35 Modern Collection of Gold Chain Designs for Women in 2020

Do Indians need a special reason to buy gold jewellery? Of course not! Gold is treated as a status symbol and as a sign of prosperity. It also carries a high emotional value and also makes for a wise investment. Among the many ornaments made out of this precious metal, Gold chain designs quite popular with men and women of all age groups. Be it for everyday use or for special occasions, these chains come in a wide variety of patterns. You can also buy one chain and wear it in many ways to create different looks. Today, we bring to you an amazing collection of Gold Chain designs for ladies to suit all your moods and fashion needs.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Gold Chain:

Be it any form of gold jewellery, you need to keep in mind certain things before investing your hard-earned money:

Always check if the piece is embossed with the BIS Hallmark logo. This is very important to assess the quality and purity of gold.
Insist on getting the weight checked in front of you and cross-check it with the numbers on the bill.
Bargain on the making charges. Most stores charge you anywhere between 12%-20% on an average. This can go as high as 40% in designer and branded shops. So, keep that in mind before you choose the place.
If you are looking it from an investment per se, avoid stone-studded chains. Pure gold chains alone will give you a higher exchange value.
Check for the length and width of the chain. Make sure it’s neither too short or too long. Also, ensure that the make of the chain is sturdy and avoid designs that are delicate, as they can break off easily.

Different Types of Gold Chain Models in India with Images and Names:

Flaunt that statement neckpiece and one is good to go! Here we present a list of 35 chain designs in gold is as follows.

1. Simple Gold Chain:


Let’s start with a basic chain that works in multiple ways. You can wear it on its own or combine it with other chains to create a layered look. Also, you can try adding a colourful pendant to match your outfits. Upon close look, you can notice smaller links seamlessly blending into each other to form to get a smooth texture. This chain weighs around 30 gms and is made with 22kt gold.

2. Fancy Gold Chain:


This designer gold chain is suitable for both men and women who love to make a statement with just one piece of jewellery. It comes with a 5 mm width to make it visible on your body. The best part is that you need not worry about adding any more accessories to it. The W-hook gold chain can be worn on western and formal wear outfits to look stylish.

3. Foxtail Gold Chain:


This classic gold chain is made with 22 kt yellow gold to give you an elegant feel. You can wear it as a standalone chain or with a pendant and look sensational in either way. The beautifully made foxtail design puts your neckline under the spotlight and draws attention to it. It can also be used as a contemporary version of a Mangalsutra chain on sarees and ethnic wear.

4. Bilwa Gold Chain:


If you are looking for a lightweight gold chain under 10gms or 1 Tola, this model can be a great option. The brilliantly made design features chain links in 22kt gold. Because of the clever craftmanship, the chain looks heavy and grand, despite its low metal weight. It is ideal for daily wear and suits both the genders.

5. Double Row Gold Chain with Gold Beads:


This exquisitely done gold chain design is specially made for young girls who want to stay ahead in the fashion game. The delicate pattern features two chains interlocked with golden beads to adorn your neckline. Inspired by the traditional model of an anklet, this chain is all your need on your Salwars and sarees to look ethereal!

6. Flat Gold Chain with Links:


For someone who fancies wearing a wide gold chain, this pattern may the best bet! The trendy design lends an unspoken charm and elegance to your outfit. Even without an added pendant, this chain can get you all the attention you deserve. This glitzy piece of jewellery can be worn on most of your outfits by changing the way you style it!

7. Designer Gold Chain For Women:


Get ready to say Wow to this masterpiece! The 22kt Gold chain is handcrafted to perfection for fashion-forward customers. It comes in 10gms metal weight and 38 cms in length, which is just what you are looking for! The alternated gold bars and links arrangement lends a fancy look to this chain, which is unusual to find in this segment.

8. Gold Mangalsutra Chain:


A black beaded gold Mangalsutra chain is indispensable to a married woman. Whether it is for everyday wear or occasional, invested in a beautiful design is a must. Check out this highly detailed chain made with 22kt gold and decorated with black coloured beads in between. Two links are provided to accommodate the pendant, which must be bought separately.

9. Delicate Twirl Gold Chain:


This charming chain design is made for college going girls, who prefer something sleek and chic! The short length chain makes it slightly below the collar bone to accentuate your gorgeous neck. You can choose a shiny diamond pendant and string it in for a high-end look. With close to 10 gms of weight, this may be the best bet for daily use.

10. Twisted Gold Chain:


Take a look at this dramatic chain that features twisted gold fibres, interspersed with pin locks. The unique design offers strength and resilience to the ornament to prevent breakages or loss of elasticity. It is best worn as a standalone chain for the details to show up, else you can add a stonework pendant to it. With over 20 gms of metal weight, this chain falls on the expensive side!

