2020 Spring/Summer 70s Inspired Trends

2020 Spring/Summer 70s Inspired Trends

The 2020 spring/summer fashion trends are all about surprises as it seems fashion designers found their inspiration in a variety of domains from nature to vintage fashion. One of the sources of inspiration which seems to stand out due to its style is the 2020 spring/summer 70s inspired fashion trend. Vintage fashion styles have always acted as a great source of inspiration for fashion designers, as vintage styles exude style and glamor, two characteristics which will always attract attention.

The 2020 spring/summer 70s inspired fashion trend manages to combine modernism with vintage styles so that a unique and stylish outfit is resulted. The 70s were absolutely amazing fashion-wise as they has something different: the wide leg pants. These pants styles looked hot and completely different than what people were used to. Their comfort and style seems to have maintained their popularity as these pants styles have made a comeback.

EtroMarc JacobsSalvatore FerragamoFendi

Bohemian styles such as peasant blouses, loose floor-grazing skirts, wide leg pants and colorful sweaters are characteristics of the 70s fashion style and these characteristics have been transposed into certain designer creations featured on the spring/summer 2020runway shows.

Choosing a vintage style can definitely work to your advantage as vintage fashion has a certain “je ne sais quoi” which enhances their style and attractiveness. The perfect vintage outfit is the outfit which manages to underline the style while still maintaining a high level individuality. Mix and match different vintage style fashion items until you find the perfect style outfit for you.

EtroMauricio PecoraroMarc JacobsSalvatore Ferragamo

The 70s were all about playing it with color whether pale or vivid; color helps underline the style of the clothes and it seems that you can go for a vast range or shades from mustard to purple. Try to go for either a monochrome or a multi-colored outfit depending on personal preference. Accessorize your outfit with belts, hats, handbags and most importantly the right shoes as all these details can really make a difference. Inspire yourself from the fabulous fashion collections signed Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Etro, Marc Jacobs, etc, as they are truly remarkable!

Salvatore FerragamoFendi

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