25 Latest & Best Cuckoo Clock Designs With Images In 2020

Cuckoo Clock Designs are mostly handcrafted from wood and pine as raw materials. They are designed as such as the traditional pattern and also is decorated with hand-painted floral designs. The make use of components like moving mill wheel, hunter, musicians, shingle roof, a troop of dancers miniatures and also adjoined with few other domestic and wild animals too. They preferably made of wooden dials. The clocks are driven by either 1 day driven mechanical movement or can be dependable upon the manufacturer’s style that may deal with variant specifications.

Cool Cuckoo Clock Designs In India:

Here are our 25 modern Cuckoo Clock Designs with pictures. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Wooden Dial Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Design:

Get the best design of a modern cuckoo clock that possesses wooden dial, wooden hands, wooden bird features. It is comprised with the Night shut off mode that automatically shuts off its sound from 9 o’clock p.m. to 7:30 o’clock a.m. This clock follows the mechanical REGULA movement provided by its brand. It has the tunes such as- Happy wanderer and Edelweiss- which are the melodies that change every hour between the Happy Wanderer and Edelweiss alternatively.

2. Smooth Surface Cuckoo Wall Clock:

This branded unique cuckoo clock uses quality assured material and modish technology in compliance with its standard of the industry. It comprises with chic elegant look ad has been provided with fine finish in its appearance. The clock ha smooth surface overall the entire edges with no sharp hooking corners. One can decorate the wall of their house with this clock with the utmost expectations.

3. Multicolour Rabbit Wooden Cuckoo Clock:

Here is the multicolour rabbit wall small cuckoo clock with photoswitchable mechanical movement. It has been made with wooden sculpture in a geometric shape. The length of the clock is 410 mm with a width of 350 mm. The display type has a needle and follows cartoon character style. It has a single face form with antique feature style. It is made using both bamboo and other quality woods. The entire set weights about 2500 grams.

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4. Black Forest White Cuckoo Clock:

This Black forest white shaded best cuckoo clock has the measurement of about Height: 19 cm/7.5 inch, Width: 14 cm/5.5 inches and Depth: 8 cm/3.1 inches. It carries the total gross weight of about 0.7 kg. This clock has a battery operated movement that works with no hassle. It also has the feature of manual night shut-off mode. It consists of a wooden dial.  Further, it makes use of two mignon AA batteries. The running time of the batteries can reach above one year.

5. Traditional Cuckoo Clock Pendulum:

Discover the new model of the old cuckoo clock that has a traditional pattern comprising a pendulum. The pendulum is also made with the same material as the entire set. The wooden clock uses the same mechanical movement that is branded as the quartz mechanical movement. The cuckoo attached in it chirps with beautiful sound and it directs the swinging and the non-swinging pattern of the pendulum.

6. 8 Day Vintage Cuckoo Clock Design:

This is a fantabulous collection of a unique cuckoo clock that is literally hand-carved and has been built using skilled craftsmanship. This clock stands at 21 inches tall not including the weights and pendulum, which is meant to be the biggest in its series. The mechanical movement has wooden plates and lantern type pinions. It is a nice example of the late 19th-century traditional cuckoo clock designs. The carvings and the ornate made originally antique style.

7. Double Door Musical Cuckoo Clock:

Put your gaze over this double door best cuckoo clock which works with 1-day movement. It is a handcrafted model with the paintings also done manually. It has a shingle roof with moving mill wheel. The figures that are displayed as the miniatures on the face of the clock are the ones of the Hunters and Musicians. It possesses a wooden dial with metal weights and wooden leaf pendulum. The full set of this pattern is been given the walnut finish as their uniqueness.

8. Hand Carved Traditional Cuckoo Clocks:

Here are the traditional hand-carved cuckoo birds and vine leaves endorsed in this large cuckoo clock. According to the time, the cuckoo calls once on the half-hour and on the full hour too. The clock-workmanship comes with a certificate of authenticity. The manufacturer guarantees the experience of 6 generations. The clock movement includes 8-Day weekly Wind Up mechanism. It also works with Regula rack strike movement with a night shut off mode. The clock face has Wooden dial with a diameter of 3 1/4 Inches (8 cm) and with wooden hands. The colour is walnut shaded and comes with a measurement of Height: 11 1/2 inches (32 cm), Width: 9 3/4 Inches (25 cm) and Depth: 6 1/4 Inches (16 cm).

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9. Cheerful Mood Christmas Cuckoo Clock Design:

It’s for sure that this model will put you in a cheerful mood with its holiday detailed and decorated Coca-Cola collector’s item. This model is the best working cuckoo clock with quartz analogue movement. Every hour, the Coca-Cola polar bear pops out to the tune of “Always Coca-Cola.” This piece of a mini cuckoo clock has a truly authentic sound and action ornament that can be readily displayed on the tree of your patios with appropriate décor. This particular clock measures approximately 5-1/4″W x 2-1/2″ D x 6″H.

10. Brown Teak Wood Quartz Cuckoo Clocks:

Make your wall sing with this interesting version of the best cuckoo clock that can be hung uniquely in any of the walls of your sweet home. They are in a distinctive style and also with a chic look. This falls under the category of large cuckoo clock designs with dimensions ranging about Length-12 inches, Width-3.5 inches and Height-18.5 inches. It is made out of teak wood and no major assembly required.

11. Regula Movement Owl Cuckoo Clock Design:

This type of owl large cuckoo clock is of the elegant looks and also possesses some strong scenarios. This overcomes the black forest theme and works with REGULA mechanical movement. This clock which is of Germany origin follows the authenticity of the country and gives the best finishing look. It has a Night shut off mode that makes the clock silence but should be done manually with a lever.

