20 Ways to Wear Maxi Skirts

20 Ways to Wear Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts can be anything- casual or chic, and can fit any body type and any style and personality. No wonder they continue to be a major trend for many years and for seasons to come. These 20 ways to wear a maxi skirt will help you create your perfect signature look and become a real maxi trendsetter.

With a jean jacket.

Jessica Alba

Jean jackets are extremely versatile and can be worn with practically anything, including, of course, a maxi skirt. A contrast between lengths and textures results in a hip and edgy look. Jessica Alba knows her stuff and uses the jean jacket combined with a feminine maxi skirt to her advantage.

Floral with a crop top.

Kendall Jenner

Maxi skirts are of different styles but the ones with floral prints continue to be one of the most popular maxis for all tastes. Floral skirts are very feminine and will soften even the toughest appearance. Add a crop top to balance the femininity and stay on a casual side, and you will be ready to go shopping with your friends.

Ballroom style.

Leighton Meester

Maxi is a perfect length a for a high-class event and it should not necessary be a ball gown, a stylish maxi skirt might work even better in many cases. Pair it with a simple tank top or shirt to highlight all the beauty and elegance of the skirt and you will be the queen of the ball (or any other event you are attending). Ballroom style maxis are just impeccable.


Halle Berry

Some might think that maxi skirts are serious and grown-up, but that’s not true. Play and experiment and instead of a serious statement, your maxi skirt will express joyfulness and good mood. Choose an asymmetrical skirt if you think that you are too young to wear a full-length clothing, and the distinction between short and long will emphasize your youthfulness and joie de vivre. And will show off your legs. Halle Berry definitely knows her strengths with this asymmetrically wrapped maxi.

With a jacket.

Kate Moss

Business-like jacket or its variations worn with a plain maxi skirt raise the whole look onto a new level. It instantly becomes more elegant and chic. Choose the jacket that fits your body type and your style, and it should not necessary match the color scheme of the skirt, like Kate Moss’s outfit. In fact, a contrasting jacket can bring out the best of everything.


Jennifer Lopez

Maxi skirts are not necessarily made to be worn for fancy events and wedding ceremonies, it can perform a role of any other bottom piece. The key is to choose a simpler fabrics and patterns for the skirt, such as monochromatic linen or cotton. Pair it with anything you would pair your jeans with and a new distinct casual outfit is ready to go. The wonderful thing about such a mix is that the look is still casual but fresh and unique.

Business lady.

Victoria Beckham

A skinny black maxi skirt can be an interesting substitute to black work pants or pencil skirt. Wear it with a white button-up and stilettos or platforms and you will make a new serious statement in the world of business and creativity. Add a statement purse for extra chic results. Victoria Beckham looks stunningly professional and glamorous in her business lady outfit.

Mix and match.

Heidi Klum

Mix and match your top and your bottom for some interesting visual effects. There are two options here: first, you choose same pattern for your top and your bottom, just like Heidi Klum did in the photo above. In such a way, your maxi skirt paired with a top of the same style and pattern, will transform into an interesting maxi dress. Second option is for more fashionable girls who know the art of matching, and it consists in choosing different prints and patterns for your top and your bottom. Just make sure they match stylistically, and the outcome will be truly fabulous.

Slim cut.

Olivia Palermo

A correctly chosen maxi skirt can give your whole look a more refined touch. A slim cut for a maxi skirt elongates your whole body and makes it visually thinner. If you are not sure about full tiered skirts, then opt for column-like maxi skirts. However, if you are already very skinny, it is better to avoid this design. Olivia Palermo’s body is perfect in all senses and she looks impeccable in her extra long slimline maxi skirt paired with a short jacket.

Bohemian style.

Paris Hilton

If you are a wild and free spirit (at least a few times a year when you let yourself go), then picking a Boho style maxi skirt for your next adventure would be the right choice. Colorful full-length skirt will look great on you when you are dancing outdoors or picnicking on the grass, or just want to emphasize your personality. Add some rustic or hippie accessories, and do not forget about a flower wreath.


Blake Lively

Pleated maxi looks stylish and feminine and is a timeless fashionistas’ favorite. Pair it with a basic tee or a top, as too much décor and ruffles might distract from the centerpiece of your image. Still not sure what to do with a pleated maxi skirt? Just follow Blake Lively style, and you will be a winner with the simplicity of the colors and the glamour of the design.

With a bulky sweater.

Kate Hudson

In order to pull off this combo, it is not necessarily required to be pregnant, like Kate Hudson is in the photo above. Although, wearing a bulky sweater with a maxi skirt can definitely disguise your belly, if that’s what your ultimate goal it, of course. Anyway, wearing a bulky sweater with a maxi skirt is not only a perfect combination of casualness and elegance, but also a significant statement that you are an independent and distinct woman.

With a long blazer.

Emma Watson

This is why we love maxi skirts so much- they can look well with literally everything, including a long elegant blazer. Be warned, however, that not everyone can pull off this look. Every item of this outfit should fit impeccably so it does not look like you borrowed your elder sister’s outfit. Emma Watson looks elegant and chic in this outfit, without any doubt.

With a leather jacket.

Miranda Kerr

Go for a tough girl look with a maxi skirt paired with leather jacket, just as Miranda Kerr did. Big sunglasses, leather booties and an oversized handbag maximize the stylistic effect of the outfit and bring out the best of everything. The result is feminine and soft and at the same time tough and ready to fight.

Retro style.

Selena Gomez

Go for a retro vibe with a not extremely long maxi skirt and a stretched t-shirt. The look is relaxed and chic at the same time, and looks like Selena Gomez did not have to put extra effort into her looks, but was born that chic and stylish.


Kim Kardashian

Wearing a top and a bottom in the same color is an excellent way to distinguish yourself from the crowd of maxis lovers. Kim Kardashian monochromatic outfit does not need anything else, as it is self-sufficient the way it is. It does not even need any accessories or jewelry, all thanks to the unique cut of the top and the bottom and its deep black color. A monochromatic outfit like that will be great for any extravagant event, and you won’t need to compromise simplicity with looking stylish.

With a long tunic.

A long tunic or a thin sweater get a new meaning when paired with a fashionable maxi skirt. The outfit is casual but trendy and stylish and is great for a colder weather. The combination of a lush maxi and a minimalistic tunic elongates the whole figure and gives it an interesting slim and slender appearance. Definitely worth trying as nothing can really go wrong with this resourceful look.

Midi length.

Garcelle Beauvais

Wearing maxi does not necessarily mean that your skirt should touch the floor creating all sorts of inconveniences for you. Sometimes it is wise to go for something a few inches shorter, especially if you have beautiful ankles you would not wish to hide. Gorgeous Garcelle Beauvais knows a few things about style and beauty and her choice of maxi-midi skirt proves it. Bright, daring, fabulous- if you are still not sure about whether maxis are for you- this look will definitely change your mind.

With sports shoes.

Kate Bosworth

Go for a sporty vibe with a casually light transparent maxi skirt and a pair of heavy sport shoes. The contrast between light and heavy is unique and proves a point that one can stay feminine and sporty at the same time, and all one needs is just to make the right choices. A great outfit for a casual stroll when you do not want to choose between comfort and girlishness.

Slit skirts forever.

Taylor Swift

The image of Taylor Swift in a side slit maxi skirt says it all. Slits are beautiful, elegant, sexy, sensual… It can be continued endlessly. However, remember that your legs should look good in order to achieve the fabulous effect with a simple slit skirt. Exercise and take care of your body and then you will be the queen at every party.

All these tips will maximize your styling potential and will give a new life and look to your favorite maxi skirt.

(all images sourced via pinterest)

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