20 Fashion Tips for Big Bust Women

Having large breasts seems like a blessing for most women, but you feel it’s more of a curse for you? These fashion tips will help you  feel and look confident about your bust and your overall image.

Get the right underwear.

Kelly Brook

Every woman with a big bust will know that getting the proper bra is the key essential to looking and feeling good about herself. Luckily, currently the lingerie shops enjoy wide selections of big bras and your task is to find the one that fits you perfectly. If you don’t want to make your breasts appear bigger (well, you already have everything a woman needs), choose something simple with as little décor as possible. Do not be afraid to ask a consultant to help you- according to the statistics almost half of the women wear wrong size of bras and that affects their emotional and physical well-being. Kelly Brook set is simple and stunning.

No to spaghetti straps.

Kendra Wilkinson

This rule is quite obvious- since you need lots of support there, a thin spaghetti strip top will most probably be unable to provide all the support you are looking for and that might result in extra pressure on your shoulders. Besides, extra thin strips will really put your top area in focus and if you are trying to avoid unnecessary attention, choose tops with wider straps, just like Kendra Wilkinson did.

Halter dresses work wonders.

Kate Upton

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous big-breasted celebrity out there that made a simple halter dress so famous. One of the biggest advantages of the halter dress is that it provides thick supporting straps for your breasts and looks sensual by opening your shoulders and neckline, but at the same time not overly sexual. Halter dresses look classy and elegant and are a must-have for all women with distinct bust.

Slim fit.

Christina Hendricks

Baggy clothes should be made illegal- it does not really flatter anyone, more so women with big bust, which it makes look even bigger and bulkier, and gives a total impression of disproportional figure. Always choose slim fit clothes, which will emphasize your assets and your beautiful bust area. Christina Hendricks knows this rule, that is why, we will never see her in something that is a few sizes bigger, and that is why she always looks so fabulous.

Avoid turtlenecks.

Jessica Simpson

This is probably one of the most important fashion tips for women with large breasts. Wearing high necklines creates an illusion of a ‘uni-boob’ which is not flattering at all to anyone. That is why, it is usually best to completely avoid high, rounded necklines and turtlenecks. Besides, high necks might make you look older and bigger than you are. Rather follow Jessica Simpson and choose a top that does not hide your neck.

Choose scoops and V-necks.

Sophia Vergara

Instead of buying an unflattering turtleneck, go for a scoop or V-neck shirt. Wearing a scoop or a V-neck is best for big bust women, as it makes women appear longer and thinner, balancing the top part with the rest of the body. Just make sure you don’t reveal too much! This is the case when “the simpler – the better” rule works best and Sophia Vergara’s outfit is the proof of it.

Wrap it up.

Christina Hendricks

Wrap tops and dresses are great for women with big breasts as they create a nice line between your bust and your waist, thus forming a balanced proportional look and proving that you have curves and not just big bust. Try a wrap maxi dress for more chic and elegant look. It will elongate your body while accommodating your bust and creating all the necessary curves you are looking for.

Choose fitted jackets.


Nobody loves jackets more than women with big breasts. However, it is important to choose the right type of a jacket for your specific body frame. Get rid of boxy jackets and instead go for a fitted one that is nipped in at the waist. Fitted jacket breaks up your torso into distinctive parts, focusing on your curves and extending your body. It makes your body look slimmer and gives you a nice hourglass-shaped appearance.

The finer the better.

Halle Berry

If you are a lucky possessor of a large bust, the first thing you should do is get rid of big chunky heavy sweaters and other knitwear. Even if they are really trendy this season. Even if they are so nice and cuddly. The problem with a large sweater is that it makes you look square and bulky, which you do not want to happen. Go for stylish thin knits instead that will fit you well while still keeping you warm and comfy. Halle Berry looks stunning in her thin cardigan and we can’t even tell that her bra size is 34D.

Keep it simple.

Salma Hayek

Remember the rule “the simpler- the better”? Well, it applies to everything, including your tops. Avoid ruffles, embellishments and excessive decorations in your top area. Keep it plain and you will look as fabulous as Salma Hayek in this photo in her simple white shirt that fits her perfectly well.

Belt it up.

Christina Aguilera

Wearing a belt with a simple dress, jacket, or sweater will transform your whole look dramatically by raising it to the next level of sophistication and style. At the same time, you may find belting challenging and difficult as large bust creates the illusion of a shorter waist, and for that reason invest some time and money into finding the right belt for you. Wider belts usually work better, and for many women shifting the focus closer to the hip area will help elongate their waist in particular and the whole frame in general.


Kat Dennings

Women with large breasts may find it challenging to find clothes of the right size. Because of your large bust, you might end up getting something a size up to accommodate for it. The solution is layers. Soft draping and right fabrics work miracles. Mix and match your dress with a structured cardigan or jacket for a fabulous effect of a thinner body. It works for Kat Dennings and it will definitely work for you as well.

Single-breasted jackets.

Lara Stone

If you have a larger bust area, stick to single breasted rather than double breasted jackets. Double breasted jackets add unnecessary bulk to your bust, whereas single breasted styles can have a slimming effect on your whole body. Longer jackets and cardigans will work well for taller women, and if you are short, opt for a jacket hitting your hip and do not forget to wear heels.

Color games.

Monica Bellucci

The famous rule that darker colors make you appear smaller, works great in the case of large bust. Draw a proper distinguished line between your top and your bottom to enhance your overall appearance and choose darker colored top and lighter bottoms. Another trick might be opting for brighter and bigger patterns for your bottom and smaller more monochromatic prints for your top to create new proportions between your lower and upper parts. Monica Bellucci’s style is a perfect representation of an art of playing with right prints and patterns.

The right purse.

Doutzen Kroes

Choosing the right sized purse can have a tremendous effect on the appearance of your bust. Choose medium to large sized handbags as these create a sense of balance. Tiny or compact bags can further exaggerate the appearance of your bust and might make you look bigger than you are.

Focus on your bottom.

Ashley Graham

Wearing something simple on your top and something more sophisticated and attention-grabbing on your bottom will shift the focus from your large bust to your lower part. Good tip in case you are sick and tired of everyone staring at your breasts.

Get it tailored.

Annabelle Dexter Jones

Most mass clothes targets skinny women, and it is assumed if a woman has larger bust, the rest of her body will be large as well. It is often not the case with many large-breasted women, and as a result they end up having a bunch of clothes that is tight in their bust area and bulky on their waist. If you have clothing pieces that you love, but which is baggy and does not really flatter all your curves, get it tailored. It might cost extra to have this done, but it is definitely worth it.

Scarf it up.

Claudia Schiffer

Scarfs and pashminas are your best friends. It is very easy to create an absolutely new look by just wearing a new scarf every day. Remember to avoid both large bulky scarfs that will make your seem bigger, and thin silky ones that will get lost. Look for something medium-sized matching the scale of your unique appearance.

Say no to overexposing.

Carla Gugino

Every woman will find herself targeted for her looks at some point in her life, more so a woman with big breasts. No matter what the comment is, do not pay attention to it and go on with your life. At the same time, keep in mind to not overexpose yourself with revealing clothes. You are a person and not a sex object!


Elizabeth Hurley

Avoid necklaces that end at your bustline and those that are way too long, as they will hang off your bust like a big swing. Stick to short statement necklaces and earrings. Something distinct will emphasize your beautiful cleavage and at the same time draw attention from your breasts to your neckline and your face.

These tips will help you feel confident and stunning every day. In any case, remember to be yourself. Tell yourself that you are fabulous each day, tell yourself that you love your breasts. And also remember, that rules are made to be broken.