20 Stylish Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

20 Stylish Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are something that almost every girl has in her closet. However, many young ladies don’t seem to know how to use it in today’s world of ever changing fashion trends. As a result, those jeans remain dust laden inside the closet, while the girls keep whining about having nothing to wear in the morning or before a night out.

Boyfriend jeans have been in trend for quite some time now. Wearing it like the way it was worn 2 years ago will definitely not make you stand out from the crowd. However, you can mix and match, try out different combinations and do a bit of free style experimenting with the items in your closet to get the best out of your boyfriend jeans.

The problem with boyfriend jeans is that when they are not worn in particular ways or presented in a certain manner, they can actually lower your fashion appeal. Perhaps this is the reason why so many girls keep those jeans as far down the closet pecking order as possible.

However, if you get your combination right, then you are bound to look absolutely spectacular in those boyfriend jeans. So therefore, it’s certainly worth the risk to try them out. Now you don’t have to spend the next one hour of your life trying to figure out how to wear your boyfriend jeans. We have that covered for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax, turn on your favourite music and read our selection of the 20 best ways to wear boyfriend jeans. Enjoy!

With a blouse.

Kristin Cavallari

For the ultimate 2015 modern look, mix the pastel coloured top with these bad boys. The denim for your boyfriend jeans should be faded. Actually, scratch that, it should be destroyed. The lower part should be folded in loose cuffs. A pair of flats or classic pumps would go really well with this light coloured attire.

Denim on denim.

Elle MacPherson

The denim on denim combination is something that will never go out of fashion. The shades of the denim should be different. It’s always better to wear boyfriend jeans of a lighter hue and a chambray shirt of a darker hue. Don’t forget to strap a classy, vintage and formal belt around your waist. A no nonsense dark leather purse would perfectly accessorize this outfit.

French chic.

Gwen Stefani

Striped shirts and boyfriend jeans are one of the best clothing combinations that you are ever going to find. Keep the shirt simple, loose fitting and light in material. Black and white stripes are the best colours you could opt for over here. A trendy, bright and contrasting thin belt complements this attire. Not to mention, the faded denim for the boyfriend jeans. For the bold girls, try this Gwen Stefani’s outfit.


Emmy Rossum

So you thought baggy boyfriend jeans are only for the geeky gamer girls? Not really. Match the most feminine items of clothing you can find with baggy boyfriend jeans of a dark hue. The end result could be you wearing a silky, floral and colourful shirt, with red lipstick, retro sunglasses, strappy heels and of course the badass baggy boyfriend jeans.


Rachel Bilson

Boyfriend jeans are fitting for the colder days of spring. Make sure you put on a cosy sweater and a fluffy scarf on top. Couple these up with a pair of leather boots. Keep the top and the accessories within the shades of grey to create a contrast with the metal blue denim jeans.


Jennifer Aniston

For the warmer days of the year, a well fitting tank top with loose baggy jeans is an eye catching combination indeed. A simple, faded leather belt and a black leather bag are the perfect accessories to go with this outfit.

With a letter jacket/shirt.

The good old combination of the varsity jacket with the boyfriend jeans may seem mundane to some, but when pulled off correctly, it makes you look as chic as ever. You don’t always have to wear something that startles the eyes. Keep it simple and look cool, calm and casual.

Mystery lady.

Another one for chilly spring days. A simple dark hued sweater, with dark blue denim boyfriend jeans will give you that chic mystery look without turning you into a social outcast. A multi layered necklace can serve as a fitting accessory for this “mysterious lady” attire.



Who said jeans can’t be glamorous? A shiny, sparkling and spectacular sequin top can be easily paired with less flashy casual boyfriend jeans. The contrast in this combination will leave people turning their heads and raising their eyebrows when you are dancing at the club. Go light on the accessories with this one.

Bohemian style.

Bar Rafaeli

Tight fitting clothes not really your thing? Go completely boho with a loose fitting shirt. Add a cardigan for a cooler day and look. This may not make you look like the most energetic young lady in the world, but it certainly is class in its own way. This will make you stand out in any crowd. Just look at Bar Rafaeli.


Olivia Palermo

For the ultimate polished look, grab a loose tea and cover it up with a heavy blazer of the same color. Be elegant with your selection of shoes and make sure that the colour of your boyfriend jeans are of the darkest shade of blue. A pair of stylish shades will complete the look.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

If you are not into the “heavy artillery” clothing then you might as well put on the simplest white tee you can find and pair it up with the regular boyfriend jeans. For footwear go for sandals and for accessories pick aviators. Not only is this an appropriate summer look but it gives off the impression that you have your own non-pretentious style.

Slim tee.

Another way of keeping things really simply is by going for navy blue plain slim tee with your cuffed up boyfriend jeans of a slightly lighter hue. A thin turquoise belt around the waist along with a turquoise necklace makes for a scintillating match up.


Kelly Ripa

Boyfriend jeans and good girl aren’t really synonymous. However, you can always look sophisticated and formal with a well fitting blazer (preferably maroon), a simple white shirt, and boyfriend jeans of regular denim material and colour. Heels are a must, while the necklace is pretty optional.

With a button-up.

Reese Witherspoon

Not in the mood to show off your arms? No problem. Wear a full sleeved, buttoned up shirt with well fitting boyfriend jeans. If you think this attire makes you look too boring and pedestrian, then grab a eye candy red purse and put on some leopard printed heels or bright accessories, and this Reese Witherspoon-inspired look will instantly raise onto the next level of sophistication and chic.

Biker chic.

Jessica Alba

Wear your boyfriend jeans with a leather jacket for the ultimate bad girl experience. Add leather biker boots and a statement purse for the finished look.

New look.

Cutie Karrueche

Sick and tired of looking just like everyone else? Follow Cutie Karrueche’s look and pull your jeans higher up for a completely new outstanding look. Add a pair of bold-looking shoes and you are ready to conquer the world. This look will definitely make sure all eyes are on you.


Olivia Palermo

If you are having a good hair day, then your boyfriend jeans can definitely make your day much better. All you have to do is put on a structured jacket, like Olivia Palermo does in this photo. Wear a simple tee or a blouse beneath, and sport dark denim boyfriend jeans. As footwear, the classic black heels would go really well with this particular type of jeans. A pair of nice sandals will do as well, just don’t forget to take care of your feet before.


Cuffing your boyfriend jeans works 9 times out of 10. However, for special rare occasions, try to tuck your jeans inside your sneakers. A striped tank top, and a think black belt would complement faded denim boyfriend jeans really well over here. You may want to put latch a funky bracelet around your wrist as well.

With a graphic t-shirt.

Hailey Baldwin & Kendall Jenner

The best one had to be saved for the last. The ultimate chic style of wearing boyfriend jeans is by coupling it up with a graphic sweatshirt. This is a tried and tested way of getting the most out of your denim. A fairly oversized bag and colourful heels accentuate the flavours of this modish outfit really well.

Now that you are loaded with ideas on how to light up your fashion world with those boyfriend jeans, you may as well start looking for the tops and the accessories that will match up with the pairs of boyfriend jeans in your closet. For those who are yet to buy a pair, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself one now!

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