50 Latest and Different Types of Dresses for Women in 2020

While many countries have their form of ethnic apparel for women; globalization has made beautiful dresses of many variations a regular feature in women’s closets all over the world. By definition a dress is a synonym for any garment that can be worn by both men and women but for a while now; the term dress has come to be associated with women’s wear of a specific kind. The dress is one single garment that covers all or almost all of the body. While it is a standalone garment; it is also layered with other items of clothing.

There are many variations of women’s dresses and it is bound to take some effort to explore the entire content of this subject. This blog aims to do just that and provide the reader with an in-depth insight into dresses of all possible variations. The aim here is to list all dresses and put them into appropriate categories according to summer dresses, wedding dresses, winter fashion, party dresses and red carpet dresses. Read further to know more and to feast your eyes on beautiful dresses for women with images of varying kinds.

Stylish and Beautiful Dresses for Ladies in Fashion:

As mentioned before; this article aims to categorize dresses according to use and seasonal fashion. All in all; the goal here is to present the reader with the top 50 dresses of all variations.

Summer Wear:

The dress is one of the most popular items of women’s clothing during the summers; almost all over the world. Made with fabrics like cotton and linen; the summer dress is intended to provide comfort along with style during the warmer months. The fabric and design of these dresses emphasize on beating the summer heat and providing women garment options to keep themselves comfortable. Listed below are 10 amazing dresses for the summer that every woman should have in her closet. Scroll down to see more.

1. Printed Dress:

Summer is the time of the year for prints of varying kinds and these prints find their way onto dresses just like all other items of clothing. The image above is one brilliant example of the nature of printed dresses. It is easy to see how this particular printed dress is ideal for summer with its sleeveless form and a low neckline that lets the air in and allows the wearer to stay cool on a warm day. Along with being a summer dress; this is the perfect example of a casual dress that can be worn on a day out with friends or a trip to the department store.

2. Summer Work Outfit:

If you wish to take your preference for dresses to the workplace; it would be good to know that there are multiple dress designs that are appropriate for office wear. This is one brilliant example. This dress is form-fitting yet modest, covers most of the body and is stitched from linen fabrics that are ideal for the warmer months. The silhouette and form of this dress make it ideal for office wear.

3. Sundress:

During the warmer months; it is imperative to have a few sundresses in your closet that are ideal wear for your time out in the summer sun. These dresses generally have long flowing silhouettes, or end just above the knees and are made from summer-friendly fabrics. The emphasis here is on design and silhouette that allows for enough air and free-flowing forms that do not allow fabric to stick to the skin. The sundress in the image above is a great example for more than one reason; the fabric, the silhouette and the slit right up to the thighs make for the ideal sundress.

4. Maxi Dress:

The cute maxi dress is a popular choice during the summers and here is one stunning example of the popular maxi dress. Make a note of the summer-friendly fabric used and the tie and dye prints which are very popular during the summer months. This dress promises comfort on a warm summer day, along with loads of appeal. This dress is sure to be a reason for pride for the wearer and admiration and even envy from onlookers. A maxi dress is a summer closet essential and this is one of the best examples of summer-friendly maxi dresses.

5. Off-Shoulder Dresses:

The summer months are also a popular time of the year to flaunt off-shoulder dresses and here is one stunning example. This off-shoulder dress has all that it takes to make for the ideal women’s garment for the warmer months. The off-shoulder design, the slit that starts at the thigh, the floral prints, the light fabric and the free-flowing silhouette make this the ideal summer wear garment. Adding similar dresses like this one to your closet; is a smart summer fashion choice.

6. Summer Casual Evening Wear:

In many places around the world; the temperatures barely drop during summer evenings, making it compulsory to wear light fabrics at all times of the day. While the image suggests that this is an evening dress; it can be worn at any time of the day during the warmer months. This is a great example of cute dresses for women with a predominantly youthful vibe. This dress is sure to occupy a place of pride in your closet and is sure to find its way to the forefront of your wardrobe during the summer months.

