20 Hot Celebrity Workout Outfits

20 Hot Celebrity Workout Outfits

Well, we all know, working out is not a child’s play. All those exercises to get fit and tones, sometimes all you got to do is close your eyes, gritt your teeth and just go through the hour. However, is that really that horrible? Or has it become a source of entertainment and fun after a few months of gruelling experience? Yes, we are kind of accustomed to liking what we do for a long time and come on, doesn’t it help us become thinner, sexier and downright fit to become the girl we wanted to look like all along?
As it seems, some of us, or should I say some of the stars, are taking way less time to enjoy the intense workout they go through to keep themselve fit. Apparently, they are enjoying it so much that they are actually dressing cute and looking attractive, before and after that. For real, you say? Well, see for yourself:

Alessandra Ambrosio.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Ok, so she’s an Angel so we don’t expect her to look anything but good at any moment. Being a Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra is keeping up with her reputation of being one amazingly well-dressed woman, even through workout, by wearing this adorable H&M Jersey Tank Top, Zella’s Live In Reversible Leggings and the ultimate Sophie Anderson Luz Crocheted Cotton Tote. As it seems, the world is pretty much her runway!

Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa Hudgens

Even though she is not a “high school” student anymore, she is still keeping up with the new generation by pulling off a swagger look with a blocked traditional shirt, cropped sweatpants and a fit racerback bra. She does look like she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Well, we think you’re amazing!

Nikki Reed.

Nikki Reed

As if dating Ian Somerhalder wasn’t making us enough jealous, she pulls of this stunning look with a long army jacket and a PUG shirt. Wow! Gym clothes?? Are you sure?

Dakota Johnson.

Dakota Johnson

We saw her skin and now we shall see her bones. Wearing a skeleton print hoodie, she hid her naughty side with a really cute braid…on both sides! Oh Dakota! Don’t you look cute and…innocent!! Wear this ridiculously cool design t-shirt by buying it from Chic Nova at only $9.62, Adidas’ Spezial Shoes at $65 and Warby Parker Ellison Sunglasses at $145.

Hilary Duff.

Hilary Duff

This girl will never go out of style. She pulled off the ordinary t-shirt and leggings combo like a boss  while he whole cool and simple outfit gives us message, in this case, WORK OUT!

Jessica Biel.

Jessica Biel


This siren walking towards the gym is actually pregnant. Wait, what?!!?! Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning? By wearing Nike Aeroloft Quilted Shell Down Vest at $180, Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses with Polarized Mirrored Lenses and Reebok Zquick Electrify Shoes, this girl has made us conclude, Justin Timberlake is a very, very lucky man because well, if she looks this good during workout, just imagine what she looks like when she actually tries to look good!

Jennifer Hudson.

Jennifer Hudson

Jenny from the block is simply maintaing her cool (literally) by listening to, perhaps, her own music and wearing Forever 21’s Marled Athetic Pullover (she does look forever 21), those too good to be true Bebe Animal Colorback Leggings and New Balance Fresh Foam Zante NYC shoes at $114.99.

Amanda Seyfried.

Amanda Seyfried

This girl simply spoke my mind and fulfilled my wishes by proving that the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look is good enough for the streets. Also why not go leggy if you have beautiful legs to show?

Julianne Hough.

Julianne Hough

And then someone pulled off neon! Hats off to Julianne for taking such a big risk and excruciatingly succeeding in doing so! During workout! She’s really an inspiration and makes me turn on the music and start dancing like nobody’s looking. Whoo!

Mila Kunis.

Mila Kunis

She is Ashton Kutcher’s child’s mother. Oh and she is an award winning actress too. Well, her post-pregnancy body and her looks after workout proves why she has so many victories up her sleeve.

Katie Cassidy.

Katie Cassidy

Being the daughter of a famous guy and being famous herself, Katie knows what image she needs to maintain. Thus, the beautiful purple hoodie over a neon bra and black leggings. Oh and those very, very cool sneakers!

Kirsten Dunst.

Kirsten Dunst

Don’t know why she looks so sad. Her clothes scream awesome with its simplicity combined with a big scarf, a tight ponytail and pink sneakers.

Minka Kelly.

Minka Kelly

This girl is not only sweet but also super stylish by pulling off a look during workout which I personally can’t pull off in a crowded dinner. She is wearing a lululemon Essence Tank, worth $52, a Baggu oversized Leather Tote at $240 and oh, a pink bottle which matches her sneakers!!! You will get it at bkr for $30.

Gabrielle Union.

Gabrielle Union

Well, apparently she is facing a problem that has become a part of our lives, BAD HAIR DAY. But however, looking gorgeous as ever, this girl has hidden her unprepared hair with an Adidas Adizero Hat which you can get at Tennis Warehouse, an Athleta Queen of the Mountain Jacket and the coolest of them all, Fitbit’s Surge Fitness Super Watch.

Shenae Grimes.

Shenae Grimes

Wait, is she out on a date or something? Looking out of the world gorgeous, this girl is wearing an all black outfit with Reebok’s Classic Chi-Kaze sneaker. Nice, girlllllllll!!

Nicole Richie.

Nicole Richie

Nicole has officially pulled off the officially most awesome outfit ever worn for a workout: a black studded motorcycle jacket and a Balenciaga bag. Now, that’s called making a statement!

Ashley Greene.

Ashley Greene

She might be superfast in her movie Twilight but here, Ashley shows that she is just a mere human who needs to workout to stay fit. Well, Ashley, you have shown your supernatural powers by looking like this after gym.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

No list is complete without a Kardashian in it. Aren’t they a family of absolute divas? Khloe seems to be holding her family’s reputation during gym too as she accessorizes her gym clothes with an ultra luxe Hermes Birkin big. Well, she and her bag both looks cute but however, one question to Khloe. Do you know where the gym is???

Eva Longoria.

Eva Longoria

A housewife at her best, this woman is just getting younger day by day. Not only does she look almost perfect, she also shows that age do not matter when it comes to rocking your sweaty gym clothes. Yes, with a black tank top, bright pants and matching workout gloves, she does look like the hot housewife is back in town.

Karlie Kloss.


Karlie Kloss

Last but not the least, it’s “Go, Karlie!” time. Like seriously, are you serious? As she is a former Victoria’s Secret model, that clears out that this girl has walked the runway wearing nothing but lingerie and wacky costumes. Now, a girl who is being paid for wearing lingerie and flaunting her body must have something in her. Now this is what she has. Gorgeous and witty, she has also pulled off the impossible which is neon and is actually seen exercising. STUNNING, ISN’T SHE?

These stars have really shown us how they have become the stars they are now through their amazing sense of style and very shockingly good looks after what must be a pretty intense workout due to their fitness. Does remind us to get up, freshen up, eat healthy and simply do our best to stay fit whether through yoga, gym or just walking your dog round the city. And while doing that, feel good inside and out by wearing these cute outfits these celebrities have pulled off!

(all images are sourced via pinterest)

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