25 Different Types of Leather Belts for Men and Women

Since very ancient times, belts have been in use around the world. Since the Bronze Age, records and artefacts have been proving that the belts are utilized for male clothing. Starting from ages back, a belt was found to be certainly functional alone but today belts have been accepted more as a fashion statement and utilitarian reasons. All around the world, belts have been accepted and highly incorporated with its decorative looks. Men very much use belts, but, now women began to wear at will. The strap portion of the belts can be made of any materials like the fabric, woven fibres, stainless steels, and leathers.

Earlier, the utilitarian belts were made out of cloth material or whatever available. But, today the modern belts are made with strong and durable material. You can see the police and military belts that are made from high strength fabric that can bear any intense situation. Today the way of fastening the belts have also been made in several designs, such as the friction clasps and framed buckles. Decorated with suede and studded belts with featured plate buckles, where large plates of metal are attached to the other end of the strap is much more chosen.

You can see many kinds of belts like the luxury leather belts for men that are popular and functional. These belts will be highly distinguishing and long-lasting. Leather belts for men will be proved to be popular as because of their durability and stronger. Especially the brown belts are most popular. Of all, a totally different one is the stainless steel belts are known for its uniqueness and also it will be a hand toy to have around. Instead of using the old-style belt, try to go with the chastity belt that goes around the wrist.

In our current lifestyle, genuine handmade leather belts are becoming very popular among both men and women. A lot of men and women in the USA are looking for these kinds of genuine leather belts as they are of good high quality and are nor an imitation of cheap leather belts. Wearing a genuine leather belt will show the person who wears it as a one who knows how to wear the right belt at the right time.

Best Genuine Leather Belts for Mens and Womens:

All you need to know is the style you like and the type of belt you need. Here in this article, you will get know about the top 25 best belts for men and women.

1. Men’s Embossed Black Leather Belt:

Leather belts are more durable and long-lasting to wear; they give a classy and trendy look for your waist. Men’s leather belts are a manner of adding accessories to their outfit. This embossed black leather belt is made from genuine leather and finished. You can wear this kind of belt for your formals.

2. Genuine Brown Leather Belt:

There are varieties of leather belts for men are available in the market. They are available in a wide range of styles and designs, most of the men chose this kind of leather belt for their manly look. Belts that are designed with genuine leather with unique designs give a formal look. This brown leather belt will give your formal attire.

3. Top Stitched Feather Edge Belt:

The top-stitched feather edge belt is made with the pure and standard leather and finished with feather edge designs. The edge of the belt is topstitching with fine feather and it has a silver prong buckle finish. This feather edge finished belt gives a neat and perfect look.

4. Braided Men’s Leather Belt:

Men’s leather belts are the single most popular styles for men. But they are available in huge collections, with the belt and buckle being the two most distinct parts. This leather belt is designed with a braided belt design. This gives a rich look for your waist.

5. Thin Woman’s Leather Belt:

Leather belts for women are available in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes. They are highly effective at making certain garments and keep your look as much as beautiful. This belt can be made with black leather, this skinny belt looks great paired with anything in your closet.

6. Distressed Leather Belt:

This belt has a classic distressed vintage look which is more elegant to view. This belt is made with snaps for changing buckles, Just “snap on and snap off” to make the best fit for the relevant outfit. This belt is stitched around the edges to give it more strength. It will snap around the waist and gives complete finished attire for the user who wore it.

7. Double Stitched Men’s Formal Leather Belt:

This strong and heavy double-stitched belt is inspired by western design and it is made of genuine Italian calfskin leather. It is a genuine softback leather belt with topstitched detailing and contrasts colour inside. The design is completed by the single prong buckle closure. This will add an extra attraction to the viewers.

8. Waved Women’s Belt in Leather:

The belt features wave design with interlocking buckle. This elastic waist leather belt for women will fill for all type of body it will have a unique look to the party when worn on occasion. It has a golden buckle for the closure and it will make an enhanced look for the belt with a shiny look.

9. Beige Leather Belt for Men’s:

This best with the classic brown coloured genuine leather will be a must-have collection on the men’s wardrobe. It goes best with formal dresses, denim, and chinos. The texture in it will be the factor to make it differ from normal classic collections of belts.

10. Unisex Initial Leather Belt:

The unisex initial leather belt is the blend of style and comfort together it has solid black colouration with plate anchor belt buckle for better ease of access as well as styling design in it which will make it unique to look. It is made with tough leather which ensures durability for a long period of time.

