30 Cute Spring Outfits

30 Cute Spring Outfits

The biggest change in fashion comes around the time when spring knocks at your door. When you see the lush greenery, blossoming flowers and bright blue skies engulf the nature around you, you know it’s time to throw away the heavy winter clothing, and put on something lighter, brighter and cuter.

It’s All about the Perfect Combination

In an attempt to look fresh and rejuvenated, many people end up with the worst combination of clothes imaginable. The key word here is combination. Most people do have the right set of clothes in their wardrobe, but they fail to mix and match in a way that is appropriate for the season. These people are prone to what we call the “dresser’s block” that happens mostly around spring.

Getting bright ideas for your spring outfit is indeed a tricky task. Most people are aware of the basic wears such as the vintage t-shirt and the silk skirt that they have to put on during this season, but they fail to pair them up correctly as mentioned before. Some people even resort to shopping sprees to find the perfect clothes that will light up their moods and make them far more appealing to onlookers. The truth is that you don’t need to break your bank to look spectacular in spring. All you have to do is think a little out of the box, and make a good survey of your wardrobe. Your closet probably has the perfect items to be worn during spring. It’s up to you to decide which attire will give you your best look.

Be Creative with Your Choices
When it comes to picking the right clothes from your wardrobe, it’s all about creativity. You can’t be dressing in the same way that everyone else did last spring. It’s up to you to come up with a fresh, new and innovative look. There are literally hundreds of different styles that you can choose from. You have bear in mind that some styles will suit your better than the others. Fashion in spring is all about finding your niche. Once you know what style to adhere, you can try out different versions of that style all throughout the year.

The 30 Spring Fashion Tips

If you are struggling to create the perfect, seamless spring outfit combination in your head, then there is absolutely no reason to be distressed. We are bringing you 30 of the cutest spring outfit ideas that are sure to bring a smile on your face and get those street style photographers clicking away. As you will see, some of these ideas are highly innovative and original, while others are well thought out and clever twists on an old style. So get your hands on your wardrobe handles, because these 30 outfit ideas are going to turn your spring upside down.

The striking white jeans coupled with a trendy button down shirt.

Alexa Chung

You can put on your best pair of heels with this outfit. A black bag will also be a stunning contrast to the classy white jeans. As for the shirt, anything that’s striped with white would be a perfect blend with the jeans. A watch with a thick white leather strap is also strongly recommended.

A vintage sleeveless t-shirt with a belted full skirt.

Jennifer Lawrence

With this attire, you are going to look like a cute little bad ass straight from the 80s. If you are feeling bold and pumped, this is definitely the dress you should try out. An unfussy spring shoe would be the perfect footwear for this attire. You may event want to strap a tiny little brown bag around your waist.

The brown leather hat and the pitch black skirt.

Blake Lively

This outfit is the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. It is pretty much an effortless wear that would take up only 5 minutes of your time. There is no need to put on a watch or carry a bag. Just go sport this wear with a busy look on your face, just like Blake Lively does here.

Any fit khaki pants with white loose shirt.

Lauren Conrad

This is the ultimate groovy look in spring. If you want to be even groovier, then you could put on a pair of leopard printed heels with this ultra cool outfit. B shades and a wrist full of bangles would be a great way to accessorize.

White on white.

Taylor Swift

Spring is the perfect time to take a break from wearing jackets. Instead of covering yourself with that heavy leather clothing, why not pick a comfortable, light and cotton made spring dress to go with a white cardigan? You don’t even need matching white shoes with this outfit as it is distinct and beautiful.

The body fit jacket with the ripped-up boyfriend jeans.

Jennifer Aniston

Did we ask you to throw out the jacket? Well scratch that. Wear a tight one on top of a loose fitting top and rock some ripped jeans below. For the ultimate killer lady look, wear a pair of extravagant shades and vibrant stiletto heels.

The vintage sweater and shirt combination with a flaunty black skirt and classic hat.

It does not get more elegant than this. Do you want to look like a princess from Paris? This is the look you should be aiming for. Plus, it’s perfect for those who are still getting chills from winter. And of course ditch the scarf if the weather lets you.

Go all chic vice with white trousers, white blazer.

Amal Clooney

There is something about this attire that makes you look irresistibly desirable and a corporate badass at the same time. It would be a good choice to put this on if you are up for a spring meeting.

All black.

Chrissy Teigen

This is the outfit of choice for those who aren’t too keen on being all sunshine and rainbows during spring. Hold on to your wintery mystique for a few more days with this sophisticated uptown look. You may event to clutch on to a eye catching red bag for a few extra eye brow raises.

The long blazer, the grey top and the leather pants with the sneakers.

Adriana Garcia

Can it get any sportier than this? Combine these all with a pair of refreshing blue shades and you’ll be looking like a 3 time Wimbledon beauty queen.

The ladylike full skirts in green or yellow with a white shirt and a short jacket.

This is a combination that is definitely in trend right now, and you do want to make the most of it before it becomes stale and an afterthought. Cute little glass bangles would give this attire a more intercultural look.

