15 Stylish Collection of Orange Shirts For Men and Women

15 Stylish Collection of Orange Shirts For Men and Women

Can you imagine any modern youth’s wardrobe without shirts?! Well, we can’t! So, they have become essential for everyone these days. But how to stand out even in these regular common wear outfits? The easy tip is to pick bright and vibrant looks! That’s why we have orange shirts! The Orange shirts for men and women are trending around the fashion market this season for all the obvious reasons. They are, as usual, comfortable and edgy but are also contemporary, sleek, and bright. Are you too interested in knowing all their latest designs and trends? Well, worry not! We are here to help you out.

How To Style and Pair Orange Color Shirts?

Orange shirts are eye_catchy due to their bright colour shade and tone. So then, what is the best way to pair them with? Here are some tips.

Bright Orange colour goes very well with lighter shades such as grey, off_white, white, cream. So, if you have a very dark or bright orange shirt, prefer to pair them with contrast lighter colour bottoms.
On the other hand, you can go ahead and pair them with all_time versatile colour bottoms such as black too!
The shirts look good with both jean pants and formal wear bottoms. Depending on the occasion, you can choose the right pick!

Top and Stylish Designs of Orange Shirts For Men:

This article would help plant our brains with different orange colour shirts to brush up our minds regarding the top orange colour shirt types.

1. Men’s Orange Check Shirt:


The checked shirts for men are among the most common thing you will always see. How about changing its look a bit? Try on the orange colour_checked shirts. The bright_looking shirts give you a unique colour tone and combination with a contemporary, smart, and radiant style statement. What do you think?

Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: Orange And White Checked Men’s Casual Shirts With Long Sleeves
Material: Cotton
Fit Type: Regular Fit
Occasion To Wear: Regular
Preferred Body Shape: Athletic, Inverted Triangular
Suitable Bottom Wear: Jeans

2. Orange Striped Cotton Shirt:


How about a striped shirt design with a lighter orange colour shade? Well, this is a subtle yet minimal and elegant style statement we all love to have in your wardrobe. The lovely shirt is super comfortable, durable, and perfectly versatile. Whether it is for casual outings, dinners, or brunches, check it out.

Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: Light Orange And White Striped Shirt With Long Sleeve
Material: Cotton
Fit Type: Regular Fit
Occasion To Wear: Casual, Lunches
Preferred Body Shape: Rectangular And Inverted Triangular
Suitable Bottom Wear: Jeans

3. Orange Linen Formal Shirt:


We love this Van Heusen striped shirt for men. The shirt is a perfect choice for everyday workwear. Professional men must have this in their wardrobe; it is classic, straightforward, clean, and gives a dignified look yet brings on modern hues and vibes. What do you think about it? Check this orange fashion shirt lookout too!

Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: Raymond’s Orange Striped Shirt With Long Sleeves
Material: Cotton
Fit Type: Slim Fit
Occasion To Wear: Workwear
Preferred Body Shape: Rectangular, Muscular
Suitable Bottom Wear:

4. Plain Orange Denim Shirt:


Are you looking for a bold and bright_looking shirt? Well, we love this one in the current trending choices. This bright and dark orange colour_shaded textured men’s shirt is perfectly unique and smart. It brings on handsome and some cool vibes easily to everyone around you. The flap pockets and textured look stand out too!

Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: Bright Orange Color Textured Denim Shirt With Flap Pockets
Material: Cotton
Fit Type: Slim Fit
Occasion To Wear: Regular/Parties
Preferred Body Shape: Thin, Athletic
Suitable Bottom Wear: Dark Blue Jeans

5. Orange Camouflage Short Sleeve Shirt:


In case you are searching for some unique and experimental fashion sense and styles, this lovely printed shirt for men is indeed eye_catchy and bright. The off_white and orange men’s shirt is the perfect choice for flaunting your fashion sense and bringing on modern and bold looks. Whether for vacations or easy_going parties, it is an apt fit.

Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: Off_White And Orange Camouflage Printed Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt
Material: Cotton
Fit Type: Slim Fit
Occasion To Wear: Parties/Vacations
Preferred Body Shape: Athletic
Suitable Bottom Wear: Jeans Or Shorts

6. Coral Orange Casual Unisex Shirt:

Coral orange is a mild and subtle colour that blends with a casually designed shirt with a front button opening. Both men and women wear this type of shirt and customise the shape. The plain coral orange casual shirt can be highlighted with lace or sparkling stonework designed as a women’s outfit.

