20 Useful DIY Pet Food Stations

Have you ever kicked over your pet’s water bowls by accident? You must hate the mess and wet floor occurred. Well, it would be a problem anymore with our post today. You can build one food station especially for them. It is high time to get this project done during the renovation of your kitchen. Keep up with 20 useful DIY pet food stations with our pictures below and choose one tutorial to follow!

It looks great to incorporate the dog food bowls into a kitchen cabinet. This design will save a lot of space simultaneously. You can also use your abandoned dishes as the pet food container. Besides, the old chairs, shelf, basket and suitcase can be also repurposed to be a pet food station. At last, the log-inspired food bowls will be perfect for those nature lovers.

Built-In Dog Bowls

Cat Food Shelf

Elevated Food Dishes

Feeding Station and Toy Storage Combo

Feeding Station for a Growing Puppy

Food Bowls in Wheatgrass

Modern Pet Bowl Stand

Nature-Inspired Food Bowls

Ombre Wooden Pallet Stand

Personalized Hanging Pet Feeder

Pet Food Island Alcove

Pet Food Station Drawers

Picnic Basket Food Bowl Holder

Re-Purposed Porcelain Tea Set

Simple Food Bowl Stand

Stacked Ceramic Bowls

Upcycled Vintage Suitcase

Vintage Coca-Cola Crate Bowl Holder

Vintage Food Holder Chairs

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