15 Stylish Ways to Wear a Jean Jacket

15 Stylish Ways to Wear a Jean Jacket

Denim jacket is the most versatile clothes item because you can wear it with basically anything and look fabulous. Jean jacket adds a laid-back air to any outfit, making you feel more relaxed and cool. If you don’t have a denim jacket, it’s time you introduced it into your closet and took advantage of its versatility when building your wardrobe. These 15 tips will guide your heart and your style.


With a lace feminine dress.

Pippa Middleton

This is one of the greatest ways to wear a denim jacket. The jean jacket turns into a contrasting element, which balances the femininity of the dress and makes the whole image tougher and more expressive. Pippa Middleton added a statement purse to the whole outfit. As for the shoes, you can wear either flats or heavy biker booties, if you are confident about your everlasting femininity.

With a floral dress.

Reese Witherspoon

It is a wonderful outfit for a cool summer day. Jean jacket will protect you from wind and night chill, keeping you stylish and romantic. Follow Reese Witherspoon style by adding a quite distinct hat and your ultimate cool summer look is ready.

With a maxi dress.

Jessica Alba

Update your favorite maxi dress for the new weather conditions by putting on a jean jacket and a scarf. Thanks to this versatile clothing item, the clothes does not need to be divided into seasonal piles anymore. When it’s warm, add a sleeveless jean jacket to your maxi dress to avoid looking too plain and simple, just like Jessica Alba did.

With a midi skirt.

Pixie Geldof

Midi skirts are great not only for taller women; although, in that case they might be quite tricky to wear. In order not to add bulk to your torso, choose a tighter top and layer it with a jean jacket. This immediately gives the whole outfit more structure and shape, and, besides, the jacket will keep you warm. Pixie Geldof outfit has a perfectly edgy look about it all thanks to the denim jacket.

With jeans.

Jessica Biel

Always considered jeans on jeans a serious fashion crime? Time to change the rules: jeans paired with a jeans jacket is not only not a crime anymore, it is hip and stylish look for busy girls. Just remember to choose different shades of blue for your top and your bottom in order for your outfit not to resemble a uniform from the 80’s. Jessica Biel’s look is a perfect example of jeans on jeans street casual.

With a long t-shirt (sweater dress).

Alessandra Ambrosio

Everyone loves long and oh so popular this season sweater dresses, which can resemble long t-shirts. The thing about them, however, is that not everyone can pull off an un-accessorized sweater dress and that is when a jean jacket comes to the rescue. It adds that finishing vibe, without which the outfit might have the “out-of-bed” look, and raises the whole image to the new level of a successful piece of fashion art. Alessandra Ambrosio’s simple look can be easily replicated and will look great in any environment.

With shorts.

Cameron Diaz

Here we see again that this wonderfully versatile jacket serves as a final touch to the whole clothing ensemble. Cameron Diaz (as well as many of us, shorts-lovers) would have looked underdressed, has she not chosen to add a simple jean jacket to her short shorts outfit. And doesn’t she just look fabulous!

With a crop top.

You love crop tops but think they might be inappropriate in a non-beach environment? There is a solution to any problem and if you pair your crop top with a denim jacket, the usual beachwear transforms into an outfit suitable for a promenade in the city. The contrast between a short top and a longer jacket will create a nice balanced look, appropriate even for visiting your future in-laws, when paired with a decent skirt.

In a classy way.

The great thing about the jean jacket that you can literally wear it anywhere, including to the lectures, conferences, and business meetings. A crispy white shirt, a pencil skirt, and a clutch will make you look business-like, while bright accessories and a jean jacket will keep you down to earth and easy-going.

With a skater skirt.

Miranda Kerr

This Miranda Kerr’s easy-breezy look is so light and playful, that you want to immediately buy a skater skirt, in case you don’t have one yet and pair it with a denim jacket. The look is so simple and so attractive at the same time. It emphasizes your youth and girlishness. Perfect for a city break with your girlfriends.

With leggings.

Ellen Pompeo

Leggings with just a shirt on top might sometimes look too boring and plain. An added jean vest brings the whole image to the new level of integrity and effectiveness. Ellen Pompeo’s street casual look would never be complete without a simple jean jacket. Remember that when shopping for a new pair of so widespread this season leggings.

With a romper.

Jessica Simpson

A trendy romper or a jumpsuit can look more serious when matched with a denim jacket. The jacket has an important function in this case- it adds a necessary layering to the otherwise plain and bleak piece of clothing, making it more suitable for the city. The result is a laid-back relaxed outfit, which is so easy to pull off. Just look at Jessica Simpson’s outfit for some encouragement and inspiration.


Bored of conventional looks and want to try something new using basic items? Why not consider layering your jean jacket, that is, why not use it under another jacket? The look is original, stylish, and chic at the same time. It will definitely make you stand out among others covered in denim, and the layers will make sure you are warm.

White wash.


When we think of denim, we automatically picture all shades of blue- from navy blue to light sky blue, but it is time to step out of the box and consider white denim for your jacket. Zendaya looks incredibly cute in white shorts and white sleeveless denim jacket mixed with a printed button-up. You can never go wrong with white denim jacket, since the neutrality of the color will compliment any style of yours.

Change the look of the jacket (rolled sleeves, tighten up, etc.).

By changing the look of the jacket, you will instantly get a whole new look. Try rolling up the sleeves, tucking it in, making a cowgirl knot, or playing with different lengths of the jacket to transform your image and get a new dramatic look, which will make you the center of attention and the ultimate fashionista.

These easy modes to wear a jean jeacket will help you discover its versatility and advatages.

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