7. Embroidered Summer Dress:

While excessive embroidery can make a garment heavy and unsuitable for warmer weather; light embroidery can effectively accentuate a summer dress. Here is one brilliant example of amazing dresses for summer street fashion. The boho-chic vibe of this summer garment is undeniable and this short dress is sure to find many young takers during the warmer months.

8. Summer Night Dress:

Here is one example of an amazing summer nightdresses that has all the trappings of resort wear. Make a note of the vibrant colours and prints and the form-fitting silhouette of this dress for women.

9. Marine Striped Dress:

Marine stripes often find favour during the summer months and this marine striped dress is a brilliant example of this summer trend. This form-fitting dress stands out for the cool blue stripes alongside its summer-friendly design and fabric.

10. Strappy Dress:

During the summer months; one can expect to see plenty of strappy dresses in bright vibrant colours. Here is one brilliant example of pretty dresses for women in a bright shade of peach.

Winter Dresses:

While winter is not considered a time of the year to wear dresses; however more and more women are opting for winter dresses in appropriate fabrics. Crochet dresses, cashmere dresses and plaid fabrics are very popular during the colder months. Listed below are some brilliant examples of amazing dresses that are great wardrobe additions for the winter months. Scroll down to know more.

11. The Red Dress:

The colour red is closely associated with winter and Christmas and this stunning red dress is bound to be a seasonal favourite during the colder months. It is quite apparent that this dress is designed from thick warm and luxurious fabric. The ideal way to style this dress is to wear it with knee-high boots as depicted in the image above. This will prevent you from getting cold as the dress ends at the thighs.

12. Sweater Dress:

A large oversized sweater or pullover can make for a great winter dress if you know how to wear it right. The image above has plenty of clues to go by. Knee-high boots will keep your legs warm as well as add to the look and a stole makes for a great accessory with this sweater dress for girls in winters.

13. Turtle Neck Dress:

If you are looking for a classic dress silhouette for the winter months; it’s difficult to go wrong with a classic black turtle neck dress with full-sleeves and a hemline that ends right above the knees. You can’t go wrong with this look when you are dressing for a sombre occasion.

14. Cute Knitted Dress:

Winters are the only time of the year when you could enjoy the cosy feel of an exquisite knitted dress; so don’t miss the window of opportunity. The knitted dress in the picture above is an excellent example of gorgeous dresses for the winter months. This dress can be brilliantly accentuated with an overcoat or you can pair them up with knee-high boots for chic street fashion.

15. Crochet Dress:

Crocheting is an amazing skill of creating lace-like fabrics and a crochet dress during the winter months is the ultimate feminine fashion statement. Crocheted dresses come in varying silhouettes and designs but the one featured above is an example that stands out. This dress is great for a party and evening wear and is bound to put the wearer in the spotlight. The dress is delicate due to the crochet work yet imposing and impressive owing to the rich teal shade.

16. Plaid Woolen Maxi Dress:

Fashion is constantly evolving and if you thought that the maxi dress was limited to summer wear; think again! This plaid woollen maxi dress is a great example of innovative ways to wear a dress during the colder months. This looks heavily borrows from the cowgirl image hence the leather jacket and pointed-toe boots however it is possible to mix and match accessories according to one’s personal preferences.

17. Cashmere Dress:

Ralph Lauren is one of the leading designers of contemporary times and his creations are often seen on some of the most prestigious red carpet events however the Ralph Lauren pret line has plenty of high-fashion dresses for everyday women. This stunning mock neck cashmere dress is one brilliant example of glamorous dresses for the winter months from the Ralph Lauren brand. It’s difficult t contest the fact that this dress has both class and substance and is the ideal wardrobe addition for women who prefer subtlety over loud trends. This dress is best worn with sensible pencil heel shoes as depicted in the picture above and other accessories should be kept to a bare minimum level.

