20 Stylish Models of Designer Mangalsutra For The Modern Woman
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20 Stylish Models of Designer Mangalsutra For The Modern Woman

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A Mangalsutra is a symbol of marital status for an Indian woman! While its prominence needs no special mention, many women find it difficult to accept the old school designs. Traditional Mangalsutra designs are quite big and bulky. They might look good on sarees and Salwars, but certainly not with western wear. This is why Designer Mangalsutra designs have been introduced to encourage even young brides and modern women to start wearing Mangalsutras every day. Their uniqueness, sobriety and minimalistic beauty make them an instant hit with the newer generation.

Features Of Designer Mangalsutra Designs:

Here are some of the trending features of Designer Mangalsutra chains:

Designer Mangalsutra designs are usually available in limited pieces, as they are created for a personalised look. They are offered in various designs, but simplicity is the keyword! Traditional Mangalsutras are given a modern twist for weddings and special events to keep up with the grandeur. Designer Mangalsutras have delicate chains with diamond pendants, mostly inspired by florals, nature and abstract designs. These chains are also available as sets with matching earrings for important events!

Traditional and Modern Designer Mangalsutra Designs with Images:

Here is the list of 20 latest varieties of designer mangalsutra models you can choose it.

1. Artificial Designer Mangalsutra:

Artificial Mangalsutra designs are the best pick for those who do not want to invest in Gold. They are affordable and can be worn every day without a second thought. Check out this beautiful Pendant in AD and enamel work Peacock design. It comes with a pair of matching earrings to keep you ready for special occasions.

Design: Artificial Designer Mangalsutra Design Metal: Brass Suitable Occasions: Evening Parties

2. Fancy Designer Mangalsutra:

When it comes to fancy Mangalsutras, there is no dearth of creativity! Check out this elegant piece in full gold adorned with hints of black beads on the chain. The pendant has a unique Meenakari enamel work in red and green, which symbolise a good omen. Wear this with your Salwar suits or even simple sarees to look good.

Design: Fancy Designer Mangalsutra Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

3. Long Designer Peshwai Mangalsutra:

A Peshwai Mangalsutra is the Maharashtrian Mangalsutra design, which is done in elaborate work on gold. A long, multi_layered chain in gold and black beads is attached with a heavy Enamel work pendent in various designs. Sometimes, stones are also added to them for a grand look. They are perfect for traditional events.

Design: Peshwai Mangalsutra Design Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

4. Designer Kundan Mangalsutra:

Kundan Mangalsutra is an ever_popular design. The subtle shine and elegance they offer are matchless to other designs. Take a look at this delicate looking Designer Mangalsutra which is ideal for everyday and casual wear. The simple chain has two layers of gold pendants adorned in beautiful Kundan work and pearls.

Design: Designer Kundan Mangalsutra Design Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

5. 3D Designer Leaf Pendant Mangalsutra:

Here is another Designer Mangalsutra that looks like a 3D illusion. The leaf design inspires the two_layered Pendant in shiny gold. It comes with a simple, single_layer black beaded chain. You can wear this on western outfits and formal wear also. Keep it chic and stylish with this design!

Design: 3D Designer Mangalsutra Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

6. Designer Fragile Beauty Mangalsutra in Gold:

Mangalsutras are normally chosen to be simple these days. Black and gold beads are added with a gold chain with a gold beaded pendant in the centre. The fragile beauty of the mangalsutra adds simplicity to the lady wearing it.

Design: Single Row Designer Mangalsutra Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Everyday Wear

7. Starry Diamond Designer Mangalsutra:

A pendant with a two_sided hook attached to the Mangalsutra chain is so much admired by ladies these days. The black beads are attached to the gold knots making a long mala and hooks attached with the pendant. Here is a pendant in gold with a beautiful design of stars in diamonds.

Design: Diamond Star Pendant Mangalsutra Design Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Anniversaries

8. Luxor Designer Necklace Pattern Mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra has become a symbol of wealth, more than it is believed to symbolise a married woman. A single yellow thread knotting black beads converted into a black beaded necklace. Indeed, it brings a spark to the wife’s face and jealousy on the other women’s faces. This mangalsutra is made in gold, tying flat black beads between gold and a similar pendant attachment in the centre.

Design: Designer Beaded Mangalsutra Design Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Weddings and Special Occasions

9. Tender Gold Mangalsutra Design for Women:

The meaning of wearing mangalsutra can be fulfilled with the feelings only when a groom ties around the bride’s neck. The concept of mangalsutra is an admired form of promise. The mangalsutra can be as simple as a thread with black beads. Here a gold mangalsutra knotting black beads with a very simple black pearl pendant in the centre is loved by many couples.

Design: Simple Designer Mangalsutra For Women Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Everyday Wear

10. Kundan and Diamond Designer Mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra is designed in many ways. Today jewellery designing has explored itself in many forms. Kundan work is one of the most admired forms of ornament. The black beaded chain here is attached to a beautiful necklace designed pendant carved with kundan work.

