20 Cozy Outfits To Get You Through November

Ever stand in front of your jam-packed closet, staring at more than enough clothing options, and think: I have nothing to wear? Same. But perhaps the issue isn’t that you’re out of viable outfit choices. You just need a fresh dose of inspiration to help you see your wardrobe in a new way. That’s where Outfit Dump comes in. On the first of the month, every month, we supply you with enough ideas to fuel your style until the next drop comes along.
The time has arrived to give up the skull-themed decor and embrace the chiller weather with cozy essentials (unless you practice spooky dressing year-round). Think: knitted blankets, fluffy slippers, and hot chocolate. It’s also the season to swap those thong sandals and micro-mini skirts for some on-trend sweaters and knee-high boots. It might sound like the season’s temperatures extract all the fun out of fall dressing, but some outfit recipes are sure-fire ways to keep your styling in check.  
Just open Instagram to find some of the season’s best outfit formulas, including leather dresses, chunky loafers, and colorful jackets to brighten up the darker days (yes, daylight savings is ending on November 7, so get ready). 
To make it easy, we’ve rounded up 20 fall-appropriate and cozy fashion outfits to get you through November in style. The sweater-and-leggings combo is always a good idea (clogs encouraged!).A sweater can be glamorous and cozy.Leather-on-leather-on-leather!This outfit is giving off “college professor goes to the woods” vibes. A comfy jumpsuit just needs some colorful accessories to take the look to the next level. You can never go wrong with a leather jacket. This look is a lesson in wearing your inside clothes to the bodega. Keep it tonal for a cabincore look.Lesson in layering: Use a dress to add some volume. A pop of color to battle early sunsets. Let the boots be the main character.Fall basics meet Bottega green. This coat sparks joy (and warmth!). When in doubt, add a chunky sweater. Pastels for fall? Actually groundbreaking. A good trench coat is a fall must-have. Don’t let the haters tell you white is not a fall color. Your oversized shirts can be dresses, too. Making a classic blazer look new. Who says you can’t have a colorful fall?

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