32 Matching Sets For Every Type Of Summer Plan

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Even for the most fashion-minded people, choosing what to wear for the day ahead is a skill that goes through its ups and downs. Sometimes you know exactly what clothing combo the day calls for, sometimes you stare at your wardrobe having no clue and zero inspiration. If that skill has been feeling a little rusty lately as we transition fully into warm weather dressing, you’re not alone. One solution to make those summer decisions easier? Matching sets, baby, matching sets.

Matching sets are the ideal, fun-yet-formal summer outfit. They require minimal effort, but instantly make your ‘fit appear more purposeful and put together. From office-appropriate suits to glammed-up skirt-and-top sets, there’s a matching set for every occasion, even if you have no occasion. Not only are summer matching sets comfortable and easy to slip on, but the looks also make the transition from sweaty commute to air-conditioned destination a breeze. 

To score some easy summer ‘fits that’ll get you through all your plans, scroll on for our favorite matching sets, handpicked by us.


Matching sets for a night out

The next time you get a “what are you wearing?” message, prepare for some flame emoji responses to come your way. From Rixo’s shimmery sequin skirt set to & Other Stories’ zippered ‘fit, these will be your new favorite looks for going out-out.

Matching sets for the office

Sleek suits are a classic way to be stylish yet professional. If you’re looking to stray from your typical trouser- or short-suit, try some brightly colored, patterned, or cropped alternatives to shake things up a bit. Tip: Opt for linen in the office during the warmer months. Despite the fabric’s tendency to wrinkle with every subtle movement, it’s delightfully light on the skin.

Matching sets for a wedding guest outfit

If your diary is looking anything like ours, then you’ve got multiple weddings to attend over the coming year. It’s tempting to go for a dress when it comes to selecting your guest outfit but why not try a skirt or pants matching set instead?

Matching sets for the casual weekend

When the weekend arrives, no one wants to be spending most of it getting ready to meet friends or see family, right? From a denim skirt-set to a slinky maxi skirt duo, these will convince your loved ones that you didn’t lie in until 20 minutes before leaving the house.

Matching sets for a holiday

The most organized travelers pack light by filling their suitcases holiday looks with matching sets: an array of mix and match separates that double up your outfit count.

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