewers’ eyes, and the charisma coming with emerald is simply enticing. They are very brilliant and can be very valuable by their way of appearance and elegant looking. You can get the emerald ring designs in a number of shapes such as round, oval, trillion and square. Of course, rings made from emerald stones are often used for weddings and engagements. It remains a tradition to give emerald stone rings to a married couple when they celebrate their emerald anniversary.

Different Types of Ring Designs with Emerald Stone:

Start exploring the top 15 modern diamond and gold emerald rings for engagement and other occasions below.

1. White Gold Diamond Emerald Eternity Band Ring:

White Gold Diamond and Emerald Eternity Band Ring with the radiant round cut diamonds and emerald is the sparkling design you can wear at the time of weddings that remind you of your commitment. This ring was featured with a high polish finish and can be adorable wearing in hand.

2. Sterling Silver Emerald Ring with Black Hills Gold:

This emerald ring was beautifully designed with sterling silver and black gold in a round cut design. Emerald stone embedded in this ring will attract people to get it having a leafy design too.

3. Black Hills Gold and Silver May Birthstone Ring:

Getting the birthstones ring will be quite pretty as it matches their nature and character. This is also a type made in vibrant green colour with a black gold in the middle and around it, made leafy green designs with 14 karat gold. Presenting this to your lovable ones will be perfect.

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4. 1/4ct TDW Diamond Emerald Designer Ring:

Add a perfect style and beauty to your marriage with this 1/4ct TDW Diamond Emerald Designer Ring, made with a stunning diamond and emerald ring. This ring was ended with a polished finish by the experts.

5. Yellow Gold Oval_Cut Zambian Emerald Gold Ring with Diamonds:

Want to pamper yourself wearing a ring? Then choosing this yellow gold Oval cut Zambian emerald ring with the diamond gemstones will be the right choice as this pampers you with eye_catching bold colours and a timeless Zambian feature.

6. White Gold Ruby Emerald Diamond Sapphire Ring:

This is one of the classic designs made finely using the ruby stones, and the emerald stones ended up with a fine crafting and a highly polished finish. Wearing this ring will make the viewers fall in love with them.

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7. Medieval Emerald Sterling Silver Ring:

Medieval Emerald Sterling silver ring is an interesting one that has a compartment that will open and shut automatically. This measures about ½” x 5/8” oval and could be used at the time of weddings and parties. In the medieval period, used it to conceal a potent poison that could slip into the drink of an unwanted victim.

8. 10K Gold Diamond & Green Emerald Ring:

This 10k gold diamond and the green emerald ring had a prong_set of green emeralds and channels with the set of diamonds. This will be most suitable wearing at the time of weddings and parties.

9. Gold 1/3ct TDW Diamond and Oval_cut Zambian Emerald Ring for Men:

Persons looking for the wide and seamless patterned gold and diamond mixed ring design can go with this unique piece. This is an attractable design having the centre enveloped design. This was smoothly polished, giving a perfect finishing.

10. Luxury 925 Sterling Silver Seven Natural Emerald Stackable Ring:

Luxury 925 Sterling Silver Seven Natural Emerald Stackable Ring is a genuine design made from natural emeralds surrounded individually and secured with a claw set. This is one of the natural designs of emerald gold rings that are liked by a large number of people.

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11. Suzy Levian 14k White Gold Emerald Diamond Ring:

Suzy Levian 14k White Gold Emerald Diamond Ring was designed in a classic style, then added with the cut diamond to showcase the wearer’s attire beautifully and naturally.

12. Jewelonfire Emerald Gemstone and Diamond Accent Flower Ring:

Jewelonfire Emerald Gemstone and Diamond Accent Flower Ring will add a touch to your look with charming emerald stones featured with lush, round cut diamonds placed in the centre of the floral setting. Polished in a simple way, it enhances the beauty of the wearer.

13. Silver Simulated Emerald Solitaire Ring for Engagement:

Silver Simulated Emerald Solitaire Ring will brighten up your look with a splash colour of solitaire silver and a simulated ruby, sapphire and emerald gemstones. This is the best choice to wear as it gets fitted with all the outfits.

14. Accent Emerald Gemstone Flower Ring:

Accent Emerald Gemstone Flower Ring will be sparkling and delicate as this will add colour and sophistication to your style and appearance. This ring was embellished with sparkling white diamonds.

15. Dolce Giovanna Sterling Silver Emerald Gemstone Ring:

Dolce Giovanna Sterling Silver emerald engagement rings will accessorize your outfit in a modern and trendy way, getting matched with all the outfits. You can wear this by combining it with any other jewellery design that makes you more beautiful.

Emerald stone rings will match all skin types right from white, pale to olive and even dark. The price range of these emerald diamond rings will be dependent upon the type of metal used, the dimension of the stone and the number of stones. If you want to go for a stylish and simple one yet an elegant ring, you can go for a diamond emerald ring which will add beauty. Using these emerald rings should be handled with extreme care as this gemstone may adversely lose its appearance when exposed to high temperatures and bright sunlight. Whatever design you may choose, go with the best choice.

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