7. Mango Orange Men’s Dress Shirt:

Britishers name dress shirts. It is tailored with a front opening single material attire with a coloured or white button in the front to fasten the two ends of the shirt. Weaving this designed shirt in mango orange shade will create a balanced colour combination with formal grey trousers for men.

8. Bright Orange Traditional Placket Men’s Shirt:

This traditional placket is formed by attaching a separate straight cloth which can be the same colour as the shirt or a contrast colour at the centre, and stitched to the shirt material giving an outstanding look. The bright orange shirt can be the best example of showcasing this placket fashioned shirt.

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Trending Designs of Orange Shirts for Ladies with Images:

Let us look at the top models of orange colour shirts for ladies.

1. Women’s Orange Plaid Shirt:


The women’s plaid shirt varieties and designs have been going around for a lot of years. How about owning a similar style with a twist? This lovely orange multicoloured shirt for ladies from Levis in checks design is a perfect choice. It brings a classic appearance yet adds to the contemporary trend and bright vibes.

Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: Orange Checked Plaid Women’s Shirt With Long Sleeves
Material: Viscose
Fit Type: Regular
Occasion To Wear: Workwear
Preferred Body Shape: Thin, Petite
Suitable Bottom Wear: Off_White Or Cream Pants

2. Women’s Orange Designer Shirt:


If you are looking for a bright casual shirt, this is an apt one in a very plush and grandeur appearance. The orange and white colour combination shirt comes with a dot print and adds to the feminine style statement and gorgeous look. The shirt is super comfortable edgy, and quickly gives you a chic modern_day appearance.

Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: Orange And White Colour Printed Shirt With Long Sleeves
Material: Polyester
Fit Type: Regular Fit
Occasion To Wear: Parties
Preferred Body Shape: Thin, Pear
Suitable Bottom Wear: White Jeans

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3. Allen Solly Orange Long Sleeve Shirt:


Allen Solly’s women’s shirt collection always stands among the season’s top trends, given their vibrant and classic style designs. We love this orange and peach colour shaded shirt for women. the polka dot printed shirt is a perfect choice for versatile contemporary wear, bringing on a lovely appearance with stunning details.

Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: Orange Printed Long Sleeve Shirt From Allen Solly
Material: Silk
Fit Type: Slim Fit
Occasion To Wear: Parties, Dinners
Preferred Body Shape: Thin, Hourglass
Suitable Bottom Wear: Light Blue Jeans

4. Long Orange Loose Shirt:


How about an oversized perfect women’s shirt? While oversize fashion is trending today, we have this loose_fit orange women’s linen shirt. The beautiful shirt has a straight cut and a lovely dropped_down shoulder design, bringing on a unique and authentic appearance. The pleated design and breathable fabric add to the advantages!

Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: Orange Color Loose Women’s Shirt
Material: Linen
Fit Type: Boxy
Occasion To Wear: Casual
Preferred Body Shape: Thin, Pear, And Hourglass
Suitable Bottom Wear: Jeans

5. Orange Sleeveless Shirt:


This sleek and gorgeous sleeveless shirt is also a perfect choice for a light yet mesmerizing outfit. The beautiful orange shirt comes in a slim_fit pattern and looks stunning on anyone who wears it. Check it out! What do you think about this women’s orange shirt look?

Shirt Pattern And Sleeve Design: Orange Sleeveless Shirt Design
Material: Cotton
Fit Type: Slim Fit
Occasion To Wear: Dinners
Preferred Body Shape: Thin
Suitable Bottom Wear: Jeans

6. Folded Cuffs Orange Shirt Women’s:

Folded cuff Orange shirts are very comfortable and easy to manage shirts used by women as casual or formal wear. The material used is cotton or linen combined with shorts or jeans.

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7. Half Puff Hand Sleeve Women’s Orange Shirt:

Puff half sleeves orange shirts are always common for women paired with a jean or a jean skirt. The shade of orange differs from bright orange to marigold. The edges of the hand can be designed with pearls or stones.

The Color orange is a very tricky colour which doesn’t suit all colour complexion. Analyzing one’s body shape and complexion before picking up an orange shirt is very important. Wearing an appropriate shade of orange also adds charm to the outfit for any particular occasion. An orange curved collar shirt or a spread collar shirt is an apt type of shirt for a party; in contrast, a simple curved collar or flat collar shirt would be the perfect outfit as a casual outfit.

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