18. The Tie Up Turtle Neck:

If you are on the hunt for unique dresses; it is difficult to beat this tie-up turtle neck dress from the Ralph Lauren brand. This dress is feminine, sophisticated and perfect for the winter months owing to the cashmere fabric. This dress is ideally worn in a more formal setting like a woman’s workplace where modest yet crisp sartorial choices are the norm. Once again this dress is best worn with sensible shoes and accessories should be kept to a bare minimum level.

19. A-Line Embroidered Dress:

Winter is a great time of the year to flaunt some exquisite embroidery and this A-Line dress is just the right way to go about it. Make note that this dress is designed from warm knitted fabric and the embroidery is limited to the hemline and neckline; following the oft-repeated rule that too much embroidery is a complete no-no. The rich shade of wine is a great seasonal colour choice for the winter months and the A-Line silhouette makes for a form-fitting outfit that flares out in the right places.

20. Velvet Wine Dress:

Velvet is a truly luxurious fabric that is unfortunately unsuitable for warmer weather. However the winter months; is a great time to flaunt a rich and form-fitting velvet dress like the one in the image above. This dress has all that it takes to invite envy and admiration and is sure to put you in the spotlight. Make note that velvet is a shiny fabric that does well with minimal accessorizing.

Wedding Dresses:

The wedding dress is worn once in a lifetime but surely stands apart as the item of clothing that women are most excited and anxious about. Choosing the right wedding dress is a decision that requires or demands time and attention to detail and most women go through multiple bridal dresses before arriving at the bridal dress of their choice. While choosing the right wedding dress seems to be of primary importance for any bride, shoes, accessories and styling all revolve around the wedding dress which further elevates the importance of this garment. Wedding dresses are of varying silhouettes and designs and some of the top weddings dresses areas listed below. Scroll down to go through a fine selection of 10 beautiful dresses for brides on their wedding day.

21. Boat Neck Wedding Dress:

If you are looking for a wedding dress that is sophisticated yet larger than life; opt for full sleeves, a modest neckline like a boat neck and go for a long flowing train. The wedding dress in the picture above is an incredible example of the point being made. The plain unadorned ivory fabric makes for a look that will leave your groom and your guests speechless with admiration. Minimum accessorizing that revolves around one statement piece like the chandelier earrings is the way to go when styling such a dress. Hair and makeup are also kept minimal in keeping with the sharp boat neckline.

22. Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress:

The off-shoulder wedding dress is also an excellent choice to go with on the day you tie the knot. The wedding dress featured above is an excellent example of the point being made. Make a note of the smart silhouette of this wedding ensemble; neatly paired with a modest hairdo, minimal accessorising, fresh and subtle makeup and very little else. When your wedding dress is this awe-inspiring; you need to let your bridal ensemble speak volumes and not be overshadowed by the hair, makeup and accessories.

23. Lace Sheath Wedding Dress:

If you have a long slender frame and prefer a form-fitting wedding dress then this lace sheath wedding dress might just be the bridal ensemble you are looking for. Lately bridal wear trends have revolved around irreverent and sexy bridal dresses and this dress sure fits the bill. Make a note of the exquisite lacework that sufficiently covers skin where it matters most. This bridal dress is a definitive precursor to a passionate honeymoon in some exotic destination. Make note that like the rest of the wedding dresses featured above; this bridal ensemble speaks volumes and makeup and styling are kept to a bare minimum.

24. Strappy Backless Wedding Gown:

Girls with a delicate slender frame are bound to elicit admiration with this strappy backless wedding dress. This is yet another lace creation on this list; however, it is as different from the first pick as chalk is from cheese. This dress shows plenty of bareback and shoulder and comes minus and overwhelmingly long train that is difficult to manage. This is an apt and stunning ensemble choice for a spring/summer bride and is an excellent example of exquisite dress designs for bridal wear.