11. Figaro Link Gold Chain:


This is another type of Gold chain design which is made up of flattened links. This pattern is usually popular with men, but women also prefer them for their sassy appearance. It features a group of smaller links attached to a larger one that creates a decorative look. To maximize your share of compliments from your friends, team it up with your western outfits.

12. Kerala Style Gold Chain:


Here is a stunning design that is inspired by the heritage jewellery of Kerala. The chain features alternating round links with hollow golden beads to create this stunning model. To bring out the best of this beauty, wear it own its own or along with a plain gold chain to add a layered effect on your neckline.

13. Gold Ball Chain:


If you are looking for a lovely gold chain that works with all your outfits, go for this beaded gold chain. Round beads made in 22kt gold are strung together by leaving some gap between each. This chain is ideally worn with a pendant, but if you want to keep it alone, then pick a chain with bigger size balls.

14. Curb Style Gold Chain:


With many women preferring to break the gender stereotypes, this statement piece comes as no surprise! The curb chain, which is usually made for men is now available in the female jewellery segment. It features heavy, long links and a twisted curb that has light-reflecting properties to make you shine like a star!

15. Two-Tiered Black Bead Gold Chain:


When you are spending a fortune on buying gold, why compromise on outdated designs? Check out this edgy chain in a two-tiered model. The gorgeous design is decorated with black and coloured beads to match most of your dresses. With this one in your jewellery box, you need not worry about choosing n ornament every time because of its infallible style!

16. Cable Strands Gold Chain with Pearls:

We know that this multistrand gold chain is sure to steal your heart! The intricately done cable links in the chain are interlaced with delicate freshwater pearls to bring out your true inner beauty. This chain is best worn with dreamy lace sarees and chiffon salwars to look gorgeous. You can even get the number of layers customized as per your requirements.

17. Braided Style Gold Chain:


Made with pure 22kt gold, this braided gold chain lends a slender look to your neckline. The sophisticated design features an arrangement of three-dimensional links, which seem to flow from each other. Although it looks bulky, the metal weight is just 14 gms and is suitable for everyday wear. To enhance its look, attach a statement pendant in colourful enamel work.

18. 18kt Beaded Gold Chain:


This chain is low on budget and high on fashion! It is made with 18kt gold in an exquisite beaded style for young girls and teenagers. The dainty piece adds a shine to your neck without making it look too garish. This style of chain is often used with dog style pendants, made in gold or silver. You can also try adding charms in between the balls to get a customized ornament.

19. Dual-Toned Gold Chain:


Gift your lady this stunning gold chain and make her fall head over heels in love with you again! Such is the beauty of this ornament which features a rare design in two-tone gold. Tiny yellow and white gold discs are inter-linked and the two ends are joined with a lobster-claw hook. The machine-made ornament has an approximate weight of 13 gms.

20. Contemporary Tube Beads Gold Chain:


This gold chain features a two-tone style but is a heavier version of the previous one. The textured gold chain is strung with white and yellow gold tube beads to add a stylish look to your neck. It has an approximate metal weight of 27 gms, which might cost above one lakh. So, if you are looking for a high-end chain, then this might an irresistible option!

21. Gold Chain With Attached Floral Pendants:

This gold chain is love at first sight for many fashion lovers! This exotic piece lies somewhere in between a simple gold chain and a necklace. Four laser cut pendants are attached to a delicately made chain, two on the sides and two on the front. You can wear this for small parties along with matching earrings to steal the show.

22. Interwarped Gold Chain:


This unisex chain is a classic piece that adds a hint of warmth on your neck. The ornament features gold strings twisted into tiny links that are interlocked. This skin-friendly design can be worn as it is or with a vintage pendant to bring in old-world charm. The S-hook secures the chain in place, without being harsh on the skin.

23. Fusion Style Gold Chain:


Here is another beautiful version of a gold chain, which combines the usual links with balls all along with the design. The fusion-style chain is about 4mm wide to cover your neckline in a layer of shiny gold. The W-hook also adds to the overall look of this ornament apart from joining the two ends. This style is also an excellent gifting option for little kids.

24. Rudraksha Style Gold Beaded Chain:

The importance of Rudraksha beads in Hinduism needs no special mention. Featured here is a gold chain is inspired by these holy beads to add a spiritual feel to your attire. Four big-sized, oval gold beads are looped in with round balls, which resemble Rudrakshas in design and texture. Don’t you simply love the idea?

