20 Ways to Wear Black Jeans

20 Ways to Wear Black Jeans

Jeans are essential in a modern day fashion. Almost every girl has jeans in her wardrobe for a reason: jeans go with almost everything, they are versatile, and come in so many different styles and colors that you can find something to work for you in almost every situation.
Black jeans however create a unique look that comes in a variety of styles – and are in vogue right now. You can’t go wrong with having a pair of better, a few, in your closet. You can get them with rips in the knees, in skinny jean style, or even flared or boot cuts. You can get them with a high waist, hip huggers or even with sequins on the pockets. The possibilities are endless, and you can dress them up or down from casual to dressy.
The key to success with black jeans is pairing them with the right tops, jewelry and accessories. Use sweaters, blazers, blouses, clunky jewelry, hats, and shoes to accessorize and change the look/style of your outfit so you can use them again and again.
We prepared for you some outfit ideas to get you started on ways to wear black jeans.


Gwyneth Paltrow

If you work long hours, comfort is often as important as looking professional. That’s when you can ditch those boring office pants for some nice and comfy black jeans, with a work appropriate sweater, blazer, or shirt and some comfortable dress shoes. You’ll have style and comfort at work. Accessorize with some blocky jewelry if allowed. Pony tails or buns work great with this style too, and have the added benefit of looking professional.

Business casual.

Zoe Saldana

Going out to run errands? Want to look put together but not like you over did it? Black jeans paired with a white blouse, or button down top and cute shoes or booties is a great way to say just that. Wear your hair down with minimal makeup and you are ready to grab your purse and go.

Statement look.

Emma Watson

For those colder winter days, a warm jacket paired with cute heels, and black jeans with a white top definitely make a statement. Use a scarf around your neck to add some color, or some chunky jewelry to make your outfit pop.

Street casual.

Gwen Stefani

Big clunky masculine boots look great with skinny jeans, a flannel shirt, and a white top of some sort. Wear your hair down in lose curls to feminize the outfit, and add some cute bracelets or a chunky necklace/earrings.


Cara Delevigne

Running late to class? No problem, throw on some black jeans, some boots, and a loose t-shirt and an oversized jacket. Grab some lip gloss, mascara, and a beanie to have the “I spent a lot of thought to look this casual” look – but in reality, you were just running late to class. It works every time. Don’t forget your backpack or your tote bag.

Everyday look.

A casual every day look works well with black skinny jeans, flats, and a cute t-shirt with a scarf and earrings for accessories. Use a brown or silver belt to add some color. Pair it with a leather jacket, or a cute-half jacket in a brighter color to add some flair to the outfit.


Olivia Palermo

Fake fur is an option too. Pair it with some black jeans, a bright top to add some color to the outfit, and boots. You’ll definitely stand out in this outfit, and you can dress it up for a fancier night out with some red lips, some sexy shoes and big earrings. Hair up or down work with this outfit.

Summer fun.

Miranda Kerr

Ready to go out for the summer? Start off with a sailor top. Pair it with some black boot cut or hip hugging jeans to show off your curves. Add some summer shoes, flip flops, or sandals. Pink lips, a little mascara and cat eyes, and a bracelet or necklace with big sunglasses complete this look.


Kim Kardashian

An oversized button down white shirt (or colored shirt) can be paired with a push up bra to have a sexy – just out of the bedroom look. Pair it with some black jeans. (In a style of your choice.) Add jewelry to draw attention to the open buttons at the top of the shirt, some bracelets and/or earrings. Wear your hair down for a sexy look. It works well for a casual-date when you don’t want to wear a dress.

With a crop top.

Ariana Grande

Stretch high-waisted black jeans look great with a cut midriff top. Wear short or long sleeves, it might be plain or colorful. Wear your hair down and some cute shoes to finish off the outfit.

Going out.

Natalie Portman

Black jeans even work great for going out to the club. Wear a sexy top in a flattering color to match your hair and skin tone in different styles. Wear your hair in a way that makes you feel sexy, do up your nails, and go light on the jewelry unless you don’t plan on dancing a lot. Wear shoes you can walk in, but are cute.

Girl next door.

Reese Witherspoon

Black jeans paired with a short sleeve button down top tied at the waist, with a brown belt and cute platform shoes. You can’t go wrong with the “girl next door” look. Throw an over-sized bag or purse into the mix and some big sunglasses.


For a completely different look, try pairing a fedora hat with some black jeans. You can wear boots, but Converse sneakers work great too. A blouse, or button down top with a shiny jacket or blazer complete the outfit.


Taylor Swift

An over the shoulder purse works well with a sweater. Flip flops, sandals, or cute Keds that match the color of the sweatshirt complete this look. Pair chunky jewelry or a hat if you want to add some accessories.


Slim fit black jeans (belt is optional) looks great with Converse sneakers or Keds. Pair it with a baseball hat, and a baseball jersey style top. (Old Navy usually has some.) Throw your hair in a pony tail and you are stylish, yet practical.


Black jeans can look great if you wish to try some rock star/gothic look. Don’t forget dark nails, darker makeup and bulky shoes. Minimal jewelry is required to add some spunk to the outfit since the top should do most of the talking.


Vintage style shirts with a belt around the waist look great with tight black jeans. Pair it with a 1950’s hairstyle, or pinup-do. Don’t forget to do cat eyes and red lips to match the style you are going for here. A handkerchief around your neck, hair, or upper arm complete the retro look.

Smart casual.

A white dress shirt, with a large overcoat, watch and hand purse look stylish and professional. Wear your hair up or down, but make sure to pin it out of your face. Match the shoes to your jacket and keep the jewelry to a minimum.

With boots.

Jennifer Aniston

Wear leather boots up to your knees paired with black jeans, a scarf, and a sweater. Even better if the sweater is large when your pants are form fitting. Add a jacket for layers if you need too, and keep the jewelry to a minimum. Pair a shoulder purse in a matching color to your boots to keep it looking classy and fashionable.


Victoria Beckham

Going all black is sometimes a fun, retro look. Heels or boots are always fun, and add a black leather jacket. You can show some skin with a low-cut black top if you want to spice the outfit up a little, or to be very daring, wear a black corset with buckles instead.


(all images are sourced via pinterest)

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