A really long gleaming light brown trench coat with blue jeans.

Amber Heard

Now you are free to choose any footwear you want, but we can’t help but advise you to combine this outfit with a pair of sequined flats. Oh and you might want to put on some dark shades for the added effects.

The loose fitting white top with the loose fitting trousers with a white woven hat.

Mila Kunis

Could you get any more “spring” than this? It’s easy to put on, and is something that will be a joy to wear throughout the day. This should be perfect for a day long outing in the countryside.

The leather jacket with the white skirt.

This naive and at the same time rock look is for those who don’t really want to look out of place with brightly coloured clothing. Despite the lack of vibrancy, this attire is still chic enough to turn heads and will go perfectly with one those soft leather designer label bags.

The light blue denim vest with the romantic spring dress.

Pippa Middleton

If this doesn’t make you look as fresh as a daisy then nothing will. It’s the kind of outfit that makes you look deceptively tough and incredibly cute at the same time. You might want to wear it with one of those round shades for the perfect contrast.

The black and white striped top with the black fitted pants.

Who knew the mime look could be so sexy huh? A leopard printed purse with on-trend mules would be the perfect addition to this unique wear. One thing is for sure, this is something that you won’t see every Jane, Marry and Betty wear in school or at the workplace. Besides, this simple look makes you feel oh so Parisian!

A heavy anorak on top of a grey top and a plain skirt.

Miranda Kerr

This is the smooth, girly and dainty outfit that set your head and shoulders above the rest. Make sure the anorak has a darker hue than the top inside. Stiletto heels would also be a great addition to this attire.

Go unique with the denim jacket, layered with a bright cardigan.

If you are out with your friends or your family for a light lunch at the bistro, then this is the wear that would suit you the best. It’s the perfect mix of trendy and casual. Most importantly, it’s the easiest way to make the boys go gaga for you without cashing in on heavy jewellery and expensive accessories.

The double denim top and bottom, and a killer trench coat.

Jessica Biel

This is the kind of outfit that you need for the cool and windy days in spring. It’s distinct from the winter clothing that has been on display for months, but it still covers you up enough to protect you from the chilly breeze. Add a trench coat for a more layered look.

A cheeky sweatshirt coupled with a plaited skirt and a matching oversized bag.

Spring is the time for sports, and if you are out in the field to watch your boy play then there’s no better outfit than this. You may want to put on a funky necklace to bring out your feminine side.

The swaying calf length dress, the cool brown shades a pair of T-strap heels.

Jennifer Lopez

Attires don’t get more refreshing than this. Make sure your dress is well designed and you may even want to carry a bright blue or hot pink bag with this outfit. The idea is to look as cool and composed as possible. It’s a perfect outfit for those who want to stand out in the grey crowd.

Chinos with Breton stripe shirt and loafers.

Jennifer Garner

This is a very modern take on a spring outfit. If you are not sure on how to pull this off, then look at Jennifer Garner’s casual outfit. Once you do wear it perfectly, you’ll look like the cutest maiden on planet earth.

Wide leg pants and classic button down shirt with a big satchel.

Sounds like something that mums would wear, but we can bet our butts that it is something cool enough to be even worn by the teens. As long as you keep your hands in the pocket and flaunt some funky shades, you’ll be alright.

Black leather jacket with a black leather skirt.

That’s a lot of clothing right there, but it’s appropriate for those bone chilling spring days that are reminiscent of the harsh winter that has just gone by. Besides, it makes you look like a corporate hot shot, so why not put it on?

The all white jacket, top, trousers and heels.

Nicole Richie

If you have been experimenting with all black during winter, then go for a complete contrast with the all white in spring. If you think it’s going to make you look ridiculous, then you are wrong. If anything, it’s going to make you appear more sophisticated than ever. Just make sure you don’t spill coffee on you.

A silky polka dotted skirt with a vintage t-shirt.

Emma Stone

This is a simple and cute combination that you should try out at least once during the entire spring season. As accessories you can grab a soft leather white purse and wrap your wrists with some colourful bands and bracelets.

Printed maxi dresses along with a leather jacket.

Christina Milian

Maxi dresses are usually kept away till summer, but once you couple it up with the leather jacket, it creates a unique spring combination that will get people applauding your sense of fashion.

Double denims with the stunning red kicks.

This outfit screams of springtime cool. Be sure to sport an ocean blue pair of shades and a matte black purse to colour yourself up with the ideal accessories.

Futuristic style.

Blake Lively

If you are into futuristic outfits then this is definitely your pick. Don’t forget the Police styled shades with this one.

Espadrilles, blue jeans, wayfarers, and a shirt-sweater combination.

At a cursory glance, this simple outfit looks quite mundane. However, when people come in for a closer look, they will truly appreciate how polished your taste in fashion is.

There you have it, 30 extraordinary cute outfit ideas for spring. Now all you have to do is spend a few extra minutes in front of the mirror to experiment with these ideas and stumble upon the one that makes you look like the dazzling princess in the jolly season of spring.

(all images are sourced via pinterest)

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