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11. Unique Green Belts for ladies and Gents:

This green colour belt is a unique type that is made of leather material. It can be worn by both the men and women that suit all the dress styles. Wearing this belt with the party will make additional beauty. The green colour is the most liked by all people.

12. Handmade Motif Leather Belt:

Other items. If you want to go with the handmade item, you can go with this belt that makes you perfect with the simple costumes. Getting this belt will become easy when you purchase through online stores.

13. Traditional Leather Belts for Women:

There are some categories of people who always wish to have traditional belts especially the women. If you are one among them, you can choose and go with this style as this is having the black colour straps with gold out finishing.

14. Antique Buckle Brown Leather Belt:

Antique buckle brown leather belt is the best belt as this is having a stylish buckle that is embedded with the stones. This is specially made a design that especially suits ladies who adorn to wear a different type of belt accessory. When worn at the parties and special occasions, this will add extra additional beauty.

15. Hammered Genuine Leather Belt:

The hammered leather belt is the perfect choice for the persons who love to wear western-style dresses. Women who wear a long dress can wear this belt that makes their hip positions fitted within the belt. Metals are being embedded in this belt which makes this look like a traditional and ancient too.

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16. Stripped Leather Belts for Teens:

Teens especially the girls love to wear a different type of belts that makes their beauty exposed to others. For them, this striped leather belt is the ultimate choice as this is coming in a multi-colour that looks like the olden leather belts. Wearing this belt will make you more fashion addict.

17. Gold Plated Leather Belts for Girls:

Gold plated leather belts are simply an adorable type that is loved by the teens especially the little age women. This looks soft made material and also elegant on the other hand. These belts are coming in all the sizes and colour and you can get the perfect one that matches your outfit.

18. Twin Colour Weaved Stitched Leather Belt:

Twin colour belts will be modernized when worn and if you need, you can use in different colour combinations as you prescribe. This is a woven type belt that fits within the budget but never fails to get the expected quality and standard. You go with this selection if you want to make yourself elegant in appearance.

19. Leather Studded Belt Women’s:

Leather studded belts are an amazing collection which is liked by most of the people. This is really trendy and fashionable with the super colour combination of black and silver. Go trendy by wearing this type of belts for your outfit. This will be the best choice when you want to buy a belt.

20. Floral Design Real Leather Belt:

Some people somewhat expect floral designs as they will be really different from that of the other leather belt designs. Getting this belt will definitely make your investment worth and this will be a long-lasting type when compared to others.

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21. Enticed Leather With Sterling Silver Belt for Bridal:

This leather made velvet decorated belt makes a premium look. The brass accents on them will add more value to it with the traditional designs in the clasp making it more attractive among the observers. This belt will be a perfect match whether its stage costume for theatre, a special event or a renaissance fair.

22. Wide Leather with Transparent Buckle Belt:

The natural leather belt which has a transparent slider buckle will be more convenient for the easy wearing. Just a snap on and snap off by pressing. It will be a good addition to many outfits. This is a pure leather belt made of genuine vegetable leather, which is very smooth to wear.

23. Handcrafted Wool with Leather Belt:

This unique collection of the belt is made of wool with many bursting festive colours. The belt has many flowers blossom in red, yellow, and purple palettes on the turquoise field. It is a handcrafted belt on a traditional loom. It also has the suede leather accents on the end to grasp the clasp.

24. Sparkling Leather with Chain Belt:

Leather belts will be naturally outstanding but, when it was designed with the chains it will give a damn cute look. This is the special type of belt worn by the fashion oriented people who want to expose the trendy nature of themselves to others.

25. Handcrafted Fringed Hip Pocket Belt in Leather:

Handcrafted leather fringed hip belt with a pocket will be really best leather belts for men and women. Buying this belt will help people to carry their gadgets along with this belt.

While purchasing the leather belts for men or women, you should consider the type of leather used as the leather is available in categories like the basic leather, decorated leather, and the braided leather. Basic category refers to the single strap leather belts whereas the decorated belts will come in the cutout and painted designs that are engraved into them. Typically, the best-braided belts are made from a single piece of leather for the purpose of the long durability. But, if left unused for a longer time, it will get some moulds and mildew. Maintenance matters a lot when you own a leather belt as simple like using them every day or by keeping it in a moisture-free place.