20 Fabulous Ways to Wear Black and White

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You have many reasons to follow the black and white trend. Maybe you do not like mixing and matching colors, or maybe you are a minimalist, or maybe you just like fashion and new trends- in any case these 20 ways to wear black and white will help you make the right choice and never stay bored with these two colors.


Taylor Swift

When we think of black and white outfits, for some reason, plain black and plain white items come to mind. But, staying black and white is not that simple! A nice printed outfit will spice up your whole look and nobody will dare to call you a boring minimalist, as interweaving these two colors together in one perfect printed dress is anything but boring.

A piece of art.

If you are an artsy person who does not accept mediocrity and want to incorporate your artistic vision into the way you look, a simple black and white dress is just for you. It is quite baggy, but the different shapes of two contrasting colors turn it into a piece of art, making a clear statement that this season you will make your own rules.

Polka dots.

Cameron Diaz

Dots dots dots, dots are everywhere! They are just perfect on a feminine dress. In case of your own dotted dress, is it an unfinished thought or a prominent statement? Or is it just a tribute to the pinup era when  women embraced their curves and walked with style and dignity? Cameron Diaz’s choice is a praise to her infinite femininity, achieved with a simple means of a ladylike polka dot dress.


Kim Kardashian

If you have bright contrasting features and your skin and your hair type make you stand out no matter what you wear, then you can definitely pull off a big white coat that will make you distinctive. The fair game of opposing colors between her looks and her clothes is the key in this Kim Kardashian image. If you want to try something similar but have pale skin, change the accents and use a big black coat with white accessories and underclothes instead.


Emma Watson

This is one of the most amazing looks for a fine gentle lady who wants to make a statement and emphasize her splendor. In any case, it’s necessary to know that you are aspiring for an androgynous look, not your boyfriend’s suit. The suit should fit you perfectly and please do not forget to complement it with high heel shoes and a bright lipstick. Emma Watson’s look is thought out to the smallest detail.


Angelina Jolie

Black and white are traditional colors for an office outfit. Everyone is aware of the standard rule: white top, black bottom; and it works perfectly if you need to look serious and professional. Black pencil skirt with a crispy white shirt and a bright pendant will ensure your success at any business meeting or seminar. Add endless heels for an ultimate lady-boss look or simple black flats to show your willingness to take up even most challenging assignments.

Visual puns.

You love minimalistic style but recently black and white started to bore you and you would like to try something new? Try visual effects, when different patterns go different directions and build a new look that needs to be deciphered. The chaotic stripes in the above picture will create an illusion of movement and velocity, and make sure these two colors will never bore you again.


Black and white combination was made to be mixed and matched in all sorts of ways you can think of. That is why layering these colors turns out to be so efficient and impressive. Use different colors for different layers, and as they smoothly flow into each other, you will achieve a new distinct look. Set your imagination free, and the results will be outstanding.

Touch of color.

Kate Middleton

An interesting approach to mixing black and white together is to let one color be the main one and the other one a complimentary color to accentuate the whiteness (or blackness) and imminence of the dominant color. Our favorite princess Kate Middleton shows a perfect example of how you can integrate three black details (the shoes, the clutch, and the ring) into your all-white ensemble and look fabulous.

Let accessories do the talking.

Unlike the previous noble look, which talks in a perfect clear voice rather than screams out and makes a bold statement, this outfit is almost shouting, yet it manages to talk classy. This look is so well balanced and so perfect that any added details would be out of place. When deciding on accessories for your bright white outfit, think minimalism- there is no need for embellishments and extra décor, the color of your accessories will do all the work.



How about your whole outfit being in one color? Sounds dull, right? But how about you add an item that designates unequal parts to these two colors? That’s when we talk distinction. Sometimes being all balanced does not lead anywhere, and a bit of unbalanced look will actually make a statement and look out of ordinary. Beyoncé looks wonderful just by mixing this imbalanced top with a pair of simple black pants. Think about it next time you are shopping for black and white.

French chic.

Amal Clooney

White and black are perfect colors for stylish women who want to emphasize their lightness of being and seek inspiration in French lifestyle and chic. A bright suit paired with an elegant wide brim hat makes Amal Klooney graceful and airy. Mixing black and white in such a manner is a perfect way to add brightness to your image without adding anything other than monochromatic shades.

Mix the fabrics.

One of the greatest ways to wear black and white with sophistication and chic is to mix different and sometimes even opposing fabrics. Fur has been quite popular the past few seasons, fake fur might be more acceptable for some of us and it still looks as decent and classy as real one. This is just one of the options, but with the variety of different fabrics out there- leather, suede, velvet, silk, cashmere- the choice is all yours!

One accent.

Kate Beckinsale

If you are a fan of casual street style, this simple option is for you. Kate Beckinsale looks adorable in her all black outfit with just one white clothing item- her coat. Notice, however, that the coat blends in with the rest thanks to its black buttons and black buckle. Keep that in mind, when adding an accent into your monochromatic outfit.

Sporty girl.

These simple but sophisticated colors are not only for statement clothes and for fancy outfits, but you can also wear black and white for working out. This choice will keep you organized and will not distract from your workout routine. Integrating some unusual design into your top and leggings will make your whole look visually motivating.

New classics (white bottom, black top)

Amal Clooney

As you already know, traditional black and white outfit implies white top and black bottom. In our fast-developing world of fashion this is not the case anymore. It’s time for new classics, where despite everything being turned upside down, it does not shock or confuse you. Amal Clooney again brings these colors onto a new level, proving that breaking the standards and rules pays off. Try a white skirt instead of white pants and a simple black top and you are the embodiment of class and good taste.

With a twist.

Rebecca Romijn

Have you ever tried wearing white shoes with a black dress? Impossible and bad taste, isn’t’ it? Well, it is not that simple anymore and Rebecca Romijn is a vivid example of how this little faux-pas enriches and twists the whole image into something worth looking at. Definitely worth trying!

New shades.

Deep black and white might seem a bit too categorical for some girls. Indeed, life is not all black and white; there are multiple shades and nuances that make it so different, complex, and beautiful. Black and white, just like any other colors, have shades too. Dark or light, bright or dim. Or you can mix them together and get many shades of gray. Try working these shades if you are not comfortable yet using two basic colors or if you do not want to look just black and white.

White collar.

Victoria Beckham

Simple combination of purity and sensuality. A pair of simple black shoes will let you wear this dress to work, bold high heels and you are ready for a date, a pair of sexy stocking- and your night out will be hot. That’s why this little white collar is so amazing and versatile- one never knows when an office worker might turn into a seductress.

Add a color.

Black Lively

You have seen it all and you have mastered the skill of wearing black and white colors at the very advanced levels- it means it is time to spice it up by adding a new color. Do not worry, it will not kill your minimalistic mood, in fact, it will bring the best out of all the colors and shades involved. Try it and you will like it!

Black and white are simple and at the same time strong colors, conveying powerful message. These different black and white styles will hopefully inspire you to look fabulous every day.

(all images sourced via pinterest)

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