15 Stylish Buns for Your Long Hair

15 Stylish Buns for Your Long Hair

Sometimes you don’t think that you are going to wear a cascading long hair as ever, right? Here we offer you 15 ways to arrange your long hair. Whether your hair is sleek or not, you will find one of the pretty buns from the topic. You can find the easiest way to style your long hair in a side bun, a top bun, a low bun and a braided bun.

Let’s see how to have these stylish buns right now.

Twisted Hair
It’s a simple hair do for girls who have long hair. You just fasten a ponytail and hide the locks by twisting.

The bun is made of a braid. It can bring a casual and elegant look.

Low Bun
To create the bun, you can make a fishtail braid loosely first and twist it at the right place. What’s more, the hair needs lots of hairpins.

Bun with Blunt Bangs
The hair needs teased locks and blunt bangs, so you can tease your tresses a bit and leave the bangs before styling the hair.

Stylish Bun
The bun is made by a sophisticated braided do. When you style the hair, you should pay more attention to the side braid.

Side Bun
It’s another side bun for your long hair, but it accentuates the braided hair.

Bun with Side Part

If you have a highlighted hair, you can try out the hair with side parted bangs. It brings a sassy and soft look.

Hair Knot
If you have ultra-long hair, you can pile up your hair atop and style a stylish hair knot.

Braided Hair
The braided hair looks so elegant. It is made by several braids and it can be worn in many events.

Messy Bun
Worry about your fluffy hair? The hair is your best choice to make a fresh and chic look. You can just pull up all the locks and pile them up by several hairpins.

Easy Bun
The easy bun can bring an ultra-elegant look for women.

Small Hair Knot
If you have a thin hair or a mid-length hair, you can choose the hair and style a funny bun.

Big Braided Bun
The big bun combines with a braid perfectly. When you style the look, you can make a braid first and then pin up a full bun. Finally, round the bun by the braid.

Hair Bow
It’s cute for you to have a hair bow on top.

Loose Chignon
If you have curly hair, just feel free and make a braid twisted as a side bun, leaving strands as side parted bangs.

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