15 Stylish Ways to Wear a Cardigan

15 Stylish Ways to Wear a Cardigan

Cardigans entered our closets and lives a few years ago and have proven to be a stylish item that is extremely versatile and adaptable to any outfit. Still unsure how to wear it besides buttoned-up or open? These 15 tips will help you spice up your wardrobe and get new looks for your casual and party outfits.


Selena Gomez

One of the best ways to choose a cardigan is to buy one a few sizes bigger than your size. It will help create a relaxed casual look. Go for a thick knitted one, or just borrow your boyfriend’s one and pair it with a casual attire. An oversized cardigan is great for everyone; it will make you look skinnier and very feminine. Selena Gomez masters the look impeccably.


Lauren Conrad

Cardigans, just like any knitted clothing items, might be quite shapeless (especially when oversized), and it might not always flatter your figure, especially if you have full midriff and would like to avoid emphasizing it. There is a smart way out that will help you enjoy your favorite cardigan and look amazing- just belt it. You can use any belt- a thin or a thick one, or even try a scarf instead, the choice is limited only by your imagination. Lauren Conrad’s thick black belt transformed her cardigan into a distinct winter dress.


Blake Lively

Blake Lively is a queen of casual style. In this case she chose a loose open cardigan that looks so great on tall women. It has no buttons and creates a nice appearance, adding texture to a simple outfit. Go for a chunky one for a more structured look, or a thin one for the movement effect. In any case, a loose cardigan is always dramatic and spectacular.

Buttoned up.

Hailee Steinfeld

Get a patterned short cardigan to wear with your formal attire and your look will transform dramatically. The formal skirt and shirt will keep it business-like, whilst a bright tartan-inspired cardigan will make it stylish and elegant. Hailee Steinfeld look is quite distinct, especially paired with a bright Chanel clutch. Do not forget to button up your cardigan for a proper solemn look.

With a blouse.

Wearing a cardigan with a business attire will spice it up and keep you warm in this weather. Pair a cardigan with a bow blouse for an ultimate ladylike appearance. Use a contrasting color to stand out, or go for the same palette for more prim and pure look. Cardigan here is a wonderful alternative to a strict jacket.

With a silk dress.

Elle Fanning

Pairing a cardigan with a feminine silk dress will instantly intensify your look and emphasize your romantic side. Elle Fanning’s adding a solid cardigan to a plain cream dress raises it to the next level and makes the whole outfit more sophisticated and expressive.


Jennifer Lopez

Cardigans are fantastic to wear with anything- from jeans to your workout clothes. Pair it with your favorite casual outfit and you will look and feel great. Jennifer Lopez put on her knitted chunky cardigan with jeans and is ready to go shopping.

To a party.

Jamie King

Cardigans can be quite noticeable. The good thing about them is that they come in all sorts of colors, textures, designs, and lengths. They can be paired with anything depending on their style. A sequined cardigan will instantly turn your outfit into ready-to-party one. Pair it with a simple dress or a skirt, add nice shoes and accessories for an elaborate look and you will even outshine Jamie King.

Mixed and matched textures (sheer with chunky).

Phoebe Tonkin

In case you are still not sure what exactly to do with a cardigan, use layers. Mix and match your cardigan with a scarf, a jacket, a t-shirt, etc. Use different textures and structures to achieve a completely new look. If your cardigan is thick, wear it with a sheer shirt, if it’s thin and long- with a bulky sweatshirt. Phoebe Tonkin mixed her grayish cardigan with bright jeans and boots and a thin patterned shirt, and doesn’t she look extremely stylish in this outfit?

As a dress.


Floor length cardigans are edgy and hip, and the great thing about those that you can wear them as a dress. Add statement jewelry and an investment purse to it, and your evening gown is ready to go. Rihanna’s unbuttoned cardigan gives her a bold sexy look. Remember to choose thinner models if you want to replicate the look. Use a belt with it to create some shape.

As a coat.

Kim Kardashian

This is one of the simplest looks to pull. Wear a cardigan instead of coat for a new distinct look. Choose a warm knitted one for a cold winter day, and pair it with knitted scarf and a beanie. If it is still warm outside, go for a sleeveless one, just like Kim Kardashian did. It will keep your image together and will bring the final touch to it.

As a top.

Reese Witherspoon

Wear a short cardigan instead of your top with nothing underneath. It gives you a sexy and at the same time relaxed and modest look. Reese Whitherspoon looks comfortable and relaxed in this gray cardigan paired with black pants. The outfit looks decent enough to be worn in the office.

With leggings.

Who would have thought that cardigans could actually look so good with leggings! Go for a longer one to cover your hips and give your whole outfit a complete look. A bright cardigan will lighten up your monochromatic outfit and will keep your body warm and your image flawless.

As a uniform.

Emmy Rossum

The cardigan can transform your whole image into a playful schoolgirl one, when paired with a pleated skirt, a tie, a pair of oxford shoes, and a simple shirt. The final result is extremely cute and flirty. Another way to go schoolgirl, is to pair it with boyfriend jeans and a button-up shirt. Do not forget to add at least one girlish element in that case. Emmy Rossum looks very schoolgirlish and blooming in her schoolgirl-like outfit.

Tied around your waist.

Selena Gomez

This simple look is super relaxed and casual, and the cardigan tied around your waist does a perfect job in delivering the message. The outfit is great for traveling, shopping, hanging with friends, anything. Selena Gomez looks peaceful and serene in her casual outfit. And in the evening the cardigan will protect you from the chill.

Hope these 15 tips to wear a cardigan will help you integrate this stylish item into your outfits and wear it with confidence and style.

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