Design: Kundan Designer Mangalsutra Set Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Weddings, Traditional Events

11. Leafy Zircon Studded Designer Mangalsutra:

Designer mangalsutra come in a variety. Zircon diamonds come in many colours. But colourless zircon diamonds resemble real diamonds. A pendant or ornament made with studded zircon diamonds looks so rich and precious. A designer zircon diamond mangalsutra pendant can be the best jewellery you gift to your to be wife.

Design: Zircon Diamond Mangalsutra Design Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Night Parties

12. American Diamond Studded Mangalsutra Pendant:

American diamonds are taken the place of diamond jewellery. Though not precious like real diamonds but the fancy look that all admire outcomes. Mangalsutra beaded black shaped moti in a gold chain and a two hooked pendant crafted with studded American diamonds, and a pair of matching earrings is going to mesmerise your eyes for sure.

Design: Designer AD Mangalsutra Set Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Night Parties

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13. Red and Green Floral Designer Beaded Mangalsutra:

Ladies today love to wear jewellery that makes a perfect match with their garments. Traditional Hindu bride is normally in red or green, fully embellished with zari work and more. This red and green floral designer beaded mangalsutra is a perfect match for the bride.

Mangalsutra Design: Enamel Work Designer Mangalsutra chain Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Day and Ethnic Events

14. Antique Meenakari Mangalsutra:

Meenakari is an art of colouring ornaments on the metal surface making it look adorable with radiant colours? Mangalsutra and much more jewellery are made fashionable with meenakari work. Mangalsutra with two lined beaded chains attached to a meenakari art worked pendant looks awesome with your sari.

Design: Antique Work Designer Mangalsutra Chain Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Weddings and Traditional Events

15. Designer Mangalsutra in Gold Coin Designs:

Designer mangalsutra can also be categorised by the thickness of the mangalsutra. Mangalsutras come in a single line from two lines, four_lined and in the customers demand too. A double_lined mangalsutra looks adorable; more chains gives a rather dull look. The chains with black beads are attached with a gold chain, and gold Ginni coins are attached in the middle making it more attractive.

Design: Designer Bridal Mangalsutra Design Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Weddings and Bridal Wear

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16. Layered Mangalsutra Chain:

Mangalsutra chains attached from another designer mangalsutra. Here the piece is made awesome with a piece of gold chain and then black beads knotted in gold, the same process till a perfect long mangalsutra chain is made and same design in all three of the chains, making is an awesome designer mangalsutra.

Design: Triple Layered Mangalsutra Design Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Casual and Everyday Wear

17. Designer Filigree Mangalsutra:

Filigree is a kind of jewellery metalwork. Filigree art is used to make tiny beads or twisted threads. It is done by soldering beads or the same metal with the surface of the metal or is made to make artistic motifs. Filigree work can be seen as awesome applied on gold and silver. People today have turned to new craftwork in jewellery. Filigree designs definitely will serve the demand of designer mangalsutra jewellery.

Design: Heavy Filigree Work Designer Mangalsutra Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Weddings

18. Traditional Mangalsutra with Four Chains:

Mangalsutra is a symbol of a married woman. But men also show their pride through the thickness of the jewellery they present to their wife. A four_line chain mangalsutra is not a piece of cake. The possession of such a heavy piece of jewellery makes you feel rich and high. Most traditional jewellery lovers opt to wear such a heavy designed mangalsutra.

Design: Mangalsutra With Heavy Pendant Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Weddings

19. Mangalsutra With Pink Gem Stones:

Mangalsutra and in your favourite design is a perfect match for your dressing. Mangalsutra has been designed so artistically with colourful diamonds in the entire piece of jewellery. The chains of the mangalsutra are designed with flowery motifs with pink diamonds inlaid. Rest with black beads that make it a mangalsutra and a similar but large in size flower at the centre with pink diamonds studded beautifully.

Design: Enamel Work Designer Bridal Mangalsutra Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Weddings

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20. Gold Black Beads Mangalsutra in Multiple Chains:

An artistic piece of jewellery that even serves the meaning of mangalsutra is a piece of jewellery all women would love. Women who would love to look different from the traditional look of mangalsutra will love this design. Mangalsutra with a designer pendant attached to several tiny black beaded chains looks splendid.

Design: Black Stone designer Mangalsutra Metal: Gold Suitable Occasions: Weddings

Mangalsutra, a Sanskrit name that signifies an auspicious thread tied around the bride’s neck, is the worn lifetime for the groom’s presence and importance in the bride’s life. When the meaning behind the mangalsutra is so precious, then why can’t the jewellery itself be? Women wear mangalsutra for the well being and long life for her husband. The jewellery piece should be precious enough to help her beautify her life too.

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