4 Wise Points Fans Made About Debbie Meeting Oussama’s Mom

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Debbie Aguero got the chance to meet Oussama’s mother, but fans aren’t sure that the interaction was positive. Her future mother-in-law seemed offended by Debbie’s frank comments. While Debbie tried to be friendly by making conversation with everyone, viewers are congregating online, and wondering whether the get-together was a success or not.

Fans have been expressing doubts about this particular couple, as many think that Debbie and Oussama won’t get married. The two are fairly different people, and they don’t communicate very well. There’s been a lot of talk recently, with certain fans believing that the duo is genuine, especially when compared to a sea of clout chasers. However, others feel that they won’t last in the long run. Debbie and Oussama aren’t sure if they’ll get married yet, and haven’t decided where they will live. With all these issues to manage, and Debbie’s experience with Oussama’s family, their future doesn’t look very promising.

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4 Debbie Was Good At “Putting Everyone At Ease”

In a thread started by bettyknockers786, fans discussed Debbie’s conversation with Oussama’s mother. Fans feel that Debbie, “did a great job introducing herself” and making small talk, which is something that other stars have struggled with. One example is 90 Day Fiancé’s Kim Menzies. To viewers, it seemed like Oussama’s father and sister, “[enjoyed] her company,” as Debbie’s natural, “charm” made the, “awkward” situation more bearable. One person described Debbie as an, “eccentric oddball” and, “free spirited creative type.” This seems to help her in social situations, such as meeting her boyfriend’s family. Since Debbie is a, “likable person,” it is easy for her to get along with people.

3 90 Day Fiancé: TOW’s Debbie Brings Up Her Age Too Much

One criticism followers had for Debbie is that, “she’s always bringing up the age,” as if she wants someone to challenge her. Age gaps aren’t a unique occurrence in the franchise, but most couples don’t bring it up. When it isn’t mentioned, it’s easy for fans to forget that there is, “a significant age difference.” While Debbie and Oussama’s relationship is, “built on a friendship,” many are “uncomfortable” with how often Debbie points out that she is much older than Oussama. Debbie looks young for 67, but when she is, “heavily focused” on their age gap, it is hard to see anything else.

2 Why 90 Day Fiance: TOW’s Oussama’s Mother May Have Been Uncomfortable

Fans thought Oussama’s mom was giving Debbie, “side eye” during their talk, and some interpreted it as her not approving of Debbie’s relationship with her son. A fan theorized that Oussama’s parents were, “desperate for [him] to show interest in someone,” but weren’t expecting someone like Debbie. With her constantly pointing out their, “age gap,” Debbie created an unpleasant atmosphere. It seemed like Oussama’s mom, “disapproves” of the relationship, or was, “horrified” by it. The 43-year gap is a lot for fans to handle, let alone Oussama’s mother. If Debbie and Oussama’s relationship is doomed, his mother’s disapproval of Debbie may end up being a contributing factor.

1 90 Day Fiancé: TOW’s Debbie & Oussama Are Both “Oddballs”

Although there were many little snafus when Debbie met Oussama’s family, the conversation highlighted how both are, “oddballs.” It seems the couple is, “discovering a whole new world,” and learning from each other. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans think Debbie’s, “wisdom and confidence” is helping Oussama to, “mature.” Some think Oussama is, “strange,” but very compatible with the offbeat Debbie. Debbie got positive reactions from followers for always being herself and having a, “heart of gold.” There is some hope yet that despite Debbie’s rather oblivious conversation with Oussama’s mom, the couple will be able to work through any problems they have.

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