25. The Sweetheart Neckline:

The sweetheart neckline is not a neckline bearing in mind that it relies on the bosom for support and exposes all of the neck and shoulders however little lies in a name considering the popularity of this silhouette. This wedding dress is a brilliant example of the aesthetic appeal of the sweetheart neckline accentuated with lacy fabric that is form-fitted waist-upwards for a bustier like appeal and free-flowing waist down. This is yet another example of contemporary wedding dresses with loads of sex appeal.

26. Deep Plunging Neckline:

Bearing in mind that the form of most wedding dresses is the same as per tradition; it is the neckline that sets each garment apart. Take for example this exquisite lace wedding dress with a deep plunging neckline that aesthetically shows off plenty of cleavages. This wedding dress has a conspicuous A-Line symmetry and its appeal lies in the neckline, sharp silhouette and exquisite lace and shimmer fabric. This dress boasts of the perfect combination of silver bling on white fabric and makes for a very glamorous bridal wear choice.

27. Fishtail Bridal Wear Dress:

The fishtail silhouette is a popular design concept for bridal and red carpet gowns. The stunning wedding dress in the picture above is an excellent example of bridal wear that takes excellent advantage of the stunning fishtail silhouette. This dress is especially complimentary for brides with an hourglass figure and is sure to highlight and accentuate the curves and contours of the body. The fishtail silhouette heavily relies on a form-fitting silhouette that fans out at the base to contrast with the hourglass figure of the wearer.

28. Pleated Wedding Dress:

When looking for a unique wedding dress; this pleated wedding dress is sure to set you apart from all the other recent brides that you know. This dress has all that it takes to make the perfect wedding dress; the pleated look, the subtle yet stunning beading at the waist, the sweetheart neckline and the beaded straps. It is hard to beat this dress when you have your sights sets on a combination of class, sophistication and tradition on your wedding day.

29. Cutout and A Cape:

Both cutouts and capes are trending in a big way right now and this excellent example of trendy dresses for brides incorporates both elements with undoubted success. This dress is best suited for a long slender frame. Make note that this dress also features a fishtail silhouette and while it is form-fitting everywhere; it flares out at the bottom for dramatic effect.

30. Traditional Bridal Dress:

Bearing in mind that this selection features multiple contemporary bridal dress designs; a beautiful and traditional bridal dress with all traditional elements had to be included and the dress in the image above was the best pick. This dress is the epitome of bridal wear; with a traditional vibe that is undeniable. Last, in this selection of bridal dresses, this wedding ensemble is not the least.

Party Dresses:

Dresses outdo trousers, tops and skirts as party wear outfits and there is a clear preference for trendy dresses for party wear over any other kind of garment. Where there is a demand; there is a robust supply, which means that there is no dearth of high-fashion dresses for party wear to choose from. While exploring the whole gamut of options for varying kinds of dresses; it is impossible to ignore party wear dresses hence featured below are ten stunning party dresses that are bound to elicit awe and admiration.

31. Cocktail Dress:

Every woman’s wardrobe should have at least one stunning cocktail dress for festive parties and this red sequined dress is sure to serve as inspiration. There is not much to this dress with a reasonable hemline, modest neckline and modest sleeves however it is the figure fitting form and the vibrant colour and sequins that make this dress stand out. This dress is sure to put you in the spotlight at an evening soiree or nightclub event that you attend.

32. White Lace Party Dress:

White lace needn’t be limited to wedding dresses when this fabric can make for amazing party wear dresses. The dress featured in the picture above is a primary example. This backless white lace party dress with a high riding hemline is sexy and classy at the same time and is sure to attract awe and attention from onlookers. If you are looking for a party dress that demands and gets attention at the next party you attend; this is the dress for you.

33. Black Tulle Dress:

This is a contemporary take on the little black dress that incorporates tulle fabric that is trending in a big way right now. This is the ideal ensemble to pull out for a chic Goth look at the next party you attend. Black stilettos minus any accessories are the best way to carry off this dress. Let the overwhelming qualities of the colour black; speak for itself.

