20 Plus Size Fashion Tips

20 Plus Size Fashion Tips

Being plus size doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good. Looking great is not about your size, it’s about your confidence and the art of choosing the right clothes that fits. These fashion tips will help any plus-size woman look her best and make the most of her curves.

Know your body type and dress accordingly.You probably heard of different body types but you always thought it was only applicable to thin women? Well, you can’t be more wrong! Remember plus size is not your body type, it’s an expression to show that your size is a deviation from a standard set by skinny models. That is, each plus size woman is different and unique. To find which body type you are, ask yourself a question: which part of your body is bigger than the rest? If it is your middle part- then you are an apple, if it is your lower part- you are a pear, and if your top and bottom parts are about the same- then you are a cello. The key to dressing any body type is to create a balance and proportional look. If you are a pear- play with your tops and wear bold necklaces, if you are an apple- your task is to create a waistline, and if you are a cello- do not hide your beautiful curves.
Know your assets and your flaws. Many plus size women have beautiful legs and arms; others have a killer cleavage. Know your assets to show them off and your flaws to hide those, and your will look gorgeous.
Choose right size clothes and avoid tight clothes. For some mysterious reason, plus size women like buying clothes a few sizes smaller than it should be. Your long-term goal of losing a few pounds might be admirable and achievable, but right now, the best would be buying clothes that fits. No one has ever looked good in something they cannot breathe in. No one. Treat your body with respect and wear clothes that fits you. Otherwise, you will give the impression of being ashamed of your own shape.
Choose the right undergarments. Undergarments is a foundation of your look. The way your clothes look depends considerably on what is underneath. A good bra that fits will lift your figure and will prevent backaches, and a good supportive underwear with a high waist will ensure your outfit sits well and does not crease. Remember: good undergarments gives you comfort and confidence.
Take care of your feet. Your feet are part of your image and style and it is important to invest in good shoes that keep your confident and let you show off that pedicure. One tip for plus size women: avoid stilettos. They make you look heavier and are not that comfortable. Wedges will work magic for you and they are always in style.
Look in the mirror. Many plus size women do not have a full-length mirror in their house and this is wrong. In order to know what works best for you, you should study yourself from different angles. It is one of the steps in the process of knowing, accepting, and loving yourself. Looking in the mirror will help you build a wardrobe that actually fits and flatters you the way you are.
Accessorize. Plus size women unlike petite ones can pull off bold accessories without looking heavy, so use this advantage to the fullest.  A big handbag will make you look smaller, a statement necklace will highlight your cleavage and elongate your neck, and a few bracelets will make your wrists thin and graceful. Big bold jewelry and handbags have been in style for a while, so do not be afraid to play with new looks to look chic and hot.
Take care of your face; do not be afraid of bright makeup. Many plus size women have expressive features, so do not be shy to take care of your beautiful face. Makeup is one of the easiest things to change, so play with it.
Know your size and measurements. Shops and online shops sizes often differ, so in order not to find yourself with a bunch of clothes that do not fit, use the sizes table and know your measurements. It is easy, all you should do is get a measuring tape and measure your hips, your waist, your bust, and find yourself in the size table. Measure yourself frequently, especially if your weight fluctuates.
 Experiment and try new things.Everyone heard of do’s and don’ts of fashion, like, for example, horizontal stripes make you wider while vertical stripes elongate your body. Well, many rules are meant to be broken, so experiment, get out of the box and try something new you did not dare to try before. The results might pleasantly surprise you. Look for an inspiration in the magazines, lookbooks, and on the street. Follow plus size bloggers online, they always have great styles to try. Change your wardrobe, set your imagination free. Fashion is fun, and sometimes it’s good to not take it too seriously.

11. Shop online. Besides online shops for plus size women, like simplybe.com, there is a plus size section in most other online shops; it offers great variety of clothes for every taste and body. You can find most affordable online shops here: https://www.herinterest.com/7-best-affordable-online-clothing-stores-in-2014/

12. Avoid baggy clothes. Do not repeat the other common mistake many plus size women do and get rid of those baggy items so big you can use them instead of a blanket. Baggy clothes does not make you thin, in fact, it makes you look much bigger and heavier than you are. Do you really want that?

13. Take pride in your body. Be well groomed, pamper yourself and you will look fabulous. A plus size woman with manicure, pedicure, a nice perfume and neat healthy hair will always look much better than a skinny girl that is messy.

14. Dress up, and not in that ugly t-shirt that you think hides your extra pounds. If you are plus size, it does not mean you should wear your ex’s t-shirt and a pair of old baggy jeans. Frequently buy yourself new stylish clothes, and follow the trends. Do not be afraid to dress up in something pretty that will show to the world that you are a beautiful woman taking care of herself.

15. Work with color. Do you know which colors will best suit you? Learn which skin type you are, there is a whole bunch of tests and quizzes online that can help you, and dress accordingly. In any case, avoid ordinary dull colors that look worn, wear complex visually stimulating shades and hues that intensify your look. Moreover, wear bright colors for parts you would like to emphasize.

16. Work with texture and pattern. There is a rule that plus size women should avoid big patterns, but the rule is outdated and many women look fabulous dressed in clothes with big dots or stripes. Look what fits you best, the key is to avoid tent clothes that hides your body.

17. Get a tailor. Plus size clothes sometimes might be generic, so find a good tailor who could make them fit your perfectly. Alternatively, learn to sew yourself, it will not only empower you, but will also help you build a unique wardrobe.

18. Indulge in shopping, make it a positive experience. Clothes is supposed to make you feel good, shopping should be a nice pastime that makes you feel great about yourself, that relaxes you and boosts your confidence. Designate a day in your busy schedule for a shopping experience, when you meet with your girlfriends, and just have fun shopping!

19. Choose right fabrics. Avoid by all means cheap stretchy polyester that loses its shape in just one wash and looks unflattering on everyone, more so on plus size women. Invest in structured fabrics that will frame your figure. Silk and cotton will work for you as well.

20. Love yourself. Nobody is perfect. Learn to love your body the way it is. Understanding it better will make you happy and glowing. Happy woman looks great in anything.

In the end, remember: size is just a number that helps you choose the clothes that fits you. No matter which size you are, put on a nice smile, stay confident about your body, and take pride in yourself.

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