20 cute winter outfit ideas

20 cute winter outfit ideas

With winter around the corner, these ideas will motivate and inspire you to remain trendy and stylish no matter what the weather conditions are.


Kate Beckinsale

Ask anyone what the traditional winter color is and the answer will always be the same- white. White winter, white Christmas…This season let’s keep traditions alive and praise winter in white. Kate Beckinsale’s white coat brings the holiday mood closer. A white coat will be your perfect choice- it will keep you warm, bright and classy.


Many fashion designers suggest prints for this winter season. Animal, floral, enchanted forests, visual effects, mystery- anything goes. Unlike in the previous years when you had to watch out how many printed items you are wearing, at the moment it is acceptable to have everything printed, including your coats and jackets. Prints became ubiquitous and universal, so do not be shy to wear those head to toe. They will definitely brighten your wintery mood and will make you dream of charmed Narnia.


Miley Cyrus

What comes to your mind when you think of winter? Unless you are a lucky resident of tropical islands, then cold will most probably be your answer. It is true- winter is cold, but there is a lot we can do about it. That’s when layers come in handy. Layering will keep you cozy and warm, and will let you enjoy winter activities to the fullest. A big pashmina scarf and a cardigan layered on top of a cuddly jumpsuit will do the trick. Miley Cyrus mastered the winter look to the perfection. If you would like to spice up your look, here you can find some ideas on how to wear a pashmina. https://www.herinterest.com/7-stylish-ways-to-wear-a-pashmina/

Urban retro.

Eva Mendes

You have a certain signature style and no cold or wind will make you change it? Do not worry; you can look elegant no matter what the temperature is outside. Bright retro coat inspired by 60’s fashion trends will keep you protected from all weather conditions and will carry us away to the classy epoch of Mad Men. Eva Mendes here is the embodiment of class and style.

80’s revival.

Jessica Hart

21st century has been quite reminiscent of previous decades in fashion and trends. We observed the return of the 60’s and 70’s. Of course, 80’s made their glorious come back as well. Sequined leggings, bright disco shirts, faux-fur mixed and matched with sneakers or combat boots are as relevant as ever. Jessica Hart’s style fits in here just right.

Lady in red.

Lady Gaga

If you walk on the streets in winter, you will probably notice that most people wear dark colors that match the general gloom and misery of cold winter weather. According to the scientists, winter is associated with a mysterious condition called winter depression. It is activated not only by lack of sun but also by lack of brightness. It is in our hands to not let depression beat us, and let us make deep scarlet color our ally in this battle. Lady Gaga’s look, for instance, is extremely energizing and motivating and why not go for a bright red this coming season and keep positive?

Boys’ style.

Emma Watson

Have you ever noticed that men clothes is extremely comfortable to wear but not really appropriate in spring and summer? Well, now it’s your time! Wearing an androgynous outfit in winter will keep all your body parts warm and protected from nasty cold. And doesn’t it look exceptionally stylish as well? Emma Watson’s outfit is as always classy and encouraging.

Protect and survive.


Parkas rule any fall-winter season, so it’s no wonder they are always on the most wanted lists of clothing stores. Go for a classic army green one, or try something different with denim or floral parka. The choice is all yours. And of course do not try to copy Rihanna’s look when outdoors! Zip it up to protect your body from wind and snow.

Leather up.

Winter is not a reason to stay at home. Leather leggings are great for any season, but more so for winter since the heavy material will not let any cold wind get through. Pair them with bold leather ankle boots and statement jewelry for a complete ready-to-party-this-season look.

Oversize it.

Selena Gomez

Why complicate life and the way you look? An oversized sweater with over the knee socks will create a nice cozy look and is nice and cozy to wear. Selena Gomez mastered the look perfectly well and can serve us as a true inspiration for building our own cozy look. An oversized sweater will keep you hot when it’s cold out there. The outfit is extremely versatile and a woman of any height and weight will look great in it.

Wrap it up.

Kate Middleton

A very simple suggestion for stylish ladies to remain stylish and elegant even in winter is to choose a proper coat instead of an anorak. Many celebrities go for this choice and the results are truly rewarding. Coats vary in lengths and colors so choose something that reflects your character. But, no matter what you choose, remember to pair it with tall or ankle boots that match something in your outfit.

The wool pack.

This winter go eco and try one of the super materials, that it wool. It has natural antibacterial properties, it can dynamically respond to the weather conditions and either cool you down or keep you warm, and it is good for your skin (except when you are allergic to it, then just skip this point). No man-made fabrics can be the same as the natural wool, and that is why the designers from all over world suggest that we wear it. A beanie and a poncho will do their work this season taking good care of your well-being.

Add color.

Taylor Swift

If going all red is too much for you and it makes you feel anxious and out of place, there are other ways to illuminate your winter without being an eye-strain for everyone around. Taylor Swift achieves the right outcomes by mixing and matching different colors and adding a splash of red with her shoulder bag. She manages to stay bright without being all over the place.

Blue velvet.

Velvet again has its moment of glory this winter. Soft, lavish, unobtrusive, and warm- it got into our hearts and closets. Get a simple velvet jacket to pair with any outfit, or go all velvet with this fantastic coat that can as well be a maxi dress that whispers to you softly about fairies and magic.

Simply fur.

Lady Gaga

What else adds such a luxurious touch to any winter outfit like fur! Soft, fluffy and absolutely fascinating material will bring your look to a new level of extravaganza, while helping you stay warm and cuddly. With a great variety of fake fur coats in all styles and colors, it is easy to find something just right.

Easy rider.

Cara Delevigne

If you have never experienced bitter frosty winter and your region enjoys mild weather, you can definitely pull off a biker outfit without looking absurd and bizarre. Get inspiration from Cara Delevingne’s bold look and you are ready for a busy day of work and study.

C is for Capes.

Gabriella Wilde

The old-fashioned cape is back on the winter trends scene, so prepare yourself for a nice wrap. All time-favorite, cape can magically transform a simple outfit into a gorgeous statement look. Wear it with literally anything and you will instantly feel and look more sophisticated and chic. Gabriella Wilde has paired her cape with very basic items- jeans and a white shirt and the result is anything but plain.

Snuggle time.

Festive season is around the corner, and it means that the time of warm beverages and cuddling is here. What else could make you more comfortable than wrapping yourself in snuggly clothes! Uggs, warm socks, layered sweaters- it’s snuggle time indeed.

All that glitter.

Another cute way to bring the holidays closer is to integrate sequined items into your everyday look. A glittery top mixed with something less bright will illuminate yours and everyone else’s mood. The only rule with the glitter, though, is not to overdo it. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and to the point and distinguish between day and night styles.

Accessorize (gloves, hats, scarfs).

Leighton Meester

A look is not complete without accessories. They are the spice of the whole outfit. Winter offers us a unique opportunity to wear new distinct accessories we will not put on any other time of the year. Now it’s time for cute gloves, cuddly scarfs and attention-grabbing hats. With the help of the accessories you will be able to create a new look every day of the season.

Winter is here and it means it’s time to celebrate and rejoice in the beautiful holiday spirit. These simple ideas will definitely help you in this exciting and adventurous task.

(all images sourced via pinterest)

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