34. Rose Gold Sequin Dress:

The colour rose gold which is a shimmery shade of salmon pink is trending in a big way and if you wish to attend your next party in keeping with the current trends; this is the dress for you. The sequins are sure to catch the light in the interiors of a nightclub and keep the spotlight on you. Once again; the shimmery sequins of this dress do not go well with other jewellery so keep the accessories away for another day.

35. Colour Blocking:

Colour blocking has been trending for a while now and makes for great resort wear, sportswear, loungewear and party wear outfits. This party wear dress is an excellent example of trendy dresses that effectively incorporate the colour blocking trend. The vibrant display of colours in this outfit is sure to catch the eye of onlookers and elicit awe and admiration.

36. Even More Sequins:

Bling is the overwhelming theme of most parties hence it’s impossible to ignore this final example of sequined dresses for party wear. This dress is different from the last sequined dress on this list owing to the fact that it has a free-flowing form similar to that of an everyday t-shirt. The dress is short and there is no dearth of bling; definitely the outfit to pull out of your closet for a happening party.

37. Yet Another Little Black Dress:

It’s difficult to ignore the appeal and popularity of the little black dress for party wear, which is why this iconic dress is recreated and interpreted in so many different ways. The little black dress featured in the picture above is yet another brilliant contemporary interpretation of the iconic LBD. The tried and tested fashion mantra dictates that “when in doubt, wear black” and with this party dress in your wardrobe; you could never go wrong.

38. Tassel Dress:

The quintessential tassel dress for party wear is bound to find favour among women that have an active social life. This image features the model Kate Moss in a stunning evening wear tassel dress designed by herself for Top Shop however this is just one brilliant example of the ever-popular tassel trend that efficiently accentuates party dresses and evening wear dresses.

39. Body Halter Clubbing Dress:

Nothing accentuates an hourglass figure like a body halter dress. The image above makes this fact pretty clear. The body halter party wear dress featured above is conspicuously sexy and classy at the same time and makes for great evening wear. The emphasis here is clearly on the dress, which means limited accessories, minimal makeup and loose wavy hair to complete this party look.

40. Black and Shimmer Party Dress:

Black goes amazingly well with gold, rose gold or silver sequins for party wear. This brilliant party wear outfit makes excellent use of this fashion fundamental and what we have is a brilliant clubwear dress with undeniable party vibes.

Red Carpet Dresses:

Actresses, female musicians and other celebs provide plenty of fashion inspiration for women that are on the lookout for the latest trends and styles. Some of their looks we manage to achieve and some we simply admire. One aspect of an actress, celeb or female musician’s life that we admire is their presence on the red carpets and the brilliant red carpet dresses they flaunt at these events. It is important to note that acquiring any one of these dresses is difficult as they are expensive or custom ensembles created by the world’s leading designers however that doesn’t stop us from admiring these haute couture creations.

The red carpet is usually dominated by red carpet dresses and gowns and they often serve as eye candy for the everyday girl who watches these glamorous dresses through the TV or on the cover of magazines. Bearing in mind the relevance and popularity of the fashion choices celebs make on the red carpet; it is only fair that we list some of the most stunning red carpet ensembles in recent times. Scroll down for your fair share of eye candy.

41. Chrissy Teigen in a Zuhair Murad Dress:

Chrissy Teigen who is the wife of John Legend and supermodel and TV show host is a name to reckon with and is often considered a fashion icon for her sartorial choices. It is no wonder that Chrissy Teigen chose this Zuhair Murad dress for the Oscars. Low neckline and long train; this dress has all the trappings of a red carpet success.

42. Black Lively in a Marsala Dress:

Blake Lively is a former supermodel and popular actress married to Ryan Reynolds and its only obvious that she would be seen on the most prestigious red carpets around the world in the most glamorous red carpet dresses. Here is Blake Lively in a stunning Marsala dress that is sure to elicit a serious case of envy. Make a note of the unique neckline of this dress, the slit that starts at the thigh and the rich wine colour that is simply perfect for the red carpet.

