15 Stylish Ways to Wear Converse Sneakers
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15 Stylish Ways to Wear Converse Sneakers

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When you think of converse sneakers, you may think of “Chuck Taylor” or think of the star insignia on the side of the shoe. The shoes got their name because of a famous basketball player who promoted their use in the 1920’s. In return for promoting their product, “Chuck Taylor” was added as a signature on the high-top converse sneakers.
Over the years, they’ve added variety to their original design and many more colors than just plain white. Nike eventually bought the company out in 2003. Converse makes many more styles of shoes now than just sneakers, but the sneakers are usually what people think of.
Converse sneakers are loved by rappers, athletes, teenagers, and even everyday business women. How many other shoe companies do you know who’ve managed to make it over 100 years?!
They’ve survived wars and even the 70’s, but ended up almost going bankrupt in the early part of 2001. They managed to save themselves before selling out to Nike and you may remember seeing them on the feet of Kirsten Stewart and many other celebrities on the red carpet.
If you are wondering on ways to pair these old-skool shoes with a variety of outfits, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are going for functional, or dramatic, Converse sneakers can add flair to almost anything you can think up. These 15 ideas will help you deciding which style fits you best.


Avril Lavigne

Try a casual pair of jeans, and any kind of feminine halter or tank top – a solid color with lace looks nice too… If you use a colored pair of Converse sneakers, make sure you don’t pair clashing colors such as lime green and bright yellow. You can also use them with Yoga pants, or leggings. Pink Converse sneakers are a nice change from the traditional white.

Countryside feel.

Keira Knightley

You could also go for a pair of long over-alls, avoid a flannel shirt underneath if you aren’t going for the “farmer” look. A regular t-shirt or a French sailor shirt work well together. An overall jump or pant suit also work well with Converse sneakers.

Forever young.

Nicole Richie

Consider shorts with a striped t-shirt and a jean jacket. This is a good opportunity to dress up the outfit with bracelets and chunky jewelry to add a feminine touch. The goal here is casual, but practical and feminine. You’ll look like a million bucks, but won’t look like you tried too hard.

Stylish and sporty.

Fearne Cotton

A simple casual skirt, with a t-shirt work well with Converse Sneakers. You can pair it up with a headband, or pony tail. The look is stylish and sporty at the same time. Throw on some pretty earrings and you are ready to head out. The great thing about converse sneakers is that they do not need to be the same color as the rest of the outfit and still look in place.

New boho.

Agyness Deyn

A maxi-dress, or pretty sundress also work well with Converse sneakers, add an over-sized shoulder bag, big sunglasses, and you’ll look like many of the young female celebrities who are shopping. Or consider short jean shorts, with a graphic tee, a jean jacket and shoulder purse with your Converse sneakers; don’t forget your oversized sunglasses.

Sport chic.

Put on a short cheerleader skirt or short shorts, a sports-team sweatshirt, a headband and a watch; add some Converse sneakers for the final touch. This allows you to look like a college co-ed who just left her dorm or is on her way to classes. This works well if you want to take a backpack with you instead of a cross-shoulder purse.

Gothic grunge.

A black pair of Converse sneakers works great for a mild gothic-grunge look. Dress in a little black skirt, a black tank top, black jewelry, black makeup, and you are ready to go. You could also pair it with jeans, black sweatshirts and dark gothic style makeup.


Katy Perry

For those who like to go out with flair, consider a light summer dress with curls in your hair, tights (or no tights), and a pair of Converse sneakers. Since the dress will do most of the talking, the Converse sneakers are there just to finish off your desired look. You can also go the way of Katy Perry and pair a poofy skirt over a form-fitting body suit or sundress.


A short summer dress will look very romantic when paired with black and white Converse sneakers. Add a small shoulder purse, or scarf for an accessory. If you feel boldish, you can add some animal prints to your romantic outfit.


A traditional looking school-girl skirt, paired with a cardigan or blazer is always a popular look, add some Converse sneakers with short socks and you have a fun, preppy outfit. You can also try an overall dress paired with Converse sneakers instead.

Summertime lightness.

Jessica Hart

Instead of wearing jeans, consider floral print pants, you can pair it with a plain t-shirt, or a jean shirt, or choose a on-piece just like Jessica Hart did here. Use Converse sneakers in a variety of colors to change up this particular look.


A pencil skirt works well with converse sneakers, especially paired with a crispy white shirt and a purse with a chain. Feminine and workaholic all in one. Comfort and style can finally be mixed together and no one will bat an eye.

Holiday look.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Short overalls, with a plain white t-shirt looks great with Converse sneakers. Pair it with a sweatshirt or flannel shirt tied around your waste and a over-sized pair of sunglasses and shoulder bag.


Sarah Jessica Parker

Tight or boyfirend jeans with the ankles rolled up, a graphic T-shirt and a jean jacket, or blazer look great with Converse sneakers in black or white. Simple and plain, yet stylish, you’ll look ready to hit up the mall with some friends.


Kylie Jenner

A little black dress can be worn easily with a pair of converse sneakers in case you don’t want to look overdressed but wish to keep your sophisticated style. This screams sophistication, yet you are relaxed and fun.

These easy tips will help you wear converse sneakers in any social situation with poise and ease.

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