25. Long Length Gold Chain:


This exquisite piece is sure to steal your heart with its intricate detailing. The long length chain is just what you need to elevate the beauty of your outfit. This versatile piece works with modern and ethnic ensembles. You can also twist it to create a short length chain for a stylish look. The product is made in a mere 16gms gold but has an unspoken regality about it.

26. Simple Gold Chain:

The very word gold signifies purity, auspicious occasions, festivals etc. The yellow metal is so very popular that people are extensively using gold to accessorize their jewellery wardrobe. The gold collection just never goes out of fashion and cheap. One can be safe with any golden jewellery for the colour, lustre, radiance and value. The value only increases. Chains in gold for women and men look amazing with traditional clothes at weddings, festivals or for that matter during any occasion. They match any outfit. Wearing pure gold chain also is very good for health reasons.

27. Gold Chains with Diamonds:

Wearing diamonds are classy and stylish. They enhance one’s overall personality. Men and women can equally carry off diamond jewellery with style and elegance. Men can flaunt diamond chains, rings, studs, etc. while women have a diamond jewellery storehouse options open for them. Diamonds are women’s best friend. They are a prized possession and also an excellent gifting option.

They might be on the expensive side but they cannot be matched for their shine, cuts and brilliance to any other piece of jewellery. This gold neck chain design with diamond is just perfect for any occasion, weddings, parties, dinners etc. As they just stand out!!

28. Gold and Silver Chain Together:

The most popular element after gold is silver for the finish and looks. Gold with silver jewellery is a classic combination which can be worn by both men and women. They can be thick or thin chains as one prefer wearing. Oxidized silver chains, sterling silver chains or black silver can be combined with gold for that casual, not too gaudy yet earthy looks. These unique gold silver chains go well with casual outfits. This gold chain style is a good option for daily wear.

29. Short Gold Chain with Small Pearls for Women:

Women and pearls are popular since time immemorial. Pearls are symbolic of royalty and grace. Pearls are a status symbol and give a classy look. Golden chains with colours like white, pink, and cream in pearls look heavenly in the neck. Pearl chains define the neckline elegantly with the fall. One can be a fashion icon with pearl jewellery. Any attire like Indian ethnic wear, gowns, evening wear, party wear etc. will go well with pearls. This can be an excellent gifting option too. This simple chain is indeed a classy statement to make.

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30. Antique Gold Long Chains Designs:

Handed over from many generations, antique gold chains are symbolic of pride, culture, family and heritage. These precious chains have a monetary as well as the emotional value attached to them. They are indeed a very special and prized possession. They have beautiful designs, carved on them, temple designs, goddesses’ designs, precious stones, precious metals etc. on them. Blessed are those who have got heritage and antique jewellery passed on through generations. They are beautiful and are usually slightly heavy.

31. Gold Chains With Swarovski Crystals:

Swarovski crystals are very popular and in fashion these days with rings, bracelets, chains etc. come studded with these. These amazing looking crystals are also used in various other accessories like watches, clothes, bags, etc. They have a designer element feel to it. Setting Swarovski crystals with pearls in a gold chain can be just beautifully crafted jewellery piece to complete the full look with another matching set of accessories.

32. Gold Rhodium Chains:

Very highly popular element after silver in fancy and trendy jewellery making are rhodium and rhodium finished metals. They have a striking resemblance to silver in appearance and finish. They look very classy and upmarket. Even rhodium finish is used in gold and silver jewellery also for that unique shine. This ladies gold chain design is simple and is affordable.

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33. Feathered Gold Chains:

Feathered gold chains are not the same old, boring kind of chains. These look beautiful on women for that casual look. Feathers are for freedom and birds are symbolic of freedom and wings. Women are very much independent and hence they have their freedom of choice. Flaunt these lovely chains all you lovely ladies!!

34. Gold Chains with Letters:

Unique single word chains or an alphabet as in the first letter of your name, spouses’ name, child name etc. will be suited for everyday wear. The chain can be a reminder of all good thoughts of the person in our life and can be our daily source of inspiration too. This latest female gold chain pattern is truly personalized.

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35. Gold Pendant with Cross:

This newest pattern of gold chain with a cross is inspired by faith. The body of the chain is in gold and is truly lightweight with a very minute pattern. The ends are tied together with a cross symbol. Some of them come in silver and while others come in gold too.

Fashion has become symbolic with both men and women and they take time out to keep their fashion diary updated at all times. Elderly, youngsters to even toddlers and newborn flaunt their own style and look. So flaunting that lovely looking gold chain can be the best solution for one’s fashion. Experiment and get set to explore newer options in the best accessory for necks being chains in varied metals and gold becoming the eye-catching and the popular one. A small twist in that boring wardrobe can be a whole new set of gold jewellery. Go get that bling back!!