43. Selena Gomez in a Givenchy Dress:

Selena Gomez is one of Twitter and Instagram’s most-followed celebrities and a lot of it is due to her talent and her status as a young fashionista. Here is Selena Gomez in a stunning Givenchy dress at the 2020 AMA’s. This dress is suitable for an occasion like the American Music Awards where multiple musical performances make the event one big party and Selena Gomez knows well to dress in pure bling. Givenchy is of one the leading fashion houses in the world and it is creations like this dress that puts this name up there.

44. Kate Hudson in a Versace Dress:

Versace is one of the leading fashion houses in the world and it usually is leading actresses like Kate Hudson that flaunt Versace on the red carpet. The picture above features Kate Hudson in a Versace dress that effectively compliments her lithe figure. Cutouts in the right places show off her contours and minimal bling brings out the colour of this soft pink red carpet dress. This dress is both sexy and sophisticated; all at the same time and it is outfits like this that makes Kate Hudson one of the most sought after faces on the red carpet.

45. Jennifer Lopez in a Ralph and Russo Dress:

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most widely known pop stars in the world and she is often praised by critics for her fashion choices. She is also well-known for her red carpet ensembles and some of them are the stuff of legends. This is one red carpet dress by Ralph and Russo for Jennifer Lopez at the 2020 Grammy’s. It is easy to see that this dress has an ultra-feminine vibe with the interesting accentuation on the neckline.

46. Fan Bingbing in an Elie Saab Dress:

Fan Bingbing is one of China’s biggest actresses with both popular and critical acclaim. This is Fan Bingbing in an Elie Saab dress on the Cannes red carpet in 2020. This dress has a definitive old world charm that captures the imagination. The brilliant use of pleats and the modest silhouette set this dress apart from what we normally see on the red carpet.

47. Jessica Alba in an Oscar de la Renta Dress:

Jessica Alba may not be the biggest Hollywood star anymore, but her red carpet choices always make her a favourite to look out for during awards season. Here is Jessica Alba in a brilliant Oscar de la Renta dress at the Golden Globe Awards. With its brilliant orange shade, sweetheart neckline and fishtail finish; this dress is what red carpet fantasies are made of.

48. Salma Hayek in an Alexander McQueen Dress:

Salma Hayek is a talented and critically acclaimed actress with an Oscar under her belt and who better to dress her for the red carpet than the celebrated Alexander McQueen. This Alexander McQueen dress for Salma Hayek perfectly suits a curvy woman and effectively shows off her curves and contours.

49. Priyanka Chopra in a Ralph and Russo Dress:

According to popular opinion; Priyanka Chopra is India’s most fashionable imports to Hollywood and she proves it with this stunning Ralph and Russo dress. Priyanka is being celebrated in a big way for her many successes in Hollywood at the moment and this brilliant dress makes her stand out for the star that she is on the red carpet.

50. Lily Collins in a Zuhair Murad Dress:

Lily Collins was nominated for her first Golden Globe award in 2020 and this talented young actress made her presence known with this brilliant Zuhair Murad rosewood pink dress. The dress was covered in floral beadwork and was a testament of the talent and artistry of Zuhair Murad. This talented designer has clothed many actresses on the red carpet, but we are confident that this will be one of his most popular red carpet creations.

Dresses are the most versatile garments for women. Dresses dominate the streets and the red carpet and provide the luxury, style and even comfort for women. For a special occasion; women are most likely to go with a dress as the outfit of choice over any other garment and the femininity and glamour of the dress makes it deserving of this distinction. The wide range of dresses presented here is a clear indicator of the popularity and versatility of dresses. It is worth mentioning that women were restricted to wearing dresses in keeping with stereotypical gender norms in the past however with greater choice for women; we have seen the dress evolve and thrive, unlike other trends that come and go. Hopefully; this blog provides enough inspiration to add even more beautiful dresses of varying kinds to your wardrobe

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