7 Stylish Ways to Wear a Pashmina

7 Stylish Ways to Wear a Pashmina

Winter is coming. It means it is a perfect time to start introducing a nice cozy pashmina into our wardrobes. In case you are not familiar with this beautiful fine wool or cashmere accessory, these 7 tips will help you make your mind, get some inspiration you’re your favorite celebrities and find a look that will match your own style and personality. Pashminas come in all the colors, but usually they are notable for their pastel tones, which still preserve the faded shade of the fabrics and match perfectly any winter outfit.

As a scarf (draped and wrapped).

One of the simplest ways to wear a pashmina is to wear it instead of a scarf. It makes your whole image more interesting, due to the smooth texture of the pashmina and its appropriately bright color. Notice that the shade of blue Blake Lively is wearing is dim, mysterious, and simply excellent for a gloomy winter day.

Knot it up.

Kate Middleton

If wearing a pashmina merely as a scarf is a bit too plain for you, knot it up! The number of knots you can try is infinite and so are the outstanding results you will achieve by this trick. For making a complicated knot, choose short or square scarf, which will not be too bulky to tie. If simplicity is your key, then follow Kate Middleton’s example and just make one wintery knot, which will add layers to protect you from the cold.


Jessica Alba

Make a circle and wrap your pashmina a few time around your neck, hiding the edges underneath. This is a great way to quickly build a cozy cuddly outfit, and this look is perfect for cold weather. Jessica Alba masters it without any doubts with her dark pashmina contrasting with her white sweater and acting as a stylish accessory. What else would you need!

As a shawl.

Olivia Palermo

One of the most beautiful and sophisticated ways to wear a pashmina is to use it a shawl. Wear it instead of a jacket on top of a cocktail dress, wrap it around your shoulders and your whole body to achieve an elegant look. Olivia Palermo took the idea to the next level by wearing a pashmina as a supplement to her long silk dress, belting it around her waist. You can use two pashminas at the same time over a plainer outfit to get an ultra-complex Italian chic look.

As a headscarf.

Elizabeth Taylor

Winter is a cold time and how many times have we regretted forgetting to put on a hat? That’s when a nice pashmina comes in handy. Its transformation into a headscarf will make you feel warm and comfy, and if you add a pair of sunglasses to the outfit, you will look just like a Hollywood actress. Follow Elizabeth Taylor style for extra elegance and glamour.

As a bow.

Tired of conventional styles and want to display your artistic spirit in the way you dress? Pashmina is a wonderful way to stand out without looking bizarre. Tie a bow with your scarf and this unusual statement accessory will add gloss to any outfit. Add matching jewels for a graceful and elegant touch.

Instead of a jacket.

Angelina Jolie

If you are cold but are not willing to add bulk to your appearance, then substitute a bulky jacket for a thin pashmina. It will keep you warm and protected from all the weather conditions, and it is easy to keep it in your purse in case the sun comes out. Angelina Jolie opts for a simple black pashmina paired with jeans for a street casual style. Go for something brighter if you aim to impress.

These simple and at the same time complex and attention-grabbing ways to wear a pashmina will help you enrich your wardrobe without adding more clothes to it. All you need is your imagination and a few pashminas. Try new looks and you will see that winter can be a perfect time to stand out.

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