12. Recyclable Pink Cuckoo Clocks:

Have you wondered how a pink unique cuckoo clock would be with its ever stunning appearance? Here is the presentation of the pink shaded cuckoo clock that is truly 100% recyclable. This American made cuckoo clock has the dimensions of 7.75″ x 11.75″ x 2″. This is a fresh stocked classic cuckoo clock that flew the coop, with no cuckoo. It is great for dorm rooms, kid’s rooms or any other room that needs a fun decorative piece. This clock is constructed of lightweight and with the durable 3 mm paperboard. It makes uses of a quartz clock movement.

13. Forest Themed Grandfather Cuckoo Clock:

It is the fantastic Forest themed grandfather best cuckoo clock featuring a family of bears and eagle. This clock is carefully handmade and carved with a Bear family, Music and Dancers. It has flashed the cuckoos at the top of each hour and plays one of the two melodies. It is purposefully handcrafted with a German master craftsman with the theme of Black Forest.

14. Standing Deer Cuckoo Clock Design:

This stunning collection of large cuckoo clock measures -Height: 98 cm/38.6 inch, Width: 60 cm/23.6 inch and Depth: 30 cm/11.8 inch. It works with a mechanical extreme long-life rack strike movement. The clock possesses an 8-day running time movement that needs to be winded up once a week. The clock mechanism allows turning the hands left and right without endangering the mechanics of the movement.

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15. Dark Walnut Shaded Funny Cuckoo Clock:

If you are fond of exploring funny cool cuckoo clock, then here is the best collection. It has the battery operated movement with manual and automatic night-off. It has twelve different melodies, some of which are- The Woodchopper March, Happy Wanderer, Trink Brüderlein Trink, In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus, For Elise. This clock face consists of a wooden dial with a diameter of 3 1/8 Inches. It has dancing figurines such as the Wooden Black Forest Figurines. It works with three C batteries and is of Walnut Shade.

16. Poultry Toy Cuckoo Clocks:

Here is the dramatic collection of cuckoo clock series which are specifically meant for kids rooms. It is the toy kind of cuckoo clock that is having the theme of Victoria Poul tree Chicken Cuckoo. They furnish the scenario of a farm regarding the toy category.

17. Coloured Birds’ Cuckoo Clocks:

This highlighted cuckoo clock follows the 8 Day clock wind up movement. It is featured with coloured Birds with beautiful carvings that are handmade. The cute little door of this clock opens with a cute chirping of the cuckoo birds. It sings both out the hour and the half-hour. The exact dimensions of the clock measures as such- 44cm High x 29cm Wide.

18. Black Forest Musicians and Dancers Cuckoo Clock:

Have a look over this cool cuckoo clock that has the contemporary theme following the Black Forest featuring Oompah band and pairs of dancers. It has 4 numbers of banding troops with a romantic pair of dancers. The dial and the hands are made out of wood. The chains and other visible metal parts of this musical cuckoo clock are burnished dark in colour.

19. Charming Kittens and Cat Cuckoo Clock:

It’s true that these clocks get the scene detail and dimensions when the sculpted resin kittens are made to play on the base of the clock. This is an authentic maple ca themed cuckoo clock that features playful kittens all around the classical cuckoo clock cabinet. A unique sculpted red cardinal that is brilliantly designed emerges to announce the hour with a chirping song.

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20. Exclusive Antique Cuckoo Clock:

These types of the exclusive collection of the cuckoo clock India are carved in very detailed and deep concepts. The hand-carved cuckoo moves and lifts his wings to sing with a beautiful pitch. The clock has a manual night shut off mode and is stained in dark oak. It also underwent the treatment of special hard wax. You may have no doubt that all carvings are hand-signed.

21. Hand Painted Chalet Cuckoo Clocks:

Discover the special cool cuckoo clock which has Mechanical Movement that runs for one day before you need to wind up the chain. The ornaments of this unique piece are hand-carved and hand-painted too, which makes each one of the original and unique. There is a manual switch that allows you to turn off the cuckoo sound but not interrupting the clock movement. It measures 20 x 16 cm (8 x 6) in size.

22. Spinning Dancers Hunter Cuckoo Clock Design:

This is the 8-Day comprising mechanical movement cuckoo clock that has spinning dancers. It also has the manual night shut off options. It comes with two separate songs on each hour. They are namely- Edelweiss and The Happy Wanderer. It has screw modelled pendulum with the brass stem.

23. Nesting Edelweiss Cuckoo Clock:

Make your choice with this best mechanism of 24-hour movement. It is the handmade piece with German quality and has the hour and half-hour strike with a Cuckoo bird appearing from it. It comprises with a height of about 12 inches. Here in this clock, a second door opens with musician figurine and Edelweiss tunes which starts playing on the hour and half-hour as well.

24. 1- Day mechanical Antique Cuckoo Clocks:

Take up your gaze with this clock that functions distinctively because of its decorations that are relatively simple and sober. It measures with dimensions of h x w x d = 48 x 35 x 20 cm. The clock works with the 1-Day movement mechanism.

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25. Fully Decorated Antique Cuckoo Clock Design:

Last but not least, discover the new features of this extraordinary version of a cuckoo clock. This is a unique version that 3 strings adjoined with the simple clock 24-hour mechanism. It also a pendulum that strikes with chirp sound of the cuckoo birds. The pendulum is also made out of wood with the entire set.

Most of the cuckoo clock designs discussed here have the typical Black Forest house or a woodcutter who chops wood on the hour in time to the cuckoo call and its echo. One of 12 different alternating melodies is followed here in all the version and models. There is also the provision of a light sensor that automatically turns off the cuckoo sound and the music at night. Or in some cases, they can be turned off anytime by means of a manual switch.