3 Shocking Revelations About Nick Cannon & Bre Tiesi From Selling Sunset Season 6

Selling Sunset season 6 newcomer Bre Tiesi spoke candidly about her relationship with Nick Cannon, the father of her son Legendary, making waves throughout the cast as she revealed some shocking information. Bre joined the cast of Selling Sunset in the most recent season as one of The Oppenheim Group’s newest agents, selling multi-million dollar homes to an array of celebrity clients. Before her time on Selling Sunset, Bre dealt with the spotlight in her relationships. Bre’s marriage to Johnny Manziel, who she was with from 2016 to 2019, put her in the whirlwind drama of being a football wife. After her split from Johnny, she moved on to Nick.

Bre and Nick have been in each other’s lives for years, but their relationship didn’t start gaining notoriety until Bre announced her pregnancy in 2022. Since Bre and Nick’s son would be his eighth child, many were curious just how he would deal with having so many children, and in turn, how Bre felt about him splitting his time. While Bre was diplomatic about her relationship with Nick, she was clear that their son was planned and that she wanted to have a child with Nick. Though the details on their relationship have remained foggy, Bre and Nick are co-parenting successfully, regardless of what was said on Selling Sunset.



1 Nick Likely Doesn’t Pay Bre Child Support

During an episode of Selling Sunset, Bre shared that it could be possible with the number of children Nick has that he isn’t legally obligated to pay child support for all of them. When Amanza Smith asked about the legality, Bre explained “The way it works is like, after 10, the court can basically say he can’t afford to pay child support. Or…they could say, ‘We know you can afford X amount for each household.’” While this has been heavily refuted, even by Bre’s lawyer, the idea that Nick may not be required to pay money to the mothers of his children is disturbing.

2 Bre Doesn’t Speak To Nick’s Other Baby Mamas

While Bre has made it clear that she and Nick don’t have a traditional relationship, that doesn’t mean she finds herself close with the other mothers of his children. While she’s respectful of the other children Nick has, she’s focusing on her own situation with him, and doesn’t compare it to the relationships he has with other women. According to US Weekly, Bre explained, “[It’s] all love. We all are worried about our situation and our children and [doing] the best we can do. If anyone needs something, my door is always open.” Bre prioritizes her relationship with her child, letting Nick facilitate interactions between the rest of his kids.

3 Chelsea Lazkani Called Bre & Nick’s Relationship “Off-Putting”

During Selling Sunset season 6, Chelsea Lazkani took issue with Bre and Nick’s choices. While Chelsea claimed to be supportive of Bre, she shared that she couldn’t support Nick’s lifestyle due to his number of children. Chelsea tried to make it clear that she found Bre and Nick’s relationship “off-putting” because with the number of children Nick has, there’s no way he’s able to prioritize the needs of all his children in the way she feels a parent should be. Bre took this as a slight, and rather than trying to understand Chelsea’s point of view, she took the issue to the rest of the Selling Sunset